The Ultimate Guide for Men's Wedding Bands

The process of choosing and buying an engagement and wedding ring for the bride is always a big deal. Sometimes the couple, or the groom alone, will strategically develop a months-long process to source the perfect wedding ring for the bride.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Still, why is there no hallowed tradition for choosing the groom's wedding band with such intricacy and ceremony?

For him, choosing a wedding band is sometimes an overlooked step in the ring selection process, even though it is a crucial choice. Since the big day is seen as the bride's big day, most grooms take it for granted that the style of ring they should choose is a generic wedding band.

But choosing a wedding band for him is not all that different from choosing a wedding band for her. You have to consider budget, personal taste, materials, and the right style into consideration when choosing a man's wedding band. 

Here is your ultimate for choosing men's wedding bands.

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The Basics of Wedding Bands 

How have we all learned to pay for a wedding ring through popular culture? The most generalized advice on saving and paying for a wedding ring is to save three months of salary.

But such advice is too generalized, non-descript, non-personalized to be of any actual use in buying a wedding ring. And this generalized advice always puts such application emphasis on the bride's ring.

Buying a wedding ring must be a personalized process that takes personal taste and style into consideration for both parties just as much as budgetary constraints. Yes, you should consider cost when buying a wedding band, but it shouldn't be the only consideration.

And planning a wedding is usually an expensive endeavor anyway.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is about $33,000. And the average cost of a wedding ring ranges between about $6,000 to $7,750

And for context, the average cost to rent a reception hall for a wedding is over $10,500.

The point is that cost is relative when planning a wedding and buying wedding rings. And instead of solely worrying about her ring, considerations of style, personal taste, and budget can also be considered for his ring.

So, let's start with budgets when buying a wedding band for him.

Number One: Align Your Budget 

Use a price range for men's wedding bands and emphasize that the most important feature is the gesture, not the finance.

There are no set budgetary rules for buying a wedding ring for a bride or a groom. (Please forget the three months salary rule!)

When buying a man's wedding band, the first thing to remember is that the gesture and personalized touch in choosing the band is more important than the cost.

Think about it. Do you make generalized wedding plans for the event or reception hall? Would a bridal party ever consider buying a wedding dress based on generalized and mediocre designs?

Such plans are cemented after a budget is finalized. So, use the same mindset when buying a wedding band for him.

The typical price for a man's wedding ring ranges between $750 to $1,500. So, get set on a budget firstly, and the other decisions will come easier.

Number Two: Speak to Your Personal Tastes 

What style comes to mind when you think of a man's wedding band?

When we think of a wedding band for her, we usually think of intricately detailed and stylistic ring designs. And as a thought experiment, think of how many times you have seen a wedding band on a man's ring finger?

Was it a non-descript, general looking and flat gold or platinum wedding band? It probably was because that is what we think of when we think of a man's wedding band.

If you are a man about to choose a wedding band, let your personal tastes shine through the design you choose.

A lightly hammered material can represent a multi-faceted character. Multiple colored bands accented with real dinosaur bone in a ring can show what a one-in-a-million catch you are. 

Or you can get a band that has low bas-relief designs like leaves or Celtic knots emblazoned on it.

After establishing a budget, don't be afraid to get a wedding band that has minimalist, artistic, and stylistically customized flourishes. A wedding band is forever, and it should reflect a personal style.

Number Three: Figure Out Your Materials 

After figuring a budget and personal sense of style in a man's wedding band, you know how to think about the material. What material or gemstones represent the type of wedding band that you want to wear on your ring finger forever?

Don't make such decisions on a whim. Here are some ideas to consider.


Whoever said that diamonds are forever did not mention that even men could appreciate such attributes.

A man's wedding band could stylistically feature the aesthetic flourishes of a diamond, or multiple diamonds, just like a bride's ring.

Diamond accents on a man's wedding ring are a bold way to make a visual statement about style. And a display of diamonds in a man's wedding ring injects a heaping dose of added personality into the visual representation.

For him, a wedding band that features diamonds can be a masculine and elegant way to infuse a popping style and flair in ring selection.


Close-up view of a gold bride and groom wedding bands.

Gold is a standard metal choice that most couples resort to getting when choosing wedding rings. Gold is a rare and beautiful material, like a perfect union. And possessing gold can equate to freedom and the benefit of basking in that rarity.

So, why should a man's wedding band look stylistically generic with a material that is so beautiful and rare? After all, many variations of gold can be chosen for a wedding band.

Yellow gold is a traditional metal selection that many people select for a band. Yellow gold is aesthetically inviting, visually satisfying to look at, and gives off a warm and subtle glow in the light. Additionally, yellow gold will never lose its color or luster over time.

Why not get a wedding band for him in rose gold? Rose gold is gold that is metallurgically alloyed with additional metals, like copper, for example, that gives the metal its unique hue.

Rose gold wedding bands are less common, have a stylistically vintage beauty that is easy to fall in love with, and are uniquely beautiful. A man with a rose gold wedding band is one who appreciates having a distinctive look on his ring finger. 

And a rose gold band will never require replating to maintain its color and luster.

White gold is also another aesthetically appealing and affordable choice for a man's wedding band. White gold is just traditional yellow gold that has been plated with rhodium, which is a form of platinum.

Rhodium-plated gold gives off a white-colored luster that is aesthetically similar to platinum. Additionally, since white gold is gold plated with rhodium, it is significantly more affordable than traditional gold. 

However, white gold wedding rings will lose their shine after a decade, so the rhodium plating will have to be replaced every decade.


Close-up view of wedding band with a diamond in it.

Before the advent of the industrial age, gemstones were once the rarest things on the planet.

Adding a gemstone to his wedding band adds visual flair, dynamic color, and a pop of personality. 

Number Four: Choose the Right Style 

The style of wedding band that one can choose for him is only limited by imagination.


Flat wedding bands are a perennial choice for most couples. They have a flat exterior coupled with a flat or rounded interior.


Classic rings are rounded on the interior and exterior for added comfort. Classic rings are a traditional choice with a timeless aesthetic.


Beveled wedding rings are a dynamic hybrid of flat and domed shapes. 


Coin-shaped wedding rings feature grooved and artistic patterns along the diameter of the ring. Getting a coin-shaped ring for him definitely adds a singular and personalized sense of style to a ring.


Domed wedding bands have a flat interior and domes exterior allowing for a snugger fit and appealing aesthetic.


Take the time to find a wedding band that speaks to the groom's style as much as the bride.

All you have to do is consider your budget, sense of personal taste and style, materials to find the right band for him.

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