The Hottest Jewelry Trends for This Winter 2021

High fashion model with long ornamental earrings.


Gorgeous jewelry isn't just for the summer! As the weather gets colder and we're wearing more clothes, we don't have to put away our jewelry. You and your winter wear can be made more beautiful with these hot jewelry trends for this winter.  

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The Hottest Jewelry Trends This Winter

The winter season provides an opportunity for fresh style. While we love dainty pieces for the summer, this winter, we're embracing bold, brave designs along with a bit of nostalgia for the 80s. Check out the following jewelry trends to be fashion-forward this winter. 

Chandelier Earrings

When you want to be seen, consider these chandelier earrings. Their long, ornamental design and elaborate nature add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Deceptively light-weight, chandelier earrings are easy to wear for the whole day and can be worn with your casual looks, as well as your evening wear.   

Charm Bracelets

Let your wrist glisten with a gorgeous new charm bracelet. They're bright and playful, but they can also be elegant and stylish. Your charm bracelet can have as many or as few charms as you can afford or you feel comfortable wearing. If you buy a high-end bracelet, you can build your supply of meaningful charms over time. - making it uniquely yours. 

Gold Chain Necklaces

Whether genuine gold or gold-plated, thick gold chain necklaces are in this winter. Gold will add a warm glow to your neck to combat the chill of any day. Your thick gold chain can be long, short, or a choker. You can add a gold pendant or wear the gold chain plain. Either way, it's a winter trend worth following. 

Colorful Enamel Rings

Add fun to your outfit with colorful enamel rings. Don't worry; this season's rings don't look cheap or childlike. Designers have created these rings in rainbow colors that are elegant and uplifting. You'll see enamel rings available in all kinds of colors and designs. You can make a bold statement with these vibrant colors. 

Single Earrings

This trend is great news, especially if you have ever lost one earring of a great pair. This trend isn't just for any old earring, but single earrings that are bold and extraordinary enough to create the look. This trend could also include wearing two different earrings in each ear. You can mix and match for a trendy yet sophisticated style. 

Personalized Jewelry

Express yourself through this trend of wearing personalized jewelry. You may choose to wear necklace pendants or bracelets with your initials, zodiac sign, or personal logos. Be empowered as you show off your unique pieces. They may be oversized, attention-getting pieces or a little more understated. It's up to you.  

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Flower Earrings

This might seem more like a summer trend, but it brings beautiful blossoms into the winter. Wear huge, creatively designed flower' studs' or hanging earrings with color and unique textures. The floral details may be incorporated with other winter trends like single earrings or chandelier earrings. 

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Two people in black t-shirts with chunky, heart-shaped necklaces.

Flower Rings & Flower Necklaces

The floral trend extends to rings and necklaces. What could be more beautiful or feminine than flowers on your fingers or around your neck? And these floral details are anything but understated. They're bold and lovely, symbolizing hope and optimism for the future - mimicking the same feelings springtime elicits.    


Pearls are a sophisticated, classic look. Although this season has them looking like they never have before, they maintain their timeless elegance. This winter, you won't see them in short strings like your grandmother's; they're big, bold, and make a real statement. Just like in the past, this season's pearls are always a fit to make your outfit anything you need it to be - appropriate for casual as well as black-tie events. 


Just like pearls, brooches have made a comeback this season. But these aren't your nana's brooches. They'll add personality and individuality to your outfits, as well as bling! Experiment with vintage styles, but don't forget to enjoy modern pieces too. This throwback style will make your favorite outfit the envy of everyone in your social circle. 


Hoop earrings are especially attractive on most people, and thankfully, hoops are on-trend this winter season. This staple style, whether little hoops or large ones, will flatter almost any outfit. This season's larger-than-life jewelry trend includes hoops that may be colorful, elongated, or of an unusual hoop shape. Expect to see creative variations on the classic hoop to elevate your winter wardrobe.

Chunky Pieces

This winter, along with your chunky outerwear, feel free to wear your jewelry chunky as well. Your bracelets and rings can be oversized, but especially your necklace chains and earrings. Allowing your large pieces and shoulder-grazing earrings to become the focal point of your winter outfits will give you the look and feel of confidence. The trend takes the idea of statement earrings (and other pieces) to a whole new level. 

Circular Pieces

The prominent shape of this season's jewelry trends is circular. You'll see this as bold circular and spherical shapes in earrings, necklace details and pendants, as well as rings. You may even choose to incorporate 'roundness' in your clothing and fashion choices to compliment your trendy jewelry pieces.  

Chain Fringes

Another popular trend for this winter is the chain fringe. It's made of smaller chains hanging together to create all kinds of gorgeous, attention-getting tassel-like fringes. You'll see them as earrings and necklaces looking similar to the fringe coming off of fabric. You'll also see it in other fashion accessories like belts and purses. 

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A Color for Every Season-Best Jewelry Colors to Wear in Winter

Finding the right jewelry style for your winter wardrobe can be fun, and experimenting with different styles and color choices will help you pick the perfect piece

The only second to style, lesser talked about in jewelry, is the importance of color. Color choice plays a significant role in every design, and each piece of jewelry pairs differently with each individual look. 

So What Color Jewelry Should we Wear this Winter. 

Let's take a closer look at the different colors you can apply to your jewelry all winter. Matching them with your individual style can create a variety of looks to keep those winter blues at bay. 

Burgundy Reds 

Deep reds, especially on a white gold chain, really are a classic look for the cold winter months. A lot of people struggle with their mood this time of year, so a color like red can really brighten up your day

And make that red, white, and green holiday sweater POP out at the company party! 


Pearl white is the perfect color choice for adding some winter magic to your look. A simple pair of dangling pearl earrings as white as snow will bring a winter evening dress to the next level. 


Simplicity is key with the color gold. However, the color stands on its own and truly stands out as a color

An essential charm bracelet or gold chain can warm up the feel of your outfit as you warm up next to the fire. A shiny gold pendant hanging from a golden necklace can help make your ensemble a little more cozy and a lot more classy. 


It is that time of year to shine in silver and gold! Silver is another classic jewelry color that really is perfect all throughout the year. Flat Silver rings will dazzle against the lights and not snag as easily as bulky stones on your favorite winter cardigan. 


Winter is a darker season as temperatures drop. Winter jewelry wear is best in deep teal colors. Teal Sapphire is a unique colored stone, full of deep ocean blues and majestic greens

And although mostly known to be more popular in the summer months, turquoise is entirely acceptable in the colder months too. A stacked bracelet full of turquoise and natural stones against a simple black dress with a pair of high boots can be just the thing to up your winter wear. 


Gray is a lovely shade of winter. However, when it comes to jewelry, natural grays don't have to be a dull and depressing hue. People are actually drawn to gray in fashion, and the contrast against other colors can make any gray jewelry a staple piece

Try to stick with lighter grays, especially that of the speckled salt and pepper stones like granites. Whether it is earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets, you can't go wrong with the color gray, and it will help your outfit stand out amongst all the bright colors of the holidays.

This Winter's Hottest Jewelry Trends in a Nutshell

This season has some beautiful jewelry for us to look forward to wearing. Our winter fashions will be made all the more fabulous by being accessorized by these hot jewelry trends. 

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