Matching Makeup To Your Jewelry

Matching makeup to your jewelry can be a royal pain. When you only have a limited amount of time or a small wardrobe, finding the right match is easier said than done.

That’s what we’re here for. We’re big fans of whittling down artful, expressive looks into bite-sized pieces. Whether you want to put together your next Instagram photoshoot or are putting together a LinkedIn portrait, matching makeup to jewelry is a great skill to have.

From color schemes to moods, we’re going to break down matching makeup to your jewelry.

The Rise of the Beauty Industry

The beauty and cosmetics industry has never exactly struggled for relevance. It’s a natural human trait to express yourself through your clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry, and piercings.

A 2019 report saw the American cosmetics industry reaching nearly $50 billion. That’s not too shabby! While DIY products and recipes are rising in popularity, many buyers still love going out to shop. Mascara and eyeliner remain the go-to options for adult women and teenage girls.

Matching makeup to your jewelry is a practical skill that’ll take you far in several situations. Dating, interviews, and expressing yourself are just a few of the benefits!

#1: Pick a Mood, Any Mood

The easiest way to start matching makeup to your jewelry is to pick a mood. Much like a director working on a movie, a mood gives you a unifying vision to tie everything together.

Are you feeling chipper and whimsical? Bright colors for both your makeup and jewelry would work well here. For more moody or sensual moods, dark and ombre colors are a more suitable choice. Eyeshadow is incredibly flexible, so spend some time practicing your smoky eye.

Match your mood with the occasion and watch your entire look fall into place.

#2: Necklaces are the Simplest Touch-Up

Do you get tired of fussing with different jewelry combinations? A necklace will solve that problem easily! 

Necklaces are wonderful because they’re a simple touch-up with a bang-up result. You can easily toss them over a more dressed up outfit to complete your look, but they’re still not too fancy for a casual ensemble. Pick a necklace, then choose a matching color for your eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Common necklace types you should look into include:

  • Pendants
  • Chokers
  • Collar
  • Locket
  • Multi-strand

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#3: Choose Simple, Neutral Jewelry to Mix and Match Easily

If you’re on a short time limit and want easy looks to toss together, use neutral jewelry. Popular shades are silver and white, while popular ‘neutral-type’ colors are gold and brown.

Simple, neutral-style jewelry is easy on the eyes due to their very cool or very warm vibes. For example, a series of gold bracelets will add a pop of intrigue to your blushy foundation. A silver multi-strand necklace is a solid addition to your mascara that takes little effort. Try to steer clear of complex pendants or varied color schemes.

Colorful jewelry is a ton of fun, but can be a little too much work for busy workers or stay-at-home mothers. Stick with basic, neutral jewelry and you’ll have an immediate complementary detail for your eyeshadow, lippie, or mascara!

Unique jewelry puts your personality and ideals first. We started LaCkore Couture to empower women to wear jewelry that’s hand-crafted, long-lasting, and simply beautiful.

 a woman sitting down and having blue eyeshadow applied to her eyelids

#4: Combine Lippie with a Bold Gemstone

Now for the color fanatics! Lipstick is a lovely focal point that immediately draws the eye and stops people in their tracks. Combine your lippie with a bold gemstone for maximum impact.

Red matte lipstick is a classic look that pairs nicely with a ruby gemstone, such as a bejeweled ring or pendant. If you prefer a more natural look, consider lip gloss with a shimmery twisted silver necklace. Pairing these two looks together strengthens your focal point for a more dramatic appearance.

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#5: Go Wild With an Artful, Bohemian Look

Do you like to wander off the beaten fashion path? Artful, bohemian outfits skip past simplicity in favor of splashy designs and tons of layers.

Layering necklaces and brooches is a very popular bohemian fashion trend. Not only do you look ready to take on the world, you can apply just about any eyeshadow or mascara combo. Zesty and colorful looks are a fun twist and aren’t concerned with being too matchy.

Does that mean you can’t match? Not at all! Pick two or three colors for your necklace, ring, and bangle combinations. Apply those same colors to your eyeshadow and lipstick combination.

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 a woman in a white shirt and yellow skirt wearing a red pendant


Matching makeup to your jewelry is an exercise in experimentation. There are endless looks you can get out of just one closet!

The best way to match makeup to your jewelry involves the following steps:

  • Pick a mood to tie the entire look together
  • Rely on necklaces for quick, easy touch-ups to your ensemble
  • Have simply designed, neutral jewelry on-hand for busy days
  • Combine lipstick with a bold gemstone for a dazzling look
  • Go artful with zesty colors and layered jewelry

Does your jewelry cabinet need a few new additions? Contact us today to start wearing hand-made, customizable jewelry designed with you in mind.