How To Pair Jewelry and Dresses

After you have picked out the perfect outfit, you want to pair those dresses with the right jewelry. With so many jewelry options, it is essential not to overwhelm the outfit. Not all jewelry works with every piece of clothing. Trying to find the right earrings, necklaces, and rings can be a challenge. On average, women spend about 90 minutes per week looking for the proper outfit and accessories. If you need help coordinating those items in your collection with your dresses, make sure to follow a few of these tips. 

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Match It To the Occasion

Take a look at your jewelry collection. Do you have pieces that are flashy or practical? If you are trying to pair jewelry with dresses, remember to match it with the occasion. Dangling bracelets could make typing a little tricky if you work in an office. Big and funky pieces might not be the best choice for those attending a formal black-tie event. Think about the occasion - what will you be doing at the event, and what impression will that jewelry give to onlookers? Your jewelry needs to match the dress and occasion. Otherwise, it can completely ruin your look and send the wrong impression to others. 

Mix Warm Jewelry With Cool Colors (and Vice Versa)

Some jewelry pieces can also make statements by themselves, such as canary diamonds, amber gems, and red rubies. With those fiery colors, consider using them with a white and black dress. But what about those solid color dresses? You can mix cool-colored dresses with warm-colored jewelry (and vice versa). If you have a cool-colored dress, you should incorporate jewelry in warmer colors. For example, a dark blue dress would look great with amber and golden hues. Warm gemstones are fantastic with purple or blue dresses. When you do that, it will give your outfit a bold statement. Coordinate your dresses and jewelry with opposite colors for the perfect look. 

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Go Classic With White, Black, and Gold 

Everyone has a little black dress. You can easily coordinate this classic outfit with gold jewelry. With those simple touches, make a powerful statement. However, you can go beyond just golden jewelry. Black on black also can create a classic look. Think about pairing a black cocktail dress with onyx gemstones. Plain white dresses make the perfect canvas for an Art Deco ensemble to show off black gems and metals. 

choose the right earring for your dress

Match Simple Jewelry With Busy Patterns

When you match a dress with a busy print and big ornate jewelry, it can make your outfit look very gaudy. Think about using solid earrings, watches, and bracelets in place of those showy pieces. Along with that, consider the material of the dress. You should not match ruffled fabrics and heavily stitched pieces with big chunks of jewelry. Simple is best. Otherwise, your outfit will start to look a bit tacky. 

Choose a Color Scheme

Think about the color scheme of your outfit. Use the color wheel to find contrasting colors that will look great with your dresses. You can use color theory to create a harmonious look that gives you plenty of visual interest. There are six basic color techniques that you can incorporate into yourlook. Don’t just mix and match the primary colors, but focus on the tones and hues. Jewelry with the same hues and saturation would perfectly complement outfits with muted colors. 

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Keep Skin Tone in Mind 

When choosing the right piece of jewelry, it needs to match your dress and skin tone. Jewelry can help to highlight skin tones. Silver is a standard metal that can provide an illuminating lift to any dress for most skin types. Gold is an exceptional choice for matte skin and darker hair. Pay attention to whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Plus, yellow metals will also pair nicely with those skin tones. Red, purple, and blues are ideal options for cooler skin tones. While yellow metal is excellent for warmer tones, white gold is an exceptional choice for those with cooler skin. 

Pay Attention To the Neckline

When you plan to wear necklaces, you need to watch that neckline, especially for dresses. You want the jewelry and dresses to play off of each other without overshading the other. The wrong necklace against your neckline can throw off the whole outfit. Follow the shape of the neckline and then choose a piece based on that. Generally, your necklace should stop a few inches above your neckline. Those longer necklaces will look great when they don’t have a lot of features or details. You can wear complex necklaces, but only if the neckline shows plenty of skin. 

diamonds in the shape of a heart

Diamonds Are (Still) a Girl’s Best Friend 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Since diamonds were first discovered thousands of years ago, they have been in vogue. These dazzling gems can go with almost anything. You can pair diamonds with every type of dress. Cubic zirconia is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a diamond piece. With the classic white look, the diamond works like a prism, showing off all of those colors of your dress. 

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Day and Night: Jewelry that Goes with Any Outfit

As we know, a great piece of jewelry has the transformative power to enhance the look of any outfit. Whether you are preparing for a long day at work or getting ready for a relaxing brunch with your friends, a simple but eye-catching necklace, bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings can take your look to the next level.

Simple and naturally beautiful jewelry is known for its fashionable versatility. Perfect for comfortable wearability all day and just as stunning paired with a simple black evening dress at night. 

Let's look at a few examples of jewelry pieces that are timeless and go with just about any style of the ensemble at any time of day.

Take these tips to pair your dress and jewelry like a professional. Remember to consider the colors, shapes, and styles of your jewelry. While these pieces might look great on their own, not everything will go with every style of dress. Choosing jewelry is a skill that you can develop over a period of time. In no time, you will be looking like a star. These insider tips can help you create the perfect look and save time for selecting the ideal dress and jewelry pieces. 

Gold or Silver Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

A simple but sophisticated gold chain is a piece of jewelry that will always be trending. Adding a gold or silver chain, or even two or more, to your wardrobe can help you stand out in the crowd. Recently, in fashion, the 80s-style gold initial pendants have been embraced again by people worldwide, including many celebrities.

Metal chains and geometric pendants are coming back full force. However, the love for them has never really left. This classic form of jewelry has always paired well with any fashion style and outfit and looks good at any time of the day. 

Natural Stone Jewelry

Natural stone jewelry, especially gemstones and crystals, can help balance an outfit. They can be worn with any formal work outfit during the day and look just as good out on the town with a fancier evening dress after dusk.

Natural stones give a feeling of healing, connection, cleansing, and nature. Gemstones are significant to people, whether a birthstone or material like hematite or pearl. Many different types of these beautiful natural stones are set into fine jewelry. Each piece is genuinely unique, creates a connection to Mother Earth, and gives off an aura that highlights most anything you choose to wear. 

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Hoop Earrings and Studs

Worn by pharaohs, kings, and queens hundreds of years ago, a pair of hoop earrings is still a staple in every jewelry box today. 

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Hoop earrings have an incredibly proud history that should be protected and celebrated. They look amazing with a cocktail dress and, more importantly, symbolize strength, unity, and the circle of life

Layered or Stacked Jewelry

One of the most popular ways to accessorize is through layering and purchasing pieces that are already stacked. Whether through the layering of many bracelets or just focusing on a pre- stacked one, a larger pile of layered jewelry makes a statement and allows the wearer to get creative.

People have been stacking rings before the 17th century and used layering of bracelets as a decorative cuff for the wrist and arm. What holds even more value than its ever-growing popularity is that layering and wearing stacked jewelry really can go with any look. From cowgirl boots and denim to a fun cocktail dress or even a luxurious gown on the red carpet. Stacked bracelets give character and make a statement!

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In the fashion world, studs and hoop earrings are worn because they genuinely complement any wardrobe style. Stud earrings can be simple or anything but basic, and they are suitable for casual, leisure, and even more glamorous outfits. Make sure to gauge the size of the earring by what looks better with the shape of your face.

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