The Ultimate Guide To Layering Jewelry

Layered gold necklaces on mirror

Do you ever have trouble deciding which necklace or bracelet to wear? Picking out the perfect jewelry pieces for your outfit can be tough. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to a single item of jewelry. 

In addition to pairing bracelets with necklaces and other jewelry items, you also have the option to layer your jewelry. However, layering jewelry is a bit more complicated than it sounds. If you don’t layer correctly, your outfit will look mismatched and chaotic. 

Read this guide to learn how to layer necklaces, bracelets, and more. 

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Tips for Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces will help give your outfit a chic, effortless look. However, don’t just throw on whatever necklaces  lying on your jewelry stand. Instead, follow these tips for layering necklaces: 

Vary the Lengths of Necklaces

Choosing necklaces of varying lengths is perhaps the most important guideline to follow. Varying lengths will help achieve a cascade of layers, so it doesn’t look like you just stacked your necklaces on at random. Choosing varying lengths will also help highlight the unique features of each necklace. 

Plus, necklaces of varying lengths will make your neck look longer. And varying lengths help prevent the necklaces from tangling. 

The Rule of Three

If you’re new to layering necklaces, we recommend sticking with the rule of three. That is, you should layer three necklaces at a time to create symmetry, variety, and cohesiveness. When layering in sets of three, we recommend sandwiching your statement piece in the middle, so it has the chance to shine. 

Choose a Statement Necklace

Speaking of statement necklaces, we always recommend incorporating one into your layered look. One statement necklace will ensure that all of the other pieces of jewelry aren’t fighting for attention. 

If you have a low neckline, we recommend opting for a statement necklace with a pendant. If you have a high necklace, a choker with a statement piece will do the trick. 

Mixing Metals and Textures

Variety is key to layering necklaces. Mixing metals and textures is a great way to add a unique edge to your look. We recommend opting for simple, dainty necklaces when mixing metals to ensure things don’t look too chaotic. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Necklaces from Getting Tangled

One of the biggest problems with layering necklaces is that they tend to get tangled. Here’s how to avoid this issue:

1.  Use a Necklace Spacer

Necklaces spacers create a clasp behind your neck where you can attach your necklaces. Typically, these have two or three clasps, so you can layer two or three necklaces at once. 

2.  Vary the Lengths of Your Necklaces

As we mentioned earlier, choosing necklaces of varying lengths can help prevent entanglement. 

3.  Link the Necklaces Together

You can link the clasp of one necklace onto the clasp of another necklace. However, for this to work, you’ll need to flip one of your necklaces around, so we only recommend doing this with chains. 

4.  Wear Necklaces of Different Weights

We recommend pairing daintier necklaces with heavier necklaces to prevent them from tangling. 

5.  Wear Necklaces of Different Materials

Choosing different materials can also help prevent them from getting tangled. Metal chains are most likely to tangle, so try mixing in some necklaces made of fabric. 

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Tips for Layering Rings

Girl sitting on steps wearing layered rings

Layering rings is perfect for when you can’t decide on just one: Here’s how to layer rings:

Different Fingers

Make sure you’re not stacking the rings all on one finger, as this will cause your outfit to look asymmetrical. 

Choose a Statement Finger

It’s important to make one finger the focal point. This will give balance to your look. 

Mix it Up!

Stacking rings that are the same or similar won’t do anything for your look. Choose rings of different colors, sizes, and materials. 

Add Symbols

You can elevate your outfit with a ring that contains a symbol, such as a horoscope symbol. 

Go Big

Don’t be afraid to pair some large rings with some really small ones! 

Personalise Your Stack

Make sure the way you stack your rings is unique to you and that it fits with your overall look. 

Does Stacking Rings Damage Them?

As long as you’re careful, stacking rings shouldn’t cause any damage. Of course, you should still wash and care for your rings as normal. 

How to Size Stackable Rings

You’ll want to choose the same ring size that you’d choose for a ring that you’re wearing by itself. 

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Tips for Layering Bracelets

Gold bracelets

Layering bracelets is a great way to make a plain-looking outfit stand out. Here’s how to layer bracelets: 

Choose a Color Palette

Layering bracelets can get chaotic quickly if you don’t choose a color palette. The bracelets don’t all need to be the same color, but they should be complementary. You can consult the color wheel to find the right color combinations. 

Mix Metals

Just as we recommend mixing metals when layering rings and necklaces, so too do we recommend mixing metals when layering bracelets. 

Combine Casual and Dressy

Layering casual bracelets with dressy ones will help balance out your look in a fresh way. 

Experiment with Shapes

A variety of shapes and sizes will help showcase and separate each bracelet. 

How Many are Too Many?

We recommend sticking to three to five bracelets per wrist. Any more, and it’ll start to look disorganized.  

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Final Thoughts on Layering Jewelry

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a flawless look with your layered jewelry. Now, you just need to find the right jewelry pieces. 

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