Beautiful Low Profile Engagement Rings

Have you been looking For a show-stopping engagement ring that doesn't snag on your clothes or get in the way during physical activities and will outlast all of your other jewelry? A low-profile engagement ring might be what you're looking for. 

And although many might take the name literally, assuming that a low-profile engagement ring comes with fewer and smaller diamonds, that could not be further from the truth. Whether an engagement ring is low or high-profile, it can be either glamorous or understated. The type, size, and amount of stones are not defining features of a beautiful low-profile engagement ring.

Having a low-profile engagement ring doesn't mean it has to be understated; they can be silver, gold, studded entirely with diamonds, feature a classic solitaire, or have any other unique features. 

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Why Choose A Low Profile Engagement Ring?

The name low-profile comes from how high the diamonds are set in the band of an engagement ring. A low-profile engagement ring will have a low and flush band setting where the gemstone rests inside the band instead of on top of it.

And from a side view, you might even notice that the band almost seems too thin towards the middle, allowing the setting to rest on top. This setting creates a minor difference in how a ring looks, but it significantly changes its overall effect and construction.

Many low-profile engagement rings don't include peghead style settings, so you should keep in mind that using your existing ring can be a challenge if you want to upgrade the shape or size of your center diamond.

Low Profile Versus High-Profile Engagement Rings

When looking for an engagement ring, there are so many things to consider; you're likely wondering how you'll know if you're choosing the low-profile ring that will meet your needs. Our advice is not to worry. It's actually pretty simple to see whether or not your prospective engagement ring has a high or low profile once you know what factors to look for.

The easiest way to tell is by looking at the ring from a side view. So if you're shopping for an engagement ring online, you want to ensure the pictures show the ring from the side.

Next, you'll want to look at the ring setting, which is the set of prongs holding the diamond or other stones in place. The center setting and middle stone holding prongs or what you want to focus on here.

When you look at the setting of a ring and the prongs extend from the top to hold the gemstone, it's a high-profile engagement ring. However, if the prongs extend from the inside of the band, settling the diamond lower into the middle of the ring, it's a low-profile engagement ring.

Low Profile Engagement Rings: Pros And Cons


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Deciding between a low or high-profile engagement ring really boils down to your lifestyle and personal preferences. However, here are some pros and cons of each type of ring.

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The Benefits Of Low Profile Engagement Rings

The pros of a low-profile engagement ring include being difficult to damage and easy to keep clean. They also come in a wide variety of styles, so you'll have plenty of options while looking for your ideal engagement ring.

However, low-profile rings are not the best if you want to add stackable bands; you would have to custom match them to your low-profile ring's settings curve because it's dropped lower than other types of rings. This can be a pro and a con; while you can't stack them with any ring you can find, it does mean that most low-profile engagement rings come in a bridal set.

The Cons Of Low Profile Engagement Rings

With low-profile rings, your center stone won't hit the light as much as other options, meaning don't miss out on some of the bling that higher settings provide. You should also remember that low-profile options don't have pegheads, so you cannot change your setting style. If you want to change the size or shape of your center stone, you'll have to start from scratch.

And while low-profile engagement rings can be glitzy with big center diamonds, they are a trade-off that offers you less customization and light exposure in return for protecting your ring.

Two Beautiful Low Profile Engagement Ring Styles

While low-profile engagement rings come in various styles, we want to mention two that stand out for comfort, sophistication, and minimalism. 

Low Profile Bezel Rings

With these low-profile engagement rings, the stone appears to be part of the ring, with the metal folded around its edges, keeping it in place. Low-profile bezel rings have a modern look that many people love, but they aren't ideal if you think you might want to change the diamonds out in the future. These rings are designed to hold your diamond forever. They offer comfort in addition to glamor.

Finding the perfect low-profile ring can be challenging with so many options, and bezel cuts is a beautiful and comfortable option. Plus, they are very much in style right now for simple, minimalist fashion due to their modern look. They go with any outfit and match other jewelry wonderfully, making them the favorite for an everyday ring.

Low Profile Cathedral Rings

If you want a low-profile setting that offers more customization and sparkle, you might want to look into cathedral settings. These low-profile engagement rings feature a center stone and two metal arches coming up the shank. They come with the benefits of a low-profile setting with the glamor of a high-profile ring.

They almost look like they have a basket underneath the arched ring color which is the perfect place to add extra stones, decorative elements, or even change the metal inside for a fun color difference.

What is the Lowest Profile Ring Setting?

The bezel ring is your huckleberry when it comes to the lowest of the low-profile settings. The banded metal wraps around the gems, often flush with the diamond cut. The low setting makes it very durable and lower maintenance.

This setting is incredibly secure compared to prong settings. It has a very modern and sleek style, making it more unique. A bezel ring is also easy to clean, comfortable to wear, and rarely snags.

Does a Low Setting Make the Diamond Look Smaller?

Yes. A low profile setting will make a diamond look smaller than a high profile. If you prefer a low profile setting, you can choose a slim, delicate low profile setting to help the diamond look more prominent.

A bulky, wide band with thicker prongs is definitely going to make your diamond look smaller. So if you prefer a thicker, wide low setting, you need to embrace that the gem will look smaller despite its size. This is a style choice. So pick what you love.

How Do You Stack Low Profile Engagement Rings?

When stacking a low-profile engagement ring, you’ll want to pair your ring with either:

  • A curved (contoured) band
  • An open-end band

These band styles create more room for the low-profile ring and will nest together better with your engagement ring than other styles. This band style feels more natural and comfortable on your finger with a better fit. But you know, this is your ring. So girl, get the bands you love and then make it work. But just know we warned you.

What is a Flat Profile Ring?

A flat profile ring means the setting is flat on all surfaces, creating a thick, chunky style. A flat profile is a square or rectangle in the shape of the band, giving it a flat appearance. It also has a heavier weight to it.

A flat profile can be very low profile, especially for men’s engagement rings. But remember that a flat surface creates a thicker appearance and can make your diamond appear smaller than it is.

Low Profile Engagement Rings That Are on Trend

Low-profile engagement rings will always be in style because of their sleek modern style and durability. If you want a ring that really stands out in personality and uniqueness, you’ll want to check out these types of low-profile rings that are super on trend:

  • Eternity Band Rings: This style stacks multiple bands with various designs. Each band has small diamonds throughout mixed with other precious gems.
  • Double-banded Rings: This unique style sets a center stone between two bands, giving the appearance that the stone is floating between the bands.
  • Great Pave Band Rings: The ring is encrusted with tiny diamonds set together tightly to give the band the appearance of a solid diamond all around the ring.

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