What is Rose Gold? Everything You Need to Know

Two beautifully designed rose gold rings with elegant etchings.



If human history has taught us one one thing is that people love gold. And there’s little question as to why. Gold is a versatile and gorgeous metal that has been used for centuries as a material for some of the most beautiful jewelry exchanged and worn by everyone, from everyday romantic couples starting their lives together to literal kings and queens. But what about rose gold, and how does it differ from regular gold? This particular question is one that not many people know the answer to, no matter how much they may love wearing one or both. Please continue to learn more about the wonders of rose gold and what it can do for your sense of style. And, should you happen to be in the market for a few new gorgeous pieces to add to your growing jewelry collection, check out the wide range of handcrafted artisan rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings proudly presented by LaCkore Couture.

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What is Rose Gold, and Is It Actually Gold?

Rose gold, also known as red gold or pink gold, is very similar to sterling silver in that it is made of multiple metals. While sterling silver is pure silver mixed with copper, zink, and other metals, rose gold combines standard yellow gold with copper and (sometimes) silver metals. This combination results in the pinkish or reddish hues that rose gold is so well known for. So, yes, rose gold is real gold, but it’s not pure elemental gold. Generally speaking, the karat amount of a piece of jewelry will indicate the total purity of elemental gold it contains. For instance, rose gold classified as 18 karat is 75% gold, or 18 parts gold with 6 parts alloy.

Examining Rose Gold: A Beautiful Combination of Metals

Even if a piece of jewelry isn’t classified as rose gold, it’s unlikely to be made of 100% pure gold. This is because gold is classified as a soft metal, so any jewelry made with it would likely bend, dent, and receive damage even from only irregular wear, let alone regular or daily use. Combining harder metals, or alloys, with pure gold to make rose gold allows it to be made into more durable jewelry that will last more than a few months of wear.

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How Durable is Rose Gold?

A rose gold ring with a pink sapphire sitting on a pink ribbon.

Because rose gold tends to be a combination of pure gold and a copper alloy- considered one of the most durable metals- it is significantly more durable than pure gold alone. This fact shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that copper is used for building construction, transportation, and more. Rose gold jewelry is strong and should last for years as long as it is cared for and treated correctly over time. Some people even argue that rose gold becomes more beautiful as it ages.

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Will Rose Gold Tarnish Over Time?

Tarnish is a term that refers to a product of chemical reactions with the air that causes metals to darken, lose their luster, and more or less start to rust over time. However, one of the significant benefits of rose gold is that it doesn’t tarnish like other metals. While it can begin to take on a darker or redder appearance after several years of use, this is mainly unnoticeable compared to the changes that other metals tend to go through, such as sterling or pure silver. This change in appearance isn’t technically because of tarnish either; it’s just the copper alloy in the rose golf growing slightly darker. Don’t worry, though! This process tends to take years of use to start happening. Some people even prefer this darker look of the metal because it gives the jewelry a vintage feeling.

What Kind of Jewelry is Rose Gold Made Into?

In short, rose gold can be used for whatever kind of jewelry you could want. Search for a particular type of jewelry, and you can probably find a rose gold variant of it, especially since rose gold has become increasingly trendy over the past several years and is now much more widely available. 

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Styling With Rose Gold Jewelry

The soft color of rose gold jewelry makes it very easy to pair with other types of metal and different colored gemstones in a single outfit. This feature allows people to create gorgeous styles to help them express themselves and their vast array of fashion tastes more fully. For example, rose gold can be easily paired with silver, yellow or white gold, and even platinum for a clean and classic look that gives off a sense of elegance and sophistication. The “tri-color” style of silver, gold, and rose gold has been a significant hit within the fashion industry for several years. This versatility of rose gold is an essential factor in what makes it a favorite of fashion lovers worldwide.

Rose Gold Elegance: Final Thoughts and Considerations

A rose gold ring and choker sitting together with a white ribbon.

Rose gold is a strong, gorgeous, and incredibly versatile metal that many people enjoy incorporating into their everyday style. If you don’t have any pieces of your own to show off as you go about your day, consider picking up a few pieces for yourself to see just what it can do for your fashionable look. And if you’re looking for a stellar place to get this jewelry, consider taking a peek at the massive range of top-quality artisan jewelry handcrafted by the experts at LaCkore Couture.

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