How to Choose the Best Way To Style Your Necklaces

A woman wearing a layered necklace.

Appropriately styling your necklaces and other accessories is essential for showcasing your inner sense of style. That said, how do you choose the best method to use when styling your necklaces? Are there rules you should follow to help balance out your look? How can you ensure your necklaces don’t distract from your outfit or become overshadowed and unnoticeable compared to the rest of your style?

Below, our artisan jewelry experts from LaCkore Couture will explore the top ten tips you can use to effectively style your necklaces to complement any look you try to achieve! Please continue to find out what you need to know. Also, consider exploring our wide selection of other educational jewelry articles to access even more essential accessory know-how! We’re happy to help you learn everything you’ll need to know about jewelry selection, maintenance, gift-giving, and much more!

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Top 10 Necklace Styling Tips to Note

When it comes to effectively styling your necklaces to complement your outfit, there are a range of factors you’ll want to keep in mind, from size, and color, to layering and more. Here are ten great tips that can help make the process easy!

1. Use Statement Necklaces as a Focal Point

If you’re wearing a big, bold statement necklace, it’s generally a good idea to use that as the centerpiece of your entire outfit. Statement pieces typically work best with solid-colored clothing with more simplistic necklines that won’t cover up or take away from the necklace itself. Popular examples include strapless tops and dresses, v-necks, scoop necks, and off-the-shoulder necklines. 

2. Small Necklaces Work Well With Neckline or Bodice Focal Points

A woman wearing two necklaces.

If your outfit is meant to emphasize the bodice or neckline of your top or dress, it’s generally better to stick with a more simple necklace that will complement the outfit but not draw attention away from where you want it. For example, if a dress or shirt has a fancy neckline, lace paneling, or front-facing laces, try sticking to smaller necklaces. If you’d like to incorporate something extra special into the outfit, you can also use some large statement earrings.

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3. Mix Colorful Clothing With Monochromatic Necklaces 

If you’re planning to wear a colorful outfit or clothing with bold patterns or prints, consider wearing a more basic, monochromatic necklace. Combining those colors with black and white beads, simple metal chains, and small gemstones can make an excellent final touch that pulls everything together without taking your outfit over the top.

4. Carefully Consider Your Collared and Button-Down Shirts

Collared and button-down shirts can be difficult to pair with a necklace. For a more classy, elegant look, choose a necklace that falls right at the collar, then button up the shirt to cover the necklace. This should hide any pendant or significant necklace characteristics but leave behind a stylish peek at the necklace chain. For a more casual look, use a longer necklace that falls right down the center of the shirt when you leave one or two buttons undone. 

5. Follow Basic Necklace Layering Rules

Layering your necklaces is an easy way to enhance an outfit and make your look more unique, but there are a few rules you’ll want to follow. For example;

  • Layer chains of varying lengths
  • Consider layering contrasting metals (mixing metals) and styles
  • Layer in odd number multiples if you use more than two necklaces

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6. Pair Gold and Geometric Necklaces With Snazzy Blazers

A woman wearing a necklace with a large gold hexagon.

Stylish jackets and fancy blazers often work well when worn alongside gold necklaces and necklaces with bold, geometric designs that can easily catch the eye. It can be especially effective to leverage larger statement pieces that help accentuate the outfit.

7. Don’t Overdo it With Multiple Statement Pieces

Don’t try to double up with multiple statement pieces, like big necklaces with large earrings, bangle bracelets, or lots of rings on both hands. This tactic can quickly create a hectic look that takes away from the entire outfit.

8. Combine Denim Clothes With Neon Necklaces for a Statement

You may not have noticed, but denim works really well with neon colors. If you have a neon necklace you’ve wanted to wear but aren’t sure how to pair it with an outfit, leverage a lot of denim to help make the color pop. It can also help other jewelry stand out in interesting new ways.

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9. Avoid V-Neck Overlap

If you’re wearing a necklace- or multiple necklaces- with a v-neck top, make sure that you leverage different lengths. However, ensure that they either stay over your skin or go further down than the shirt’s neckline. Using a longer necklace that dips down just to the end of the neckline of the v-neck can look odd and take away from the style of the necklace.

10. Match Necklaces With Bold Outfit Elements

If parts of your outfit are particularly bold- especially in relation to color- try to use necklaces that match that boldness. For example, combine a red necklace with your red heels and purse or a blue necklace with a skirt featuring a lot of blue accents.

LaCkore Couture’s Most Popular and Stylish Necklaces

We had so much fun writing about the best ways to style your necklaces that we thought we’d share some of LaCkore Couture’s most stylish and popular necklaces. With a little bit of something for everyone!

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The one-of-a-kind colored pave crystal pendant is the centerpiece of the Young Love Necklace. Erin designed the necklace, perfectly dipped in 24k gold, and serves as a beautiful token of everything we hold dear in life.

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Heart Throb Necklace

Wear your heart on your chest with the stunning Heart Throb Necklace! The stylish necklace and unique handcrafted pendant are dipped to perfection in 24k gold. 

The necklace offers simple, elegant beauty, with a powerful pendant that reminds us of the power of love and fills us with joy. 

Erin designed and handcrafted the Heart Throb Necklace with inspiration from nature and the latest jewelry trends. This gorgeous necklace comes in three sizes: 16, 18, and 20 inches.

Safety Pin Lock Charm Necklace

The Safety Pin Lock Necklace is perfect for those who have learned from life that less is more. This simple yet stylish necklace is dipped in either 24 gold or silver with a safety pin lock. 

Its simplicity means you can wear it or stack it with other necklaces for a more layered look. The Safety Pin Lock Charm Necklace is also customizable. You can add your charms or something fun from our Charm Bar to create a one-of-a-kind necklace for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Boho Babe Necklace

For those who believe that being “sophisticated” doesn’t have to mean “tame,” there’s the Boho Babe Necklace. This necklace is bold and daring with a stylish handcrafted sunburst design dipped to perfection in 24k gold or silver. 

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Final Factors For Fashion Lovers to Keep in Mind

By leveraging the ten helpful tips above, you can more effectively style your necklaces to better compliment any outfit to better strut your stuff! Give them a try today so see what they can do to improve your signature look. And if you’d like to acquire some stellar new necklaces and other jewelry to add to your style, consider exploring our shop of hand-crafted artisan jewelry at LaCkore Couture. We’re very proud to offer a wide selection of totally unique pieces, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and more!

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