Should You Choose a Pearl Engagement Ring? Get Expert Advice

The pearl has always had the reputation of being one of the most treasured and timeless gemstones. Its delicate beauty and intrinsic value have attracted people for centuries, making it an excellent choice for a pearl engagement ring. 

Think about it. Pearls are typically passed down through generations. They are kept in a safe place to protect them from wear and tear. They also reflect the light better than diamonds, making them more valuable. 

Whenever you think of a pearl, you think of this beautiful forever piece of jewelry you must love and protect until death does you part. That was a joke, but it sounds a lot like the beautiful bond of marriage. So why not make the engagement ring a pearl? 

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To dig deeper into the notion of a pearl engagement ring, Let's ask the experts who work with them on a daily basis.

Pearls Are Fragile

Pearls have a reputation for being fragile. But is the stereotype true? We looked at the Mohs hardness scale to determine its durability. The scale ranks gemstone hardness from one to 10, with 10 being the hardest. Pearls rate between 2.5 and 4.5. Unfortunately, this means that pearls are pretty soft. 

Diamonds are typically the primary choice for an engagement ring, and for good reason. They rank a solid 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. If you own a class ring, you understand this. You can drop it, scratch it, and never take it off; it still doesn't scratch easily.

On the other hand, pearls are pretty fragile. One mishap, and you can permanently damage it. Pearls require extra care and attention.

You can't treat a pearl engagement ring the same as a diamond. You must keep it safe because it is susceptible to damage. According to Michael Hakimian, CEO of Yoko London, pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning. It should also be the first thing you take off at night.

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Pearls Are Unique and Timeless


We think the biggest advantage of having a pearl engagement ring are the many unique and timeless designs available. Pearls engagement rings come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that are as timeless as the pearl itself.

What Makes the Pearl So Luxurious?

Oysters make pearls. While they form slowly over time, each layer of nacre that coats the pearl is unique. Pearls are hard gems. The outside nacre coating makes it soft, fragile, and easily prone to damage. The pearl's beautiful shimmer makes it one of the most sought-after yet delicate gems.

Unfortunately, a scuff can dull the gem and permanently damage it.

You Shouldn't Wear It All the Time

The engagement ring symbolizes the everlasting love you have for your partner. We understand that it speaks volumes that you have created an unbreakable bond with that special someone. Finding true love and getting engaged is one of those things you want to share with the world. You're proud of it and love the attention that comes with the beautiful pearl. 

Unfortunately, you shouldn't wear the pearl engagement ring all the time. You may need to purchase a simple wedding or engagement band that does the same thing. You can make the pearl ring that one piece of delicate jewelry you wear on date nights or other special occasions. It's just not ideal to wear it every day.

Things to Avoid When Wearing a Pearl Engagement Ring

The pearl engagement ring is a remarkable piece of jewelry. As we mentioned, it should be treated with extra care and attention. Here are things to avoid to keep your pearl engagement ring looking new.

  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as chlorine and perfumes.
  • Avoid rough contact with hard and textured surfaces, as it can dull the pearl's shine.
  • Avoid placing the ring in a jewelry box for extended periods. Chemicals released from plastic or air-tight containers can lead to surface cracks.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. They can cause the pearl to crack or discolor.
  • Don't wear it as an everyday ring. Daily wear and tear can lead to scratches and unintended dullness.
  • Remove it before swimming or playing any other sport.
  • Remove it before washing your hands.
  • Never clean it with water or soap. It will damage the pearl.

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Can You Make the Pearl Engagement Ring Work for You?


As you can see, the pearl engagement ring is an exceptional jewelry piece worth learning about. Consider all these things before buying one. We are not against purchasing one. But you need to know the risks associated with owning one. 

We understand the allure of pearls and why you'd want to buy one. For the investment, it may not be worth it to not be able to wear the ring every day for some. If you treat your pearl engagement ring like the rare piece of jewelry that it is, you can have a beautiful and timeless piece that will last for years to come. 

So, take the time to understand your options. If you have any doubts, consult your jeweler for advice. They can help you choose the perfect ring that will last a lifetime, even if it's not made of pearl. After all, it's one of the most important decisions you'll make in life! Good luck and happy shopping.