Open Heart Necklaces and Bracelets That Will Turn Heads

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The "open heart" pendant for necklaces or bracelets isn't new. Chances are, you have seen plenty of these. However, if you don't own one, you may want to find the perfect design and style for you. 

The open-heart necklace or bracelet features a single heart shape outline that's open in the middle. Keep reading to learn more about the symbolism behind this design and learn about some of the top options available today. 

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Solid vs. Open Heart Necklace or Bracelet

Some don't associate open heart necklaces or bracelets with something unique or separate from solid heart necklaces. Instead, a heart symbolizes love and all that goes with it. 

However, one advantage of the open-heart necklace or bracelet compared to a solid heart is that the chain can go through the heart, providing a more modern aesthetic. 

Some believe that if you purchase an open-heart necklace or bracelet that features two hearts, it's symbolizing empathy for a certain person. Others believe it symbolizes empathy for all

The two-open-heart design can also be used to show love for someone who is far away. Since the hearts are connected, it shows the connection and the love you have for the other person. Some people even decide to wear matching open heart necklaces to help strengthen this connection and symbolism.

What if You Don't Believe in Symbolism? 

Even if you don't believe that the open-heart design stands for anything, the craftmanship and esthetic of these necklaces or bracelets are pleasing and appealing to many. Some people are attracted to this design because it has earned the status of being a trendy and pleasant-looking accessory.

Gifting an Open-Heart Necklace or Bracelet

Jewelry is a gift that many people appreciate. However, you may wonder who to give an open-heart necklace or bracelet to.

It's worth noting that the heart symbol is not unique to a single type of love. Because of this, it is a smart gift item for almost anyone that you care about. Many people gift this necklace style to those they love romantically; however, it's not limited to this alone. 

You can give an open-heart necklace to your mother or another family member. This is especially a good gift if it is someone you don't get to see very often. You can even gift it to your best friend or yourself. It can serve as a remembrance of a loved one or pet you have lost

Buying jewelry should be a fun experience and something we strive to provide at La Ckore Couture. Learn more about our past happy customers to find out about the buying experience we provide. 

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The Top Open-Heart Necklaces or Bracelets Available Today

If you are ready to purchase an open-heart necklace for yourself or someone you care about, you will find many options to choose from. While this is true, some of the best options available can be found here. 

The Crystal Love Lock Charm Necklace 

The Crystal Love Lock Charm necklace can be purchased in gold or silver. It features simple crafting using tarnish-free materials and offers personalization options with unique charms available to purchase. 

If you are searching for an elegant accessory to match your aesthetic, this may be the perfect necklace. The necklace is made entirely in the USA and includes a heart-shaped pave crystal clasp. 


The simple and finely crafted Crystal Love Lock Charm Bracelet can be an elegant addition to your jewelry collection. It’s perfectly dipped in 24K gold or silver and has a custom-designed heart-shaped pave crystal clasp that looks great by itself or as part of a stylish bracelet stack.

The Crystal Love Lock Charm Bracelet has a down-to-earth aesthetic that’s still sophisticated enough to dress it up or down to suit your mood. 

And if you want to make this piece truly yours, you can add and remove fun charms to it that tailor themselves to your vibe!

Erin designed and handcrafted this bracelet entirely in the USA, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. open heart, allowing you to personalize the look even more


This lightweight bracelet is comfortable to wear all day long or stacked with other bracelets you love. The Love Lock Charm Bracelet is dipped in either 24K gold or silver and has a gorgeous open heart-shaped clasp. 

The Love Lock Charm Bracelet has a fun and timeless design that is also customizable, as you can easily add and remove other charms to make it an actual one-of-a-kind piece! It’s designed and handmade with love in the USA and is exclusive to LaCkore Couture. 

It’s a limited design with limited quantities, so order yours today! There’s also free shipping worldwide.

Throwback Love Charm Necklace

Are you searching for an open-heart necklace that is ideal for everyday wear? If so, the Throwback Love Charm Necklace offers a classic but simple style that is subtle and understated. This makes it the perfect accessory to dress up your jeans or pair your work attire perfectly. 

The necklace measures 16" long and is dipped in 24k gold. Along with being great with virtually any item in your wardrobe, you will also find it's a great standalone piece or can be stacked with other necklaces to create an appealing layered look. 

An additional feature of this open-heart necklace is the ability to add charms to the open heart, allowing you to personalize the look even more. 

Love Lock Charm Necklace 

One of the first things you'll notice about the Love Lock Charm necklace is the beautiful heart-shaped clasp. The design of this necklace makes it possible to style it in many ways. For example, you can easily wear it on its own, layer it with other necklaces, or add charms for a unique and custom style

The charm bar on the open-heart pendant allows you to choose your favorite charms, such as your children's or grandchildren's initials. It's easy to change the charms or add to them. 


The chunky yet comfortable Throwback Love Charm Bracelet is dipped to perfection in 24K gold and can be worn in many different ways. It’s bold enough to make a statement by itself, or you can layer it with other bracelets for a modern, chic look.

Don’t be afraid to rock this eye-catching, boho design that’s simple enough to wear with jeans and a t-shirt yet elegant enough to wear with your little black dress for a night out on the town.

You can also easily add and remove charms that you love to suit your moods and styles as they change daily.

The Throwback Love Charm Bracelet is exclusive to LaCkore Couture and is designed and handmade with tarnish-free materials in the USA. Feel safe buying it online with our 100% secure checkout! 

Throwback Crystal Love Charm Necklace 

Choosing a "throwback" option may be right up your alley regarding style. If that's the case, the Throwback Crystal Love Charm Necklace will likely offer everything you are searching for. 

This necklace can be purchased in 16-inch, 18-inch, or 20-inch lengths and is available in gold. One thing that sets this necklace apart is the beautiful crystal detailing included. This little bit of "bling" provides a unique elegance and style that isn't offered by other open heart necklace options available today. 

Thanks to this necklace's simple and classic design, it can be worn with virtually any attire or wardrobe. You will love the way this necklace looks once you have it on. 


The custom designed pave crystal heart is the centerpiece of the chunky Throwback Crystal Love Charm Bracelet. This bracelet was inspired by nature and the latest trends and is dipped in 24K gold.

This lightweight, comfortable bracelet is versatile too! Its chic boho style looks great but can also be stacked with other bracelets to showcase your style. Wear it to your business meeting or out on date night, and look sophisticated and stylish. 

Do you have some favorite charms you like to wear when the whim hits you? You can easily add and remove them from the Throwback Crystal Love Charm Bracelet to turn it into a one-of-a-kind bracelet whenever it suits your mood!

Like every piece of jewelry from LaCkore Couture, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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Purchasing a Quality Open-Heart Necklace or Bracelet for You or a Loved One

Purchasing jewelry is a unique and personal experience. Whether you are buying something for yourself or for someone you care about, you'll likely discover that the open-heart necklace options listed here are perfect. 

Be sure to browse through the options to find the best suits your style and needs. You can find this accessory for affordable prices and customizable options to highlight your unique style and look. 

Are you ready to purchase a necklace that you will love to wear? If so, browse our selection of necklaces. 

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