Necklace Lengths: How to Choose the Right Length

Princess and choker length necklace

Choosing a necklace length can sometimes feel like having bangs. You aren't sure if you're rocking it or it's owning you. We've got a few guidelines to help you own your look and pick the right necklace length for your next outfit. By learning these simple tips, you'll be able to style your next look with confidence.

How to Choose The Right Length Necklace

Here are a few simple guidelines on choosing the right necklace length for your outfit of the day:

1. You Need to Know Your Necklace Lengths

When it comes to necklace lengths, there are standard sizes that most designers adhere to:

  • Collar: 14-inch necklace worn tight around the neck.
  • Choker: 16-inch necklace worn tight against the base of the throat.
  • Princess: 18-inch necklace worn on the collarbone.
  • Matinee: 20-24 inch necklace worn between the bust and collarbone.
  • Opera: 28-36 inch necklace worn on or just below the bust.
  • Ropes and Lariats: 36-42 inch necklace worn on or slightly below the center of the bust.

Chokers and Princess length necklaces go with almost anything. You'll want to invest in a statement necklace in either or both of these lengths. But not everyone looks great in a choker, which brings us to our next guideline.

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matinee length creates a beautiful V.


2. Take an Honest Look at Your Neck and Face Shape

Necklaces are defining accents that can really make an outfit work, but on the wrong neck or face, it can also work against you. Here are a few tips about what necklace lengths you should avoid if you fit one of these categories:

Face Shape

Here are some suggestions based on your face shape:

  • Oval: Well, aren't you a golden child. You can wear any necklace shape without worry.
  • Round: Longer necklaces with pendants will work better for you if you have a rounder face because it helps create a V silhouette.
  • Square: If your face is more square, you'll want to wear chokers and princess lengths to round out your silhouette.
  • Heart-shaped: Embrace your heart-shaped face but also know that long necklaces are going to accentuate your angles. Chokers and shorter necklaces are going to help soften angles.

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When wearing a necklace well, your neck length and width is definitely a factor. People blessed with the coveted long thin "swan" neck look fantastic in collar and choker lengths because it brings attention to your graceful feature. If your neck isn't long and narrow, you're better off choosing a princess length or longer to help elongate your neck.

Another thing to assess is your neck's elasticity. If you're older, your neck may have more wrinkles and creases that you don't want to highlight with a shorter necklace. If this is the case, you may want to choose longer necklaces.

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3. Listen to Your Wardrobe and Personal Style

You'll also want to pick different lengths base on your outfit. If your shirt or top is plainer, you may want to choose a longer necklace with a pendant to add sophistication. If your top has more embellishment or pattern, then you'll want a shorter necklace.

Also, personal style will play a big part in what necklace you choose to wear. You want to find necklaces and lengths that reflect your personality and style. And even though we are giving you all these guidelines, if a necklace screams your style, you should definitely get it.

 Choker and Princess length is great for work


4. Dress for the Occasion

Fashion is Psychology points out that we wear jewelry and necklaces to boost our confidence, show our personality, and establish our social status. So what we need to establish next is where will you be wearing your necklace:

Hey Girl, We're Going Out

If you're headed out on the town for cocktails or a party, you'll want to show personality and make a sophisticated statement. Whether you're married or single, you want to draw eyes to yourself by wearing a statement necklace that is princess, opera, or rope length to exude confidence.

Working It

For a daily work necklace or casual necklace, you may want to consider a matinee, princess, or choker length. You'll want to select a necklace that enhances your appearance but isn't distracting from daily tasks or meetings.

Get Active

Some people like to wear necklaces when they work out or play sports. In this situation, you'll want a light necklace that doesn't have a heavy pendant. The ideal lengths would be princess or choker because they won't get in the way of your activity or cut off the circulation to your neck.

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What is the Most Flattering Necklace Length?

Princess necklaces are the most flattering for all face shapes and generally go with any outfit or occasion. It's a great length for statement necklaces, and you can find delicate princess necklaces that are great for casual everyday wear.

What Necklace Length is Trending?

The princess length of 18-inches is the most versatile, making it a popular timeless length. But thick choker and collar lengths are definitely having a moment, and opera and rope length necklaces with pendants are in for this fall.

Whether you choose to follow the trends or stick to a timeless length, picking the right necklace length can polish your look. Your necklace length should always flatter your face and neck, so be mindful to follow those tips. 

Once you find lengths that compliment your shape, you should find pieces that will reflect your personality or the occasion. But above all, remember jewelry should enhance your beauty, not overwhelm it.

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