Winter Jewelry Trends Everyone Should Know [2023]

The arrival of winter always sees a dramatic shift in the year’s fashion. The winter season sees a rise in bulkier clothing and a decrease in the total number of sunlight hours. These factors and many more necessitate a shift in style. 

Plus, the cycle of fashion is ever-changing and is even growing shorter. You may be surprised to learn that some trends are gone, and some have seemingly returned from the dead. Find out what awaits you in winter by reading on!

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Big Jewelry

One of the most dominant trends on the rise is big jewelry. Many people, especially younger people, are turning away from trends that emphasize blending in or making subtle statements. They want to ensure that their statements are loud and will be heard by those around them. 

The big jewelry trend has an impact on just about every element of jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more are adapting to this change. 

Big bracelets are present in the rise of cuffs and bangles. The trend here is wide; think bracelets that stand out on one’s arm. 

Necklaces are getting an upgrade when it comes to pendants. Expect to see larger and heavier pendants hanging from necklaces. In addition, many necklaces are opting to use the additional size to create more striking and elaborate pendant designs. 

Earrings may be seeing the most dramatic change. Like most other pieces, they are getting larger in general. This includes dangling boho earrings and oversized button earrings. It also includes a rise in hoop earrings, with large and oversized hoops being the obvious choice. 

Rings are also larger than they were before. Though most people can’t wear an oversized ring on every finger, many opt to wear large rings on every other finger or to pair large rings with smaller ones.

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Hoop, There It Is

Studs, huggies, hoops, and ear cuffs have all become popular for creating an eye-catching ear stack. Hoops have been prominent on the fall/winter runways. This season's hoop earrings come in various styles, from delicate and traditional to large and unique shapes. Despite their varied appearances, all hoops share the versatility of being able to complement any outfit.

Make It Crystal Clear

Sparkling crystal jewelry is a must-have for the shorter, colder days of winter, as it adds a touch of glamor to any outfit. The current trend of tennis necklaces is suitable for both dressy and casual occasions and encourages wearing crystal jewelry during the day. Many designers have included various crystal jewelry styles in their fall/winter collections, ranging from classic and diamond-encrusted pieces to chunky and bohemian styles. Choose the look that best suits you. Don't be afraid to layer multiple selections for a bold statement

Lots of Layers

Going along with the “bigger is better” trend is a “more is better” trend. Layering jewelry is becoming more and more common. This trend includes most pieces of jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and even earrings. 

When properly layering jewelry, there are some guidelines to follow. After all, layering involves using many pieces simultaneously, so you need to consider how these pieces will impact each other. 

One of the first things to do is to pair larger and smaller pieces together. Throwing on a bunch of uniformly thick or thin pieces tends to look a little bland. However, a mix of larger and smaller pieces creates a bouquet of visuals that delight the senses. 

In a similar way, wearing necklaces of different lengths is a must. Pairing shorter necklaces with longer ones creates a unique cascade effect that looks amazing. 

In addition, try to avoid sticking to a strict style. One of the main benefits of layering jewelry is that it creates a mashup of different pieces. So, don’t be afraid to embrace the chaos and try many different combinations!

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Unique Shapes

In the past, jewelry hasn’t been too adventurous when it comes to shapes. Simple squares and circles are the driving force behind most jewelry. 

However, this is set to change. Another way in which people make an impression through jewelry is through unique shapes. This trend is set to expand the horizon of what types of jewelry you can expect to see. 

Some shapes have their basis in geometric patterns. Earrings shaped like sharp rectangles or well-defined hexagons are not out of the question. The rigidity of these styles allows them to stand out. 

Other shapes are more abstract. A hammered cuff bracelet has a unique style that sets it apart from other types of cuff bracelets. Meanwhile, many earrings and necklaces are now available in shapes that twist and curve in entirely bizarre patterns. 

Throwback Colors 

In recent years, many fashion trends have revolved around a throwback to previous decades. The 90s saw a significant resurgence, as many sought to replicate the outfits from movies like Clueless. Now, outfits and styles are trending more toward styles present at the dawn of the new millennium. 

Specifically, this means a change in color. Bold neon colors are becoming more prominent and are even sticking around through the winter. 

This change in clothing is sparking a similar change in jewelry. People are looking for colors that are bold and bright. This means you’ll be seeing some jewelry pieces that are colorful on their own and other pieces that center around colorful gemstones.

Beads and charms are a way in which color is really showing itself. Beaded necklaces and bracelets are a rising trend. These pieces are either made of beads that are a single bold color or a variety of different colors. 

Colorful gemstones are also very in. This is especially true for people with a colorful birthstone, as it gives them even more of an excuse to add a pop of color to their lives.

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Pearls and Silver

While many upcoming fashion trends are set to see bold and adventurous new looks, there is still room for a few classics. Pearls and silver have been in style forever, but the degree to which they are waxes and wanes. Coming seasons are set to be a time when their popularity comes back in full force

Part of this is in response to other trends. Both pearls and silver have the potential to enhance other popular trends. 

The size of pearl jewelry is responding to the big trend. Many jewelry pieces featuring pearls now feature much larger pearls than before. Plus, several pearl necklaces layered together look incredible and suit the layers trend well. 

Meanwhile, silver works perfectly along with these same trends. Big silver jewelry makes a statement and seems more appealing than big gold jewelry. It also forms a key component in jewelry layers, and its relatively neutral color allows it to work alongside a variety of brighter and more vibrant colors. 

Use a Little Flower Power

Floral motifs are a popular choice in jewelry all year round, and this winter season is no exception. Models at many famous fashion houses wore metal blooms during the fall/winter shows, signaling that flowers are a timeless and enduring theme in jewelry. These floral motifs are not only attractive but also meaningful and unique.

The Top Winter Jewelry Trends

Upcoming fashion trends are filled with exciting opportunities. You can get ready to make a statement with big jewelry and lots of layers. You can also create fun vibes with bright colors or go with some tried and true materials. 

No matter what you’re excited about, there are a lot of great options out there!

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