What Are The Best Ways To Clean My Earrings?

A lot of people wear earrings every day. Jewelry, especially earrings, can be one of the best ways to beautifully frame your face, and it also allows you to have your outfits just perfectly pop right out. But, if you're the type that chooses to wear your earrings every day, then you may notice that they get to the point where they don't look as lovely as they once did. So, just like any other jewelry that's out on the market, even earrings will need a good cleaning from time to time. 

Earrings are prone to getting visibly dirtier compared to other types of jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it’s hoops or studs; they can receive build-upbuild-up from sweat, hair products, and grease residue. This accumulation creates dullness and discoloration within the earrings themselves. So, how exactly can you clean your earrings without risking any damage? Here's what you need to know!

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Why is cleaning your earrings so important?

Like the rest of your jewelry, your earrings have to be cleaned regularly. It is due to this type of jewelry being inserted into the skin. But there are several other reasons you need to grow accustomed to having a routine for cleaning up your earrings. They all need to be cleaned to perfection from high jewelry to something a little less glamorous.

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Keeps it shiny

Most metals on earrings will thoroughly remove the shine. The tiny particles in the build-up (grease, dirt, or whatever) can instantly take the shine right off. It's usually pronounced if the jewelry is clean or unclean, so the shine will be very pronounced once it's cleaned up. 

Prevents bacteria

Think about it; earrings are one of the few pieces of jewelry inserted directly into the skin. If you've ever received an ear infection, you know how painful it can be. Cleaning your earrings regularly will be a surefire way to altogether remove any bacteria, and it's also going to be the best way to prevent infections.

Removes grime

All jewelry, from rings to necklaces, accumulate grease and dirt. Both hair and skin release grease; it's completely natural. But other than the natural oils on the skin, dirt can come up in other ways from products used daily or just something in the air. Regardless, cleaning your jewelry removes all of this unwanted gunk. 

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Gather the needed materials

No matter what type of metals your earrings are made out of, you need to be aware of what it's made of. It doesn't matter if it's jewelry you love to wear; you're at risk of destroying it if the wrong solution is used. In addition, some cleaning solutions for earrings won't work for certain types of metals. So, before you begin the cleaning process, make sure you look into this first. 

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is considered one of the best solutions for cleaning up jewelry. It disinfects the piece while removing all that built-up grime simultaneously. You can either use diluted Hydrogen peroxide or allow your jewelry to set in it. Alternatively, you could use a cotton swab or cotton pad soaked with the solution and clean it that way. 

Dish soap

While diamonds can be mighty, you have to be careful with what solutions you use. Ideally, you’re going to want to choose a solution specifically meant to clean diamond earrings. However, a couple of drops of dish soap and one hot cup of water could be an optimal solution. You'll want to soak your diamond earrings in this until the water cools. Afterward, let them air dry on a towel. 

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Microfiber cloth

Those clothes used to clean glasses and camera lenses can also be an excellent option for cleaning jewelry. Most metals react positively to microfiber cloths as they can easily buffer the jewelry. Just make sure to use silver wipes when cleaning off sterling silver earrings. 

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What are some alternatives for cleaning your earrings?

If you have very precious pieces of jewelry or earrings that are either very sensitive, old, or have so much sentimental value, then other alternatives to getting them clean don't include old-fashioned water or soap. In addition, some metals cannot handle solid or harsh solutions, especially antique pieces. So when it comes to your earrings, here are a couple of beneficial alternatives that you may want to choose. 

Take them to a jewelry store for cleaning.

Some jewelry stores will offer cleaning jewelry services, but not all offer this. So, this can be the more difficult option for trying to clean up your earrings or other jewelry. This is the safer option, but it will be the more difficult option that will require some research. 

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Invest in a jewelry cleaning machine

A jewelry cleaning machine can come in a variety of price tags. So it’s going to be up to you to figure out which one looks like it may be the best option. Jewelry machines can be the perfect option for leaving your earrings completely shiny and shimmering. 

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Overall, there are several ways to ensure that you get that lovely shine back in your earrings. Just make sure you know what type of metal or detailing is in your earrings so you won't run the risk of destroying them. In addition, having a proper routine for cleaning up your earrings is most certainly worthwhile.