10 Best Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for 2022

Do you have wonderful people on your Christmas list? Jewelry is a great gift because it is significant and meaningful and can solve a couple of problems for you. Jewelry can be given to those hard-to-shop-for people on your list, and it can show people just how much you care. It will last for many years, holding happy memories. 

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10 Best Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for 2022

Beyond the jewelry basics, here are ten of the best Christmas jewelry gift ideas we could find. 

Sparkling Stocking Stuffers

Watch your loved one's eyes light up when they empty their Christmas stocking to see a little box roll out! The contents of those little boxes don't have to cost you a mint if you purchase from us. At LaCkore Couture, our unique handcrafted pieces will delight even your most fussy loved one.  


A pair of pink pearl earrings.


1. Pink Pearl Earrings

Consider these nature-inspired, freshwater Pink Pearl Earrings. Depending on the occasion, they can be fun or elegant, and they are dipped in your choice of 24k gold or silver. 


A gold charm bracelet with a heart shaped lock


2. Love Lock Charm Bracelet

You might also like our bestselling Love Lock Charm Bracelet. It's dipped in your choice of 24k gold or silver. And this piece features a gorgeous heart-shaped clasp with room to add more charms. Wear it alone for a minimal look, or stack it with other similar bracelets. 

Contemporary Pieces

Consider giving your trendy friend a contemporary piece of jewelry that stimulate conversation. These may be traditional items with a modern spin or new designs that stand out. 


A contemporary silver open ring.


3. Large Mercy Silver Ring

This Georg Jensen Large Mercy Silver Ring is genuinely stunning. It is expertly designed in sterling silver and will remind the wearer to look forward to the future while enjoying the present. The smooth curves will grace anyone's hand. 


A pair of sterling silver round stud earrings.


4. Mercy Silver Studs

While we wouldn't recommend matching up your pieces, these Mercy sterling silver studs are too gorgeous to skip. They have the same fluid and smooth curves as the ring, making these simple but modern studs a desirable gift. They'll make a bold statement in any woman's ears. 



5. Pearl Yves Ring

This exquisite Astley Clarke ring features two white pearls sitting at the ends of a simple 18k gold-plated sterling silver band. It is an unusual open ring form whose simple elegance will flatter the wearer's finger for everyday wear or reserved for special occasions. These gems are cut and polished by hand.  

Are you looking for something unique and trendy jewelry to spice up your outfit? We've got it! Check out LaCkore Couture to see our handcrafted line. 

Playful, Colorful Jewelry

Jewelry doesn't have to be elegant; it can also be playful and colorful. These playful pieces will quickly find their place among the receiver's favorite pieces. They will add the right touch to every outfit. 


Gold ring with different colored gem stones and diamonds.


6. Rainbow Amalfi Mix Band

While this piece is far from budget-friendly, any woman on your list will love the Rainbow Amilfi Mix Band. This attention-getting ring is a combination of round and baguette-cut colored stones. White diamonds accent this design to produce a stunning effect. 

The ring features citrine, morganite topaz, and pink topaz in the baguette-cut, peridot, rhodolite, and lolite as round stones, and topped with round white diamonds. All of this is set on a 14k yellow-gold band. 

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Multi-colored beaded bracelet with gold accents


7. Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet

This high-quality titanium quartz bracelet with gold accents will delight your significant other. The Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet is vibrant and stylish and will make any outfit - fancy or casual, a show-stopper. This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted item will bring joy every time they look at it.

Classic Jewelry Pieces

And finally, for beautiful, classic pieces to give as gifts.  


A gold chain with three pearls


8. Three Generations Necklace

This exclusive, handcrafted Three Generations Necklace is one of ours. It features three freshwater pearls in a timeless and unique design. This trendy nature-inspired necklace is dipped in 24k gold and can represent your family ancestry or descendants - or both!


A beautiful mini rose gold diamond necklace


9. Blossom Mini Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

This Boodles Blossom Mini Rose Gold Diamond Pendant will get a fantastic reaction upon opening. This gorgeous piece is set with about 0.09 diamond carats in 18k SMO rose gold. The delicate flower shape and intricate 46 cm chain make this a must-have piece - if the price is no object.


A pair of large circle earrings with beaded accents.


10. Jolie Earrings

To give a gift that they will wear all the time, try our Jolie Earrings. This stylish pair of double circle earrings will upscale every outfit - daytime or evening wear. We use high-quality materials for these earrings that will last the appreciative wearer for years. This pair also features small details that make them truly stunning. 

3 Reasons Jewelry Makes Great Christmas Gifts

As we've already stated, jewelry makes a great Christmas gift. Here are three reasons to consider buying jewelry for your hard to shop for friends: 

1. Jewelry Surprises & Delights

Few gifts you give will have the outward effect of jewelry. Not only will the recipient be happy and excited when they open the present, but your gift will continue to delight them every time they wear them. 

2. Jewelry is Customizable

It's easy to find just the right jewelry to suit the people in your life. You can also create unique custom pieces that fit the recipient's personality and show just how you feel. 

3. Jewelry is Versatile

No matter your budget, you will likely find something you can afford. This also goes for the wide variety of styles of jewelry. You can always find something amazing to suit the tastes of your loved one. 

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Jewelry Can Be the Perfect Christmas Gift

Jewelry is timeless and can last for many years, holding precious memories of the giver. Whether or not you have lots of money to spend, you can probably find a lovely piece that's within your budget. 

Are you searching for handcrafted gifts for Christmas? Please have a look at our wide selection of unique and trendy items that will delight the recipients. Visit LaCkore Couture to learn more today.