How to Wear Hoop Earrings: The Ultimate Style Guide

A Quick History of Hoops

Hoop earrings trace their roots to ancient Africa, where women wore them to establish their tribal affiliations. By 1500 BCE, men had also jumped on the trend, and hoops became a symbol of beauty and wealth, particularly among Egyptian royalty. Hoops had a good run for the next several hundred years until the emergence of over-the-top hairdos that covered them up. 

Today, hoops are worn by both fictional and very real characters in the modern world. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City flaunted many hoops during the show’s run. Jennifer Lopez almost single-handedly ushered in a resurgence of hoop-wearing with her oversized ovals. 

woman in hoop earrings with shopping bags
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When to Wear Hoop Earrings

The answer to the question of when to wear hoop earrings is really all the time. The real question is when should you not wear hoop earrings, and, unfortunately, there are certain times when you need to keep the hoops on the shelf. 

The most obvious no-hoops situations are when you’re participating in athletic or active events where your hoops could get in the way or even be a safety hazard. But less dramatic instances are also weddings or events where you are (sadly) not supposed to be the center of attention. 

Also, avoid more oversized hoops if you’re spending time with babies or young children who might mistake your earrings for (painful) toys. 

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Types of Hoop Earrings

Square Hoops

Contrary to the name, hoops don’t always have to be circles. Instead, square hoops let you make a bold statement with your earrings and are perfect for when you want something more elaborate than the traditional ovals. 

How to Wear Square Hoops

Square hoops are a defiant piece and do best when they can be the rectangular center of attention. Consider dressing up a solid color sweater or tee with some gold or silver hoops. For even more fun, go for rounded-edge square hoops in an attention-grabbing color. 

Who’s Worn Square Hoops

Kendall Jenner once wore some Swarovski square hoops five inches in width. However, Rihanna had her beat with her gigantic, diamond-studded square hoops that were the star of her March 2017 Paper magazine cover appearance. 

Huggies Hoops

Huggies are small hoops that wrap your lobes in a stylish embrace. These small earrings encircle your earlobe and are often closed by a saddleback mechanism, ensuring they stay on until you’re ready to take them off after a long day of looking fabulous. Like most other types of earrings, huggies can vary in size, material, and thickness

How to Wear Huggies Hoops

Huggies make great choices when larger, more outgoing hoops are not the move. This could look like wearing a pair of gold huggies with a more prominent hairstyle or busier outfit, so they accessorize rather than clash or overpower. If you’ve got multiple holes available, you can pair several huggies earrings together for a slightly bolder look. 

Who’s Worn Huggies Hoops

Former royal Meghan Markle donned a pair of diamond huggies that she paired with a cream-colored top. Blake Lively pulled off a triple set of silver huggies that stood out thanks to her low-hanging ponytail. 

A pair of gold huggies hoop earrings

Modern Hoop Earrings

Much like their square hoop cousins, modern hoops buck the circular trend and give you plenty of options for uniquely shaped designs to fit every lobe, outfit, and occasion. Intricate designs are common on modern hoops, and spiral or double hoops can really bring a funky look to your style. 

How to Wear Modern Hoops 

Modern hoops are versatile. You can go with a thin, plain hoop in an unorthodox shape to step up your everyday look. Or pick out a chunkier set with built-in accessories like rhinestones for either a super artsy or classy feel with a twist. 

Who’s Worn Modern Hoops

Sarah Paulson came through with a set of disconnected, diamond-encrusted hoops that looked like small chandeliers hanging from her ears. Dua Lipa took a very successful risk with her safety-pin hoops. 

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Men’s Hoops

We can’t forget the fellas who want to sport a hoop earring. There’s no difference in the hoops men and women can wear; the only divergence is that men can typically pull off wearing only one hoop instead of adorning both lobes. And much like women’s hoops, men can go for simple or statement pieces, depending on the occasion and their preference. 

How to Wear Men’s Hoops

Men can wear whatever hoops suit their fancy, but many tend to rock a thicker, smaller hoop made of durable materials like stainless steel or titanium. When the situation or your personality calls for a fancier hoop, you can go with a bigger earring in one or both ears. 

If you’re truly hardcore, an in-ear hoop, also known as a tunnel, might be the look for you. But be warned that these piercings require a lot of care and maintenance to ensure safety and hygiene. 

Who’s Worn Men’s Hoops

Former One Directioner, Zayn Malik, has often been spotted with a simple silver hoop that adds some extra shine to his look. Morgan Freeman shows us that hoops are for older men, too, with the double hoops that keep him looking refined and fresh. 

Man with a small silver hoop earring.

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Find Your Hoops

Hoops play well with just about every other type of jewelry. It’s never hard to accessorize with the circles (or squares), and there’s no shortage of options for adding hoops to your everyday look. No matter what type of hoops you’re into, LaCkore Couture has the perfect pair for you. Shop all of our earrings, and don’t forget to read our blog for the latest on all things fashion jewelry. 

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