Can You Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

You've probably heard the age-old style advice not to wear gold and silver together. What used to be a fashion faux pas is now widely embraced in the 2020s. The fun thing about fashion rules is that they change with the whims of the designers who are bold enough to influence them. There was a time when royals only wore gold and silver, but that has changed too.

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This bit of old advice has always been circulated because gold tends to be a warm metal, and silver is cool, so they bring out different skin tones. While it can make it challenging to mix metals–it's not impossible. In fact, we're seeing more designers create mixed metal pieces that work. Forget the notion that it is tacky or bad luck to wear gold and silver jewelry together. Here are some great tips for making mixed metals work for you.

Wearing Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

Some might say it looks tacky, but mixing gold and silver jewelry can be very on-trend when it's done right. Keep in mind that some people are holding on to outdated style advice, and others could be referring to an example of poor taste.

Use an Anchor Piece

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to wear gold and silver jewelry together. When choosing which pieces to wear, keep in mind that less is more. It's better to choose a couple of intentional pieces than to put a piece of jewelry on every ear, finger, and wrist. 

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Choose one primary piece of jewelry to be the focal point of your accessories. This is usually a statement necklace, but a pair of chandelier earrings or layered bangles work well too. Any other pieces you choose to wear will be based on this anchor piece. If you want to mix metals, try to find an anchor piece that already incorporates gold and silver.

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Coordinate with Aesthetics

Everything doesn't need to be a perfectly matched set. Focus on coordinating colors, patterns, or themes to bring a cohesive look with mixed metals instead. Keep all pieces small, dainty, and simple if you prefer a minimalist look. If you want to go bold with a big statement necklace, pair it with a sizable pair of studs. 

Other elements to coordinate:

  • Gemstones
  • Pearls
  • Drop Style Pendants 
  • Vintage Style
  • Boho Style

Mix and Match by Strategically Layering Pieces

Layered looks seem to be a popular way to mix and match your metals. Stacked rings or bracelets and multiple necklaces can take ordinary pieces and turn them into a collective statement piece look. But layering can also go very wrong.

We recommend that you begin by deciding what style you're going for. If you're layering for everyday casual, it will look different than if you are layering for a cocktail party. For Zoom, go minimal. Mix it up with something fun and quirky for a dinner date that highlights your personality. 

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Next, choose one focal point. There's no need to adorn your entire body with every piece of jewelry you own. Of course–you love it all. That's why you've carefully selected it for your collection. But you only need one focal point. A pair of earrings or a necklace with presence can be a good choice.

Keep patterns random. If you're stacking rings, avoid repetitive patterns like gold, silver, gold, silver. Lay it out and see what works. Sometimes the color of the gold or the sheen of the metal can make a big difference when coordinating one metal with another.

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Do Gold and Silver React Negatively to Each Other?

Perhaps you've heard that gold and silver should not be stored together. There is some truth to that, but it's not what you think. It applies to long-term storage and not styling an outfit that you'll wear for a few hours. Let's take a look.

Silver is an active metal, meaning that exposure to oxygen causes oxidation over time, turning the silver black on the surface. Gold does not oxidize. If you tend to store mixed metals together, some of the oxidation from your silver jewelry can transfer to the gold, causing discoloration.

You may notice a smoky white or reddish-black discoloration on your gold jewelry. This tarnish on your gold and silver jewelry can be cleaned off with soap and warm water. So it doesn't permanently damage your mixed metals. And even when you store them separately, each will lose its luster to tarnish over a few months. So, you might clean your mixed metals more frequently, but you'll be cleaning your jewelry all the same.

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gold and silver jewelry

Cleaning Gold and Silver Jewelry

Silver-plated and gold jewelry can be cleaned by diluting a few drops of mild soap in warm water and placing the jewelry in the mixture. Use your fingertips to gently rub the pieces clean. Then, remove them from the soapy water and rinse them under warm water. Dry and buff the pieces with a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Pure silver jewelry can be cleaned the same way as real silver flatware. Line a bowl with aluminum foil and dissolve baking soda and salt into boiling water. Transfer the water to the aluminum foil-lined bowl and submerge your jewelry. Let it sit for up to 10 minutes. Carefully remove the jewelry from the bowl and rinse under warm water—Dry and buff with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Final Thoughts on Mixing Metals

So, can you wear gold and silver jewelry together? The answer is an absolute yes. You can wear gold and silver together if you're intentional about choosing the right pieces that are coordinated using a theme or style instead of metal. Keeping a few essential style rules in mind, you can create a trendy look with mixed metals. But more importantly, by letting go of outdated advice, you avoid looking too matchy-matchy.

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