How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Jewelry can make or break any look, and it can even help to make you feel good and allow you to feel you uniquely. Earrings and other piercings specifically display your unique brand front and center while simultaneously complimenting the structure of your face. 

This is why finding a perfect set of earrings to compliment your outfit du jour is so essential. With so many jewelry options available, both in-store and online. The prime way to pick out the perfect pair of new earrings is to first begin by looking at the distinct shape of your face. 

Below, our team of dedicated jewelry artisans from LaCkore Couture will explore the basics you need to understand about selecting the best possible earrings to complement your unique face shape. Read on to learn more, and also consider browsing through our wide selection of other expertly written jewelry resources. 

We’re very proud to provide a wide array of great information on everything from effectively cleaning your earrings to the ultimate guide to styling hoop earrings and more.

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Choose earrings that Complement the Size and Shape of your Face.

Matching your unique face shape to the right set of earrings will enhance your style and fashion choices. Earrings can make a face appear to be rounder or wider, and they can elongate your facial features and even allow them to appear thinner. 

When picking out a jewelry type that is right for you, first think about the shape of your face and what earring will flatter your specific facial features. 

One great hack that many people leverage is choosing earrings that are shaped using features that are opposite to their facial features. Before you can leverage that hack, however, you’ll first have to get a good idea of your face shape.

Start by pulling your hair back to get a complete view of your overall facial features in the mirror. You may be able to determine your face shape right away, depending on how pronounced your facial structure is. If you can’t, try using a piece of soap or lipstick to trace your face’s outline in the mirror.

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If you have a heart-shaped face, the upper portion of your head might be slightly larger than the lower half, and your chin may almost end at a slight point. Those with this type of face shape can really benefit from the piece of advice above about leveraging earings that feature opposite characteristics of their face.

For example, a teardrop earring will bring balance and illuminate an adorable heart-shaped face, which will highlight your narrower chin line while creating balance and symmetry


Those with rounder facial features typically have wider cheekbones with narrower foreheads and jawlines to give the face an overall circular appearance.

If you happen to have these big blushing cheeks or the silhouette of your face is more circular, then long dangling earrings will help elongate your face. We recommend trying some teardrop or dangling earrings to complement your face shape effectively, along with any other earrings that feature a sleep and long build. Angular style earrings can also bring needed contour to a rounder facial structure if you prefer not to have longer earrings that hang. 

We also recommend avoiding earrings such as studs and hoops, which can make a round face appear thinner than it really is. 


If your jawline width is more parallel to your forehead, you have a more square-shaped face. Round earings are generally optimal for those with square faces since they can help round out the edges of your facial features. 

Pieces like hoop earrings, studs, and circular earrings make a great choice, and rounder earrings will soften up those sharper angles while bringing attention to your natural beauty. 


If you have an oval-shaped face, you likely have a not-too-wide forehead that blends with a line from your high cheekbones, a slightly narrow or rounded chin, and more overall symmetrical features. But with a more symmetrical oval face, what earrings can't you wear well? 

Many argue that those with oval faces are the luckiest out there because they can effectively leverage almost all earring styles.  Hoops, low-hanging, studs, triangles, drops, and chandelier-style are all great options. Most earring styles, colors, and designs will complement the natural contour of a perfectly oval face. 


Eyecatching cheekbones that go on for days are a clear sign of a diamond-shaped face, along with a signature forehead and chin that are more narrow than the cheekbones. For those with a diamond facial structure, the key to picking the best earrings is to balance them with your natural features and leverage ones that are more wide than long.

In short, you want to use earings that help further accentuate those already stellar cheekbones and other angular features. 

Dazzling chandelier-type earrings are a good match for a diamond-shaped face. If your eyes are the widest part of your face, a stud earring will also help balance the top and bottom areas. A set with a combination of straight lines or delicate drops can also be a stunning combo with a narrower face.


If you have a more extended facial structure in length, also sometimes referred to as a Rectangular or long shape, you likely have a long, narrow, or thin face. 

Those with narrow, thin, and long facial features will generally want to avoid earrings that sit high on the earlobe since those will only accentuate the length of the face. Instead, try earrings that sir near the bottom of the lobe to avoid making your features look longer than they are.

Shorter, dangly earrings work magic with this thinner type of facial structure. Curvier-designed earrings will also accentuate the natural curves of the cheekbones and add a softness to the look.

 A person of color wearing hoop earrings.

Consider your skin color and tone when choosing earrings.

We know this article is about choosing the best possible earrings to flatter your face shape. Still, we also understand that there are other critical elements people need to consider when selecting their earings.

For example, jewelry is truly about what you like, but because it usually lays against our skin, skin tone and color act as a background to the piece itself. 

Skin tone is not the same as skin color and has three main categories: warm, natural, and cool. Knowing your skin tone will assist you in matching your body with your accessories. 

It is all about finding your skin tone or "season" If you have a darker skin tone, you might be more of a fall or spring type. If you have a cooler, lighter skin tone, you are more suitable for summer or winter

  • Fall (Choose golden-hued jewelry like browns, oranges, and gold)
  • Spring (Warmer colors such as beige and peach compliment you best)
  • Summer (For a summer complexion, pastels, neutrals, and floral colors really shine in the sun)
  • WInter (Choose natural colored earrings and stones like black, white, gray, silver, and blue)

Opt for earrings with a simple design if you want to make a statement

People say that it is best to keep it simple when selecting any accessory. A more basic earring tends not to distract from your face structure and natural beauty. It also helps you avoid distracting attention away from other, more important pieces of your outfit, such as specific clothes or other accessories.

Never be afraid to experiment when finding your personal style; ultimately, wear what makes you happy. However, Learning you don't always need to put on a statement piece to make a statement is a major game-changer. 

There really are no rules or regulations for expressing your individual style. No matter what is trending, always choose an earring that is beautiful and, even more importantly, comfortable for you

 A small stud earring.

Wear earrings that are comfortable and won't fall out during the day

There is no better feeling than looking in the mirror and feeling your new outfit, putting on your recently purchased matching earrings. Everyone wants to go out looking their best but finding the perfect jewelry that is also comfortable, especially piercings, is really critical. 

Flat-back or silicon-backed earrings are so much better to sleep with. Good quality earrings also ensure a better wearing experience. If you ever have ear discomfort, you want to take out your earrings, allow healing time, and call a professional if it doesn't improve.

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Don't be too worried, though. Couture and Comfort can be one and the same. Research your jewelry online first, and find the right fit for your particular visage. Don't forget when purchasing a gorgeous timeless piece that is durable and comfy.  

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Endless Options are Possible

Hoops and studs. Gold and Silver. Tear Drop and Off the Cuff, Pearl, seashell with inlays of Ocean Mermaid Blue. The options for the perfect earrings are endless. 

Find one that best compliments your face and style, and don't be afraid to mix and match. Be a free spirit and create a look that is entirely your own. Durability and Comfortability are super important as well. We all want to look good and at the same time feel good too. 

Also, don’t be afraid to expand your accessory collection every once in a while to give yourself the chance to leverage some new pieces that can complement your classic sense of style. LaCkore Couture is proud to provide a massive selection of gorgeous earrings for you to choose from, along with necklaces, bracelets, and much more.

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