The Ultimate Guide to Necklace Types!


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Necklaces are one of the most popular types of accessories throughout the world. They’re utilized in seemingly every known culture as an element of fashion, a way to denote class status or belonging to a specific group, and much more. Today, our artisan jewelry experts at LaCkore Couture would like to explore twenty of the world’s most popular necklace types that you can leverage to showcase your inner sense of beauty and style.

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1. Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are some of the most popular in the world and come in a wide array of metals and lengths, making them perfect for single-use or layering. They also typically feature the addition of charms or pendants, though using a lone chain as an ornamental feature is also common, especially for everyday or casual use.

2. Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces- also called crew necklaces- are worn just above the collarbone and close to the skin. They’re typically made with a range of metals- though gold and silver are the most common- and often include an array of stunning embellishments meant to draw the eye, like pearls, stones, and jewels. 

3. Choker Necklaces

A choker is a short, almost tight necklace worn around the neck and typically ranges from 14 to 16 inches long. They’re unique in that, while many are made of metal, it’s also popular to make them out of ribbon and velvet. Chokers can also incorporate different necklace designs, like pendants, gems, and beads.

4. Lockets

Lockets are traditional necklace pendants with a tiny chamber that can open to contain a small photo, note, or other memory. They’re usually seen as highly intimate and emotional pieces of jewelry, and many are passed down as heirlooms throughout families over several generations. Lockets can be as simple as a circular chamber pendant or feature highly complex designs and shapes.

5. Pendant Necklaces

The Future Wife Necklace from LaCkore Couture.

Many types of necklaces on this list can classify as pendant necklaces in some situations, as long as they feature a focal point of- you guessed it- a pendant. Because of this, they’re one of the most popular types of necklaces and are also highly versatile, making them perfect to compliment any style of outfit or occasion.

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6. Bib Necklaces

Bib necklaces are exactly what their name implies, a necklace that wraps around your neck like a bib. They’re typically designed to be elegant yet ostentatious and feature tiered chains or a single large piece meant to cover the breastbone. Bib necklaces are generally considered high-end jewelry and are often saved for significant occasions because they are expensive.

7. Princess Necklaces

Princess necklaces are easy to identify due to their unique length and design, and their appearance truly enhances the nature of their name. They’re often around 18 inches long, embellished with an assortment of pendants, jewels, and focal pieces that make them a lavishly elegant choice for formal or high-end occasions. 

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8. Opera Necklaces

Opera necklaces usually range from 26 to 36 inches long and were once most commonly seen on more formal occasions. However, the style increased in popularity over time, and now it can be worn for virtually any event or occasion. One of the best elements of opera necklaces is that they are easily layered or used individually.

9. Graduated Necklaces

Graduated necklaces feature a single strand with beads of varying sizes. The front of the necklace features the largest bead, and the beads become smaller as you move back. While the graduated necklace design appears in many necklaces, it is pervasive in pearl necklaces specifically. 

10. Festoon Necklaces

Festoon necklaces are similar to bib necklaces but typically feature a smaller, choker-sized primary chain that allows the necklace to rest on the collarbone. These necklaces drape across the neck using elegant designs often reminiscent of the necklace’s namesake- a garland or wreath of beaded flowers, branches, and foliage.

11. Lavalier Necklaces

Lavalier necklaces feature a stunning design that combines a thin chain with a small pendant and beautiful stones or eye-catching components hanging from it. They’re typically 16 inches long and sit just below the collarbone, making them slightly longer than collar necklaces.

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12. Matinee Necklaces

Matinee necklace designs typically feature 20 to 22-inch-long chains that sit directly over the bust and are embellished with beads, stones, and pendants that draw the eye to the chest. They are technically longer than princess length yet shorter than opera length necklaces, so they are an ideal necklace choice for stacking. 

13. Lariat Necklaces 

The Influencer Necklace from LaCkore Couture.

A lariat is a type of rope necklace variant that is usually longer than an opera necklace and features a distinctive Y-shape. The lariat is unique in its design because it doesn’t include a clasp. Instead, the beads or chain create a long rope that the wearer can pull through a circle in the front of the necklace to keep it in place. 

14. Plastron Necklaces

Plastron necklaces are designed to be heavy and cover a wide area around the bust. While they often feature a single, solid piece as a focal point, they can also include embellishments like beads, glass, metal, and wood that dangle down from the centermost piece. These necklaces come in an array of styles that can range from casual to highly sophisticated. 


Statement necklaces are large, dramatic pieces that feature an assortment of pendants, elaborate embellishments, and other features that are specifically designed to make the piece (and the person wearing it) stand out in a crowd. That said, they can also be elegant. They’re available in all types of metals and generally feature various gems, pearls, pendants, and even coral branches. 



Torque necklaces are a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that’s guaranteed to make any outfit and the wearer stand out! These necklaces are similar to choker necklaces, but they’re unique in that they aren’t fully enclosed. Torque necklaces are open at the rear and narrow to a point in the front. These necklaces are often made of precious metal and rest close to your skin. A very popular shape is that of an arrow, where the arrowhead is the narrowed front, and the rear is in the shape of feathers. 


Riviere necklaces dominate the jewelry world for formal occasions and have been worn throughout history by nobilities and celebrities alike. These necklaces are often made of two rows of precious jewels, which tend to get smaller as they get closer to the rear. The height of a Riviere necklace is typically the same as a princess or collar necklace, but the way the jewels are tightly bound together truly sets this style apart. 


Sautoir necklaces gained popularity amidst the Art Deco style during the turn of the twentieth century. These unique necklaces are very lengthy and generally have a decorative jewel at the bottom. Sometimes the decoration at the bottom consists of fringes, tassels, or feathers, and it’s a unique style that’s guaranteed to draw a crowd’s attention. Sautoir necklaces tend to be opera length or longer and can sometimes be seen wrapped around the wearer’s wrist as a bracelet. 


While twisted necklaces are typically considered a type of beaded necklace, their style is truly unique. These necklaces are generally constructed with numerous strands that are twisted around to give it it’s unique style and name. Sometimes these necklaces will have a gem or other adornment hanging from the bottom, but often there is no addition to them. They often have gorgeous, ornate clasps in the rear and can come in a variety of lengths. 


Religious necklaces are often made with various necklace styles, but they’re unique in and of themselves. Many religious necklaces feature a thin, dainty chain with a pendant showcasing the religion at the bottom. The style, clasp, length, and materials of religious necklaces can vary wildly depending on the faith, but they nearly always feature a pendant that’s important to that faith. Some people wear religious necklaces on a daily basis, while others only don them for special occasions. 

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Our high-end jewelry artisans and experts here at LaCkore Couture hope this ultimate guide has helped you learn all you need to know about some of the most popular necklace types on the market that you can add to your collection. Consider exploring our other great jewelry resource articles to learn more, and don’t forget to check out the wide assortment of hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings available in our store!

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