What is Dainty Jewelry? Best Guide to Style It 2022

Woman wearing dainty necklace

Dainty jewelry is small and pretty and has become a major fashion trend in recent years. Many people like wearing delicate jewelry because it doesn’t overpower an outfit, and you can find dainty jewelry pieces to go with many different looks. 

However, while dainty jewelry may be small in size, it can significantly impact your style. If you want to move away from bulkier jewelry and are seeking subtler jewelry options, dainty jewelry may be for you. 

Please read this guide to learn about dainty jewelry and how to style it in 2022

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Dainty Jewelry: What It Is

Any jewelry that doesn’t have bold colors, large pendants, or large beads is considered dainty. Typically, dainty jewelry consists of simple, elegant chains paired with a small pendant.

For example, you may pair the pendant with a diamond or pearl. You can find dainty jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, so you have many options for improving your jewelry collection. 

Dainty jewelry is sometimes referred to as minimalist jewelry, but don’t let that term fool you, as it can still carry a lot of power. Small pieces of dainty jewelry can also help tell your story, as many of these jewelry items can be engraved with little messages. 

Dainty Jewelry: What it Isn’t

To better understand dainty jewelry, let’s talk about what it’s not. The following types of jewelry do not fall into the dainty category:

  • Chunky or bulky pieces: Any jewelry consisting of multiple large pieces or pendants is not dainty. 
  • Bold and bright colors: While some dainty jewelry can have small splashes of color, the goal of delicate jewelry is to be unassuming and elegant. Therefore, overwhelmingly colorful pieces will not be a part of your dainty jewelry collection. 

While there is a time and a place for bold, chunky jewelry, you’ll want to set those items aside for another occasion if you’re trying to achieve the minimalist look

Types of Dainty Jewelry

Birthstone necklace

There are many different kinds of dainty jewelry pieces to choose from. Dainty jewelry results in an effortlessly chic look no matter what item you decide to wear. Here are the popular types of dainty jewelry:

  • Birthstone necklaces - A birthstone on an unassuming gold chain is one popular type of dainty jewelry. The simple chain gives the jewelry a subtle appearance, while the birthstone’s intricacy makes it aesthetically pleasing. A birthstone necklace also calls attention to your best features, such as your collarbone and neck. This mixture of pretty and tiny makes it a fantastic choice for your dainty jewelry collection. 
  • Single charm bracelets - Charm bracelets and necklaces have made a massive comeback in recent years. While too many charms can appear gaudy, a single charm on a simple gold chain bracelet looks elegant and dainty. Opt for a charm with a simple design. For example, you can choose a simple shape like a heart, star, square, or crescent moon. You can also choose a bracelet with a single letter (such as the letter of your first name) to give it a unique touch. 
  • Huggie earrings - Huggie earrings are a kind of small, subtle hoop earrings that typically wrap around, or “hug,” around the earlobe or other parts of the ear. These are trendy dainty earring styles because they are not large and bold like classic hoop earrings. Huggie earrings are typically available in solid color bands. Some contain tiny beads situated on a band. Some Huggie earrings also have a dangling chain where small items like pearls are attached to give the earrings a timeless look. 

These dainty jewelry pieces will make a huge statement without making a fuss. 

There are many different kinds of dainty jewelry items out there that you can mix and match with your outfit of the day or for your day-to-night look. The primary thing to focus on when shopping for dainty jewelry is to look for simple and minimalistic pieces. 

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How to Wear Dainty Jewelry in 2022

Most people opt to stack or layer their dainty jewelry. However, be careful not to stack or layer too many pieces, as this will defeat the purpose of the delicate look. 

Instead, layer your dainty jewelry items in tiers. For instance, you can layer gold chain necklaces in varying lengths to create a cascade look. You can do the same thing with your dainty bracelets. If you want to wear a watch, we recommend pairing it with just one dainty bracelet, so your wrist doesn’t look too crowded. 

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How to Style Dainty Jewelry in 2022 

Dainty infinity necklace

Now that you know how to wear dainty jewelry let’s talk about how to style it. The best way to style dainty jewelry is to pair it with an outfit that’s simple and elegant. 

For example, you can wear your dainty jewelry with a little black dress or formal cocktail attire. If you’re looking for an outfit for the daytime, pair your dainty jewelry with classic jeans and a white button-up. Dainty jewelry goes great with neutral colors, such as white, black, gray, and brown. 

If you want to add a splash of color to your look, pair your outfit with bold, red lipstick to polish it off. 

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Small, but Mighty!

Dainty jewelry has a small but mighty look, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular now. While dainty jewelry isn’t bold, it can still help you make a bold statement when styled correctly. You’ll be surprised at what a big difference dainty jewelry can make when you try it on. 

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