International Engagement Ring Styles and Trends

 Engagement rings are a special symbol of love and commitment that have gained incredible importance over the past several centuries. Different countries and cultures typically feature a range of preferred styles that fluctuate over time with changing trends as certain gems, cuts, and bands rise and fall in popularity. However, they all represent the same crucial sentiment; a promise between two people who intend to make a future together.

Selecting a beautiful engagement ring for your partner can be a difficult decision, and many couples have decided to abandon tradition and approach the process by choosing engagement rings together. But whether you intend to select your beloved’s ring for a surprise proposal or walk into a jeweler together to choose the perfect symbol of your love, knowing about the current trends and styles of engagement rings worldwide can help make the process easier. Thankfully, our expert jewelry artisans here at LaCkore Couture are here to help.

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The Top International Engagement Ring Trends and Styles of 2022

When selecting an engagement ring, there are many factors people need to consider, including  the four C’s, a future spouse’s preferred gems and settings, the band style and metal, and much more. With all of these pieces in mind, here are some of the current top international engagement rings styles and trends that you should know about.

Pavé Settings

 An engagement ring in a green box.

Pavé settings involve embedding rows of several small diamonds around the ring’s band and holding them in place with barely visible prongs or metal beads. Many people are also choosing to utilize Pavé settings with a bit of a twist- literally! Twisted Pavé settings that crisscross in alternating bands of solid metal and gleaming pathways of gems are growing in popularity. 

These unique and whimsical designs look gorgeous with all types of metal- though rose or yellow gold bands seem to be the most preferred- and they come in a massive variety for people to choose from. Pavé rings offer an image of continuous sparkle that gleams from every direction, creating a stunning image without overpowering the beauty of the center gem. Some people even choose to forgo rows of smaller diamonds in their Pavé settings. Instead, they turn to a range of different colored gemstones, like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Halo Settings

Halo settings involve rows of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone- typically in a concentric circle- to help make the central gem appear larger and more brilliant. A wide range of different halo settings are currently rising in popularity across the globe as more traditional halo designs are moved to the wayside, including alternative halos and hidden halos. 

Alternative halos typically involve rows of non-symmetrical or graduating gems that surround the central jewel in unique styles and patterns. This style has become incredibly sought after when used alongside elongated, teardrop, or other uniquely shaped diamonds. Conversely, hidden halos utilize tiny, seemingly unnoticeable rows of small gems arranged in a crown or caller around the central stone that add an extra bit of sparkle to the entire ring without making it appear overly extravagant. 

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Three-Stone Rings

 A three-stone engagement ring.

Another engagement ring style that’s rapidly rising in popularity is three-stone rings. These, as the name indicates, utilize three gems that are closely set together. The central gem- typically a diamond- is flanked by two other gems between a quarter to half the size of the main jewel. While the secondary gems are often diamonds, many people have recently started going with different colored gemstones to represent their unique sense of style. Dark and bright blue sapphires seem to be a very trendy choice.

Three-stone rings are incredibly gorgeous when set against white gold bands and when they’re used in combination with intricate Pavé settings. Pavé settings can be truly stunning with these rings if they utilize alternative gem colors to help highlight the unique colors of the ring’s two secondary gemstones. 

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Colored Gemstones

While we noted the rising popularity of different colored gemstones as secondary gems in the three-stone rings above, many people also choose to forgo large central diamonds altogether. Instead, ladies show off colored primary gemstones, from rubies and emeralds to sapphires and more. These gorgeously colorful rings are unique and can help some people better express their inner style than they could with more traditional diamond engagement rings.

Many people are also choosing to combine these colored gemstones with an array of uniquely alternative band styles that take several steps away from more traditional designs. Curling, stacked, or ultra-thick engagement ring bands that highlight the specific metal it’s made from are also growing in popularity. People are choosing to highlight their preferred metals rather than focusing on gems alone this year.

Vintage Nostalgia

In the same way that vintage and thrifting finds have taken over the fashion industry, antique engagement rings are back in style. Finding a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece can be very special, but you can still have the vintage style without receiving a precious heirloom. However, if you receive an heirloom ring from a relative, you’ll be lucky to have a special emotional connection to someone in your family through your jewelry. 

If you have a vintage ring that you love but would like to give it a modern twist, consider adding a different diamond shape, band, or cut to update the piece. Vintage-inspired rings allow you to create your style while also adding some sentimental value.

Traditional cushion cuts engagement rings are also making a comeback, as many brides find them a safe and timeless choice.

Pear or Oval Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear and oval-shaped engagement rings have also become wildly popular. An oval’s soft, oblong shape brings attention to the hand and lengthens the appearance of your fingers. An oval diamond can speak for itself, or you can elevate it with a decorated band or some additional stones. 

Solitaire ovals are also making a comeback, as they’re flirty and feminine and have a timeless essence. Consider a pear-shaped engagement ring if you’re looking for something more feminine and sophisticated. Pear-shaped engagement rings are the essence of style and class, and they come with graceful curves that allow the stone to sparkle even brighter. 

Many say pear-shaped rings represent tears of joy, as the ring’s stone is shaped like a tear. Plus, like oval engagement rings, a pear-shaped engagement ring will make your fingers look longer. 

Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

Rose gold is officially back in style, and by the looks of it, this color is here to stay. The warm, delicate color is perfect for an engagement ring, as it’s modern and vintage all at once. 

The delicate rose hue comes from an alloy of copper and gold and dates back to some of the earliest artisanal jewelry pieces. While rose gold first started becoming popular a few years ago, it seems to be gaining in popularity with each passing year. We expect the color to become a staple in engagement rings soon. 

Statement Wedding Bands 

Statement wedding bands are also making a name for themselves in 2022. Many people prefer them because they’re gender-neutral and are more affordable than traditional engagement rings. 

You can find many bold wedding bands these days that are diamond encrusted, so you don’t have to forgo making a statement. If you like the idea of a statement wedding band but don’t want to forgo the traditional engagement ring, you have options. Many people choose to stack their engagement ring on top of their wedding band or to wear each ring on separate fingers. Or, you can alternate wearing your engagement ring one day and your band the next. 

Final Factors to Consider

Selecting a gorgeous engagement ring- either alone or with your partner- is a significant decision that can set an important tone for the future of a relationship. Understanding the current styles and trends of popular bands, cuts, and gems across the globe can help provide a solid place to start when it comes to selecting a quality ring. Our experts at  LaCkore Couture hope that this article has been helpful in pointing you in the right direction. For essential engagement ring information, please also consider exploring the selection of other expertly written articles on our website. 

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