Jewelry That You’ll Always Love to Wear

diamond studs

When picking out jewelry to elevate your look, whether that’s to go to the grocery store or out for the evening, there are a few pieces that will go with almost everything. These are timeless jewelry pieces that you’ll love to wear, even if it’s while watching a chic flick at home. 

Just like the little black dress or a great pair of jeans, every woman should have these jewelry staples in their arsenal to compliment any outfit.

Gold Stacking Rings

Gold stacking rings are more than just for bridal sets. This high fashion look can vary in size and metal to showcase personality or milestones in your life. It’s a unique way to show your style with a modern flair. 

When styling gold stacking rings, it can be easy to overdo it. You’ll want to edit your look judiciously to give it a sophisticated edge. The best way to style stacking rings is to start with a statement ring that will influence what other rings you choose. Then add other rings of different colors of gold and weight to the same hand to create texture and interest. 

Whether you stack the rings on one finger or spread them across your fingers is up to you, but leave at least one finger bare for a more sophisticated look. 

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are always in style and can be worn with practically everything. These understated, versatile jewels are the black dress of jewelry. If you own one piece of fine jewelry, diamond studs are it. They look good with everything.

When styling diamond studs, you really can’t go wrong. You can wear them with jeans and a tee or an evening gown. Diamond studs are so delicate that they are best worn with short hair or an updo. And they’re great when you wear your hair down because they won’t tangle too. 

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Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are a great everyday necklace that can bring style and sophistication to a basic top. Pendants are the easiest way to dress up a casual outfit by adding an attractive focal point to your look.

For styling, long pendants are great for an everyday office look. A delicate short pendant is also another subtle feminine look that you can wear with almost everything.

Or you can pair your pendant with a statement necklace for a layered style that’s chic and interesting. 

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Layered Bracelet

A layered bracelet is different than a simpler, thinner, or unique bangle. A layered bracelet can have beads, jewels, metals, stones, or charms to create an engaging, collective statement on your arm. 

To style layered bracelets, you can combine some of your favorites to create a chic, bohemian vibe. Or you can pair a few bracelets that look great together. But don’t overdo it. You’ll need a keen editing eye, or you might end up looking like Boy George. Although, if you’re going for that 80’s excess vibe, rock it with confidence. 

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 statement ring

Statement Ring

A spectacular statement ring can really create a wow factor for your day or night look. Often composed of a large stone or gem, a statement ring is a great way to showcase your personality and distinctive style. 

When styling a statement ring, most people wear it on their right hand so that it doesn’t compete with a wedding ring. But there are no rules with statement rings and some buck tradition intentionally. Be mindful when you select your ring so that it complements your look.

Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is a timeless accessory that brings a quiet elegance to any outfit. You can buy a single strand of pearls or a more modern version that mixes metals with pearls.

When styling an outfit, you only need a simple strand to dress up your look. And you can wear your necklace for a casual event and then throw on a cocktail dress for a sophisticated evening. 

Bangle Bracelet

Like stacked rings, bangle bracelets are always in style and can mix and match to accent different looks. You can buy bangles that express your personality or reflect a specific style.  

Styling your bangle bracelets, you can do a couple of different options:

  • Wear a single statement bangle.
  • Stack several bangles on one arm.
  • Stack several bangles on one arm and wear a larger bangle on the other arm for balance.

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Gold Chain Necklace

We’re not talking about going OG. But a classic gold chain is an essential piece to have in your jewelry box. Whether you prefer a small chain or a larger statement chain is a personal preference that won’t go out of style.

There are several ways to style a gold chain:

  • Wearing a bold cable across your collarbone
  • Layering it with other gold chains of different lengths and thicknesses.
  • Pairing it with a bolder statement necklace for depth.
  • Adding a pendant for a powerful, distinctive look.

 gold chain

Adding a Timeless Jewelry Piece to Your Collection is Always on Trend

If you have all these pieces in you’re jewelry box, then you’re a true fashionista. If you’re missing some pieces, now is a great time to shop the latest in accessories that you’ll love to wear every day. Which of these timeless pieces are your favorites to wear?

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