What Do Ankle Bracelets Mean?

woman wearing an ankle bracelet with orange and white shells


Imagine this scenario: you’re in the middle of putting together your next fabulous outfit. 

You’ve already chosen a lovely dress and matching pair of shoes, which constitute the bulk of your look. You’re sifting through your makeup to see which eyeshadow, lipstick, or blush will top it off. Once you’re all done? Your outfit still doesn’t feel striking enough.

Enter the ankle bracelet. 

This simple accessory is a fantastic addition to swishing skirts, daring dresses, and riveting rompers. Not only does it add a hint of complexity to your look, it has cultural and historical meaning dating back centuries

The History of Ankle Bracelets Throughout the World

What does a woman’s ankle bracelet mean and why is it such an enduring fashion accessory? This question has cropped up more lately as women and girls worldwide continue to experiment with bold looks. 

Ankle bracelets are also known as ‘anklets’ and have been around as early as ancient Egypt. Gold anklets were a symbol of wealth and prosperity, while the lower classes of the Egyptian dynasty often used silver or simple iron. This is a significant contrast to today, where ankle bracelets are seen as flashy or flirtatious in several parts of the world. 

Several cultures in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are well-known for their elaborate anklet designs. These are often paired with bracelets and beautiful dresses. 

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Common Meanings and Looks For the Ankle Bracelet

You’re likely sitting here and going through all the different outfits in your closet to see where you can apply an anklet. While they’re a very flexible fashion accessory, there are certain looks they tend to suit better. 

Bohemian (also known as Boho)

Flowing skirts, cute sandals, and wide-brim hats galore. Bohemian fashion is well-known for being fresh and free-spirited, perfect for a long walk on the beach or a trip to an open-air concert. 

It’s a small wonder why it tends to be the go-to fashion trend for a glittering anklet! There’s a whimsical charm toward an asymmetrical anklet that’s perfect for bohemian fashion. The kind you choose will also go a long way toward embodying this look, such as seashells or beads.

Consider combining a few different materials -- like a braided knot with a shell anklet -- and layering them for a truly sweet result. 

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Artsy fashion isn’t interested in following the rules, going for dramatic silhouettes and snazzy prints to make a bold statement. 

Are you someone that loves to experiment with your fashion? Do you combine multiple time periods together or play around with eclectic patterns? Anklets can be tossed over colorful tights or paired with ballet flats for an unforgettable blend.

Ankle bracelets for artsy fashion show your experimental side and how important identity is to you. These bracelets can be composed of little fantasy creatures, such as dragons or mermaids. If you’re a bit of a wild child, they can also be adorned with flowers or elaborate designs to keep the eye traveling. 


Wait...accessories can go with minimalist styles? Absolutely! Minimalism doesn’t mean boring, making anklets the perfect balance between simple and striking.

A rose gold anklet or an elegant gold band can transform your next cocktail dress into a work of art. They show how carefully you compose yourself and your sharp attention to detail.

Make sure not to go for anklets that are too complex, as that can have the opposite effect and take up too much attention. Less is more! Choosing the right necklace length is one way you can accessorize with your anklet bracelet without going too far. 

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woman wearing blue and yellow ankle bracelet over snakeskin heels

Getting the Most Out of Your Anklet

Should you toss on an anklet and call it a day? Not quite. There’s a method to the madness toward getting the most out of your purchase.

When using your anklets to craft a vivid visual representation of everything that makes you unique, make sure to pair them with the appropriate outfits and a little extra grooming. It won’t exactly look charming if you’re walking around with jagged toenails!

Today’s skincare market is at a stunning $8 billion, a figure that shows just how important personal hygiene and grooming are to everyday people. Getting the most out of your anklet looks like:

  • Getting a pedicure 
  • Try a leg wax session
  • Go for a new nail style (make sure to pair it with your fashion choice!)
  • Make sure they suit your shoes (you don’t want them getting tangled)

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girl wearing beaded ankle bracelet over pink and white sneakers

Safety First with the Ankle Bracelet

Ankle bracelets are incredibly versatile pieces, but they're not the best choice for every situation. You don’t want to wear an ankle bracelet if you’re doing an activity that involves sports or other physical efforts. If you get injured and your ankle or leg swells, your ankle bracelet could get stuck on your ankle and cause additional issues. Or, it could get caught on something if you’re doing an activity like rock climbing or something similar. The solution to this is to simply remove your ankle bracelets before you do any physical activities so you don’t risk making an injury worse or having to cut off your beloved ankle bracelet. And if you need somewhere safe to keep your ankle bracelet while you play hard, allow us to show you our favorite jewelry organizers and storage systems

Wear Multiple Bracelets at Once

What could possibly be better than one ankle bracelet? A bunch of ankle bracelets. Of course you don’t have to go full out and stack an entire jewelry counter on your leg, but don’t be afraid to dress up your ankle with a few pieces at once. Be thoughtful about mixing different types of materials and play around with various color combinations to really maximize your outfits. Just like other types of jewelry (looking at you, necklaces), ankle bracelets with longer chains can get tangled up. Avoid this by pairing together tighter ankle bracelets that don’t have as much slack. 

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Customize Your Ankle Bracelet

There are plenty of places to buy an ankle bracelet, but only you can make one that’s totally customized to your personality and style. Experiment with making ankle bracelets out of different types of materials and using sentimental items like charms or lockets. With a little extra creativity, it’s even possible to incorporate unique items into your ankle bracelet such as seashells from the shore. You can also have a designer or jeweler make a custom bracelet if you’re looking to make a bit more of an investment in your ankle bracelet. It should go without saying, but you’ll want to be extra careful with a custom bracelet that has personal significance to you. Be sure to take good care of it and avoid situations in which it could get tarnished or damaged. 

Make Friendship Ankle Bracelets

Keeping in the customization trend, bring your pals into the fun by making matching ankle bracelets. You can throw it all the way back to your middle school sleepover days by creating matching ankle bracelets through store-bought kits or true DIY. These types of ankle bracelets make great, handmade gifts for your friends. Or, you can make coordinated ankle bracelets for big events like bridal parties or weddings to add a unique twist on the day while honoring your timeless bond with your besties. 

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The Ankle Bracelet is Cute, Fun, and Always Memorable

Ankle bracelets have enduring popularity for a reason. They’re cute and fun, easy to accessorize, yet filled with endless potential. 

The type of style and color you choose will shift the meaning of your outfit. While in some cultures anklets still signify marriage or prominent class status, they’re just another way to accessorize in the West. Adding a few to your jewelry collection will open up countless doors to looks you didn’t think were possible!

It’s all right not to be an expert off the bat, either. Learning about subtle differences in your accessories, such as the difference between white gold and sterling silver, is your first step toward fashion enlightenment. 

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