5 Summer Jewelry Trends that Sizzle

Summer is the perfect time to update your jewelry collection and add some fresh, stylish pieces to your wardrobe. This season, there are five jewelry trends that are sizzling hot and will elevate your summer outfits to the next level. From under the sea-inspired pieces to punchy pendants and the revival of '80s aesthetics, these trends offer a range of options for every style and taste. Additionally, the resurgence of cuff bracelets and the rise of timepieces as statement accessories provide exciting choices to accessorize your summer looks. Let's dive into these five summer jewelry trends that are guaranteed to make a splash.

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1. Under the Sea

Dive into the depths of ocean-inspired jewelry with this trend that takes nature-inspired designs to a new level. Inspired by the mermaidcore aesthetic prevalent in the S/S 23 collections, under the sea jewelry features elements like cowrie shells, natural conch shells, starfish, and shell shards. From long cowrie shell earrings to necklaces adorned with sea treasures, this trend brings the beauty of the sea to your accessories collection. Whether you opt for delicate starfish earrings or a bold necklace made from natural shell shards, under the sea jewelry is a captivating choice that adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to your summer looks.

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2. Punchy Pendants

This summer, embrace the trend of punchy pendants, which strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism. These necklaces feature delicate chains made from leather or metal, adorned with oversized sculptural pendants made from glass or metal. While large pendants are not new, the widespread adoption of this trend in the S/S 23 collections brought a fresh perspective. From long lariat-style chains with oblong pendants to big swirls hanging from chokers, the versatility of this trend was evident on the runways. This necklace is a perfect accessory to enhance shirt dresses, blouses, bikinis, and matching sets, making it a defining jewelry trend of the summer.

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3. Cuffs

Take a nostalgic trip back in time with the resurgence of cuff bracelets. This trend puts a modern spin on the classic chunky bangle, focusing on elevated and effortless styling. Seen on the S/S 23 runways, cuff bracelets were paired with leather duster coats, double-denim looks, and gauzy sheer gowns. The new version of cuff bracelets offers versatility and sophistication. From metal and wood bangles to bejeweled stacked cuffs, this trend can be styled with a range of outfits, from skirt suits to bikinis. Embrace the cuff trend and elevate your summer style with these chic and statement-making bracelets.


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4. The '80s Comeback

While the 2000s have dominated recent fashion trends, the '80s are making a strong comeback. The revival of '80s aesthetics can be seen in shoulder pads, pinstripes, and oversized earrings. Designers like Saint Laurent, Chanel, and LaQuan Smith have all recently featured geometric stud earrings with clip-on posts and colorful gemstones. These earrings are a throwback to the 1980s, but they still have a contemporary vibe. Wearing oversized, retro-inspired earrings this summer is a great way to embrace the '80s comeback trend while making a statement.

5. Watches

Even though many people consider watches antiquated in this day and age of smartphones and digital devices, they are making a fashionable comeback this summer. Influencers and runway models alike are increasingly showcasing multiple watches as a fashion statement. The colorful faces, embellishments, and one-of-a-kind chain bands of today's watches blur the lines between form and function. The need to slow down and appreciate the here and now is heightened in today's fast-paced society; wearing a watch can help with this goal. The recent popularity of wristwatches is a great example of how these once-outdated accessories are making a comeback in the fashion world. There is a watch out there for everyone, whether you prefer a traditional leather band, a modern metal bracelet, or a trendy chain wrap design. The addition of bright faces and embellishments to these timepieces elevates them to the status of fashion statements.

Watches are lovely because they serve a practical purpose while also adding a stylish touch to any ensemble. The right watch can take you from the office to happy hour without missing a beat. You can look professional in a silver watch with a white shirt and tailored pants, or glamorous in a gold watch with a colorful sundress for a summer party. Furthermore, watches provide a sense of tradition and stability in a world that is constantly changing. While technological advancements happen quickly, a good watch will last for decades. Purchasing a high-quality timepiece ensures that it will become a treasured heirloom that can be passed down through the generations. There is no better accessory than a watch to capture the spirit of this carefree and vibrant time of year as we welcome the summer season, when time seems to slow down. Whether you're lounging by the pool, exploring new destinations, or simply enjoying the longer days, a watch serves as a reminder to make the most of each moment.


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Embrace the Sizzling Jewelry Trends of 2023

The summer jewelry trends of 2023 offer a diverse range of options to enhance your style and make a statement. From under the sea-inspired pieces to punchy pendants and the resurgence of '80s aesthetics, these trends capture the essence of the season and allow for personal expression. The revival of cuff bracelets and the rise of timepieces as fashion accessories further add to the excitement and versatility of summer jewelry. Whether you choose to embrace one trend or experiment with a combination of them, remember that jewelry is not just an accessory but a reflection of your unique personality and style. So go ahead, embrace the sizzling summer jewelry trends and make a splash with your fashion choices.

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