How to Store Jewelry

Woman sorting her jewelry into compartments


Is your jewelry a jumble of tangled chains and mismatched backings? Do you wish your jewelry is easily accessible? Well, this is your year to get organized. We’ve got the best tips and tricks for storing your everyday jewelry and high-end pieces, keeping them in perfect condition for your next occasion.

Before you get started, you’re going to need some supplies, such as storage trays and t-bars that are great for organizing jewelry. You’ll also need a space to store your jewelry in a preferably easy-to-access location, like your closet or vanity.

How Can I Organize My Jewelry at Home?

So without a personal assistant, you’re going to have to get in the weeds before this gets easier. To organize your jewelry at home, you need to:

1. Find and lay out all your jewelry.

Depending on the state of your current storage solution, this may be the hardest part. Take a deep breath. We believe in you. Now go find your jewelry. And lay it all out so you can see it. This may mean untangling pieces.

2. Categorize and group your jewelry.

How you categorize and group your jewelry is a personal choice. Some do it by color, metal, function, etc. We would recommend keeping like pieces together. But some jewelry comes in sets, so you’ll know the best way to group it.

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3. Place groups of jewelry into or on your jewelry organizers.

Depending on if you have drawers, trays, t-bars, or hooks, you’ll want to keep groups together for better organization. There are many great organizers out there, but what you decide to use is a personal preference. We recommend trays and t-bars for optimal storage.

4. Store your jewelry in an easy-access space near where you get ready.

Once everything is organized, you’ll want to store your jewelry in an easy access area when you’re getting ready. For some, this is in your closet or bathroom vanity. If you have drawers in your closet, you may want to use them for your jewelry. This all depends on the amount of jewelry you have and the space you have for storing it.

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Hanging necklaces keeps them from tangling.

Tips for Storing Everyday Jewelry

Everyday jewelry needs to be in an easy-to-see, easy-to-put-on area. This may mean having a stand or ring dish on your vanity or an eye-level shelf in your closet. You’ll want to pick your favorite pieces to wear and group them by type, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.

If you decide that a drawer is the best place to store your jewelry, use trays to subdivide the drawer into easily visible compartments. Place your favorite everyday pieces near the front of the drawer for easy grab and go.

How to Store Jewelry so it Doesn’t Tangle

One of the best ways to prevent your jewelry from tangling is to hang bracelets and necklaces that typically like to knot. You’ll also need to be careful not to put too many pieces together so they don’t twist together.

Tips for Storing Outfit-Specific Jewelry

For storing pieces that you wear with specific outfits, you’ll want to organize these jewelry pieces in sets that you wear together. These don’t need to be in the most easy-to-access area of your organizer, but be sure to keep them visible so that you remember that you have them.

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Ring plates are great for easy access.

Tips for Storing Expensive Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry requires more effort. You’ll want to keep these pieces out of your bathroom or anywhere it might experience extreme temperatures. Fine jewelry needs to be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

You’ll probably prefer to keep these jewelry pieces in a fabric-lined drawer to keep them from damaging. Make sure each piece has room and isn’t touching other pieces. Depending on the diamond or gem, it can scratch your other jewelry if your organizer is cramped for space.

Along with keeping your fine jewelry organized and in a safe place, you’ll want to clean your jewelry regularly with jewelry cleaner. This will help keep your silver from tarnishing.

Best Way to Store Jewelry for a Long Time

If you have some pieces that you want to pass down but don’t necessarily want to wear right now, you can put them in long-term storage. Before placing your jewelry into long-time storage, you’ll want to:

  • Clean the jewelry before placing it in storage.
  • Place the jewelry into an air-tight jewelry box or in zip lock bags in a container, box, or drawer. This will help preserve the polish.  
  • Use fabric-lined containers to minimize shifting and scratching against other pieces.
  • Wrap each piece in anti-tarnish paper.
  • Keep your storage container or box away from extreme temperatures or humidity.

Organize Your Jewelry For Better Access and Care

While it may feel like a huge undertaking, you can do it. And when you organize all your jewelry into easy-access groups, it makes picking out your pieces so much more fun. By organizing your jewelry, you’ll also ensure that it doesn’t get damaged and will last longer, getting more out of your pieces.

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