Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Every Day?

Before your wedding day, the engagement should be one of the happiest days of your life. Once you have an engagement ring, you will want to show it to the world, but is that a good idea? There are various opinions on whether or not you should wear an engagement ring every day. Here are a couple of facts to know before wearing the engagement ring all the time or breaking it out for a special occasion. 

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The Short Answer

Yes! It is perfectly acceptable to wear your engagement and wedding ring daily. When you accept the ring, it has become a symbol of your devotion and love to your partner. Along with that, you are showing the world that you are part of a relationship. 

Some people will suggest that you shouldn't wear an engagement ring daily; it could become scratched, damaged, or lose its shine. However, if you notice that the ring is losing some luster, you can always get it professionally cleaned and inspected. Think about doing this for your ring at least once a year, especially if you wear it every day. 

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While you can wear your engagement ring every day, there are no specific rules when you should or shouldn't keep it on your finger. It all depends on your comfort level and preference. Since many people value fine jewelry, they will want to wear the engagement ring as long as possible. However, others feel like the ring is unique and should only be worn for a special occasion. There is no simple answer - just feel what seems right to you. Remember it is your ring, and choose how you want to display it to the world.

If you decide to wear the engagement ring daily, make sure to protect your investment. You always want to take care of it so that it looks just as beautiful as the day you received it. 

a diamond engagement ring

When Should You Take Off the Engagement Ring

You already know that an engagement ring is a symbol of your love. While the ring is symbolic, it is also a valuable piece of jewelry. Many of these rings are made with precious metals such as gold and diamonds. Depending on how well you maintain the ring, it can increase in value over the years. You need to take care of your ring to avoid getting it damaged or losing its sparkle. 

If you want to wear your engagement ring daily, here are a few scenarios when you want to remove it. 

Working With Your Hands

If you are working on a project or other tasks, you might want to remove your engagement ring or risk damaging it. You never want to use power tools while the ring is on your finger. A quick slip could cause some damage. This tip pretty much applies to any chores around your home, like cleaning and cooking.  

Swimming and Bathing

Many engagement rings have gold or diamonds. With these expensive metals and stones, you might want to think twice about putting them in water. Pools and hot tubs have chlorine and other chemicals in them. They can damage the surface of the ring, leaving behind a lasting impact. Oceans are another place to avoid. Most ocean water has salt, which can corrode the metal on the band and cause the diamonds to lose their shine. If you plan to spend time by the water, remove your engagement ring. 

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When you head to the shower, you might want to remove your engagement ring. The chemicals in water can damage the stones or metals in the ring. If you use shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and soaps, it is good to take them off.


Doing a few cardio exercises or working out at the gym can be hazardous to your engagement ring. When you are active, you will tend to sweat a lot. Your sweat contains salt, which you already know can corrode the metal in your ring. Along with that, if you drop your ring, it can become damaged or even lost. If you love to frequent the gym, make sure to take off the ring before starting your workout routine. However, if you cannot live without the ring, keep an eye on it during your gym set. 

Other Situations

Since the engagement ring will replace the wedding band, you can keep it on for your wedding day. Many brides leave on the engagement ring and add bands to the set.

 a woman with a diamond engagement ring

Some brides-to-be wonder if they can wear the engagement ring to bed. You should consider removing it. The hands tend to swell up during the nighttime. If you cut off that blood circulation in your finger, removing the ring can become almost impossible. In addition to that, the stone can accidentally scratch your face or get caught in your hair during the night, especially if you move around in your sleep. 


Suppose you do decide to wear your engagement ring daily, the risk of it becoming damaged increases. But there are some ways you can prevent and protect your ring, even if you do decide to wear it daily. 

But if you decide not to wear your ring daily, make sure you don’t toss it into a jewelry box as it can get scratched or the stones can become loose. Instead, you can protect your ring by storing it in the box it came in or in a cloth-lined bowl are some ways to protect it. 

Now, let’s look at what you can do to protect your ring while you wear it daily. 


You can protect and maintain your engagement ring by cleaning it regularly. You can buy kits online that are specifically for ring cleaning, take the ring to a professional jeweler, or you can try an at-home method.

One method of cleaning it at home is to use a toothbrush, warm water, and detergent. You could also use vodka to clean the ring. It’s good to clean your ring at home once a week. But, it would be best if you took your ring to a jeweler twice a year for cleaning. 


When you cook certain foods, like raw meat, doughs, and other sticky items, removing your ring during the cooking process is another way to protect it from the oil and gunk that might come off the good. 

You could use cooking gloves and wear these while you cook to avoid this, though. Gloves could also help you to avoid scratching the ring when using utensils for cooking. 


Regularly examining your ring could be the difference between a loose and lost stone. So, look closely at your ring and see if any prongs holding the diamonds down are loose or missing.

 If you look at your engagement ring and notice the stone is loose, take it to a jeweler immediately, as they can correct this problem. Some other signs to look out for are damaged prongs. You’ll want the prongs to look thick and round. 

If you notice that your ring’s prongs look smooth and pointed, then this is because they are becoming worn down. Taking your ring to the jeweler at this stage is the best way to prevent losing a stone.


We all know that cliché scene when someone knows their ring into the drain while cleaning. First, if you take your ring off, avoid setting it down near drains or anything else it can get stuck in. 

But, removing your ring and storing it safely while you clean could save you from having a loose stone and prevent your ring from being scratched by scrubbing, washing dishes, and other types of cleaning. 

It’s a great idea to remove your ring while doing the laundry; your ring can easily catch on clothes or can hit the metal on your washing machine. But, unfortunately, this not only leaves you with a sore finger and a possibly broken prong but a sore finger too!

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The Verdict

Should you wear your engagement ring daily? That all comes down to personal preference. If you want to keep the ring in optimal condition, you may want to remove it and wear it only for special occasions. However, you can always have the ring inspected and cleaned if you’re going to be a daily wearer. There is no harm to wearing your ring every day; you just need to take a few precautions to ensure it remains safe from any wear and tear. 

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