Explore Our Top 10 Pendant Necklace Styles for Any Occasion

The way we express ourselves through clothing and jewelry is tied to our identity. Whether others notice it or not, it is our way of telling a story about ourselves and how we want to be seen. Pendant necklaces are a timeless accessory that allows you to express yourself with style and flair.

From sophisticated pearls to daring gemstones, there is a wealth of necklace styles out there that can be worn for any occasion. We here at LaCkore Couture understand the importance of your style choices. That's why we've created a list of our top pendant necklace styles for any occasion. 

Our only rule is that if it speaks to you, go with it. Don't worry about following the trends. Choose something that is true to your own style and aesthetic. Whether you are attending a gala or running errands, there is sure to be a type of pendant necklace that catches your eye.

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Top 10 Types of Pendant Necklaces

Here are our top 10 pendant necklaces for any occasion.

Crystal Love Lock Charm Necklace

The Crystal Love Lock Charm Necklace is a link pendant necklace with a heart-shaped pave crystal clasp. It is the perfect romantic statement piece for any special occasion! Not to mention it comes dipped in 24-karat gold or silver. This pendant necklace works as an incredible gift for someone special in your life.

Throwback Crystal Love Charm Necklace

The Throwback Crystal Love Charm Necklace has the same heart-shaped pave crystal clasp. The main difference here is the thick link chain that gives it a vintage feel. 

Remember back in the 90s when the thick link chain was a thing? It’s back and better than ever! This type of pendant necklace pairs perfectly with a T-shirt and jeans. Or you can even rock it with your little black dress.

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Throwback Love Charm Necklace

Another new oldie but goodie is the Throwback Love Charm Necklace. It's only available in gold, but that doesn't stop it from making a statement. This type of pendant necklace comes with a fully gold heart-shaped clasp.


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Crystal Link Lock Charm Necklace


Next on the list is the Crystal Link Lock Charm Necklace. The lock charm clasp is encrusted with stones. The necklace comes in gold and silver. It also works well with any of our signature charms. This necklace complements all style types and has a youthful feel regardless of age. Who doesn't want to feel young and carefree?

Throwback Crystal Link Charm Necklace

Here's another oldie but still a goodie. The Throwback Crystal Link Charm Necklace has the same crystal link charm but comprises that thick chunky link chain. It's the perfect piece to wear with a maxi dress or a blouse and jeans.

Star Charm Necklace

Stars mean something different to everyone, which is why the Star Charm Necklace was designed. Stars can symbolize hope, inspiration, or a new beginning. They are also a reminder to stay strong when times get tough. 

The diamond-encrusted clasp on the star reminds you that you are precious and someone to cherish. Pair it with any outfit, and you're sure to make a statement.

Safety Pin Lock Charm Necklace

The Safety Pin Lock Charm Necklace is one of our favorites. We all have had those experiences in life that require us to stay together and survive with what we have. This necklace serves as a reminder of those times.

The 24-k dipped clasp gives it a beautiful vintage feel. The gold-dipped chain adds that extra touch of glamor. You can feel proud letting people know that your necklace is held together with a safety pin, and yes, you bought it like that.

Lightning Bolt Charm Necklace

Are you full of energy, or wish you were? Then the Lightning Bolt Charm Necklace is for you. It's simple, chic, and can be worn with any outfit. The 24-k dipped clasp gives it a luxurious and modern feel.

Hamsa Charm Necklace

The Hamsa Charm Necklace reminds us of the importance of faith and protection. This type of pendant necklace brings a sense of security to everyday life. The clasp is encrusted with stones and has a beautiful design. Wear it to bring peace into your life or give it to someone as a reminder that peace is only a thought away.

Long Lock Charm Necklace

You will definitely want a necklace that stands out for those formal or special events. The Long Lock Charm Necklace is perfect for any occasion and gives off an elegant and sophisticated vibe. 

The clasp is 24-karat dipped, and the chain is gold-plated. Wear it to your next dinner party or special event to give off an air of sophistication. Pair it with a plunging neckline to really make it stand out.

A Note on the Types of Pendant Necklaces We Offer

Most of our necklaces come in three lengths, 16, 18, and 20 inches. The chunky necklaces only come in gold.

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The Best Types of Pendant Necklace Depend on You


The best type of pendant necklace depends on you and the occasion. If you're going to a formal event, go with something elegant like the long lock charm or star charm necklace. For a fun night out, try something more fun and youthful, like the throwback love or lightning bolt charm necklace. 

No matter what type of pendant necklace you choose, it will make a statement and give your outfit that extra glamor and sparkle. So go ahead and explore our top 10 pendant necklace styles for any occasion and find the one that speaks to you.