Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Gen-Z Child

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Gen-Z is all about TikTok style that comes from a wild variety of influencers and celebrities. We’ve got a list of the hottest jewelry trends your Gen-Z child is dying to get. There’s nothing basic on this list as fashion channels in the early 2000s with bright colors and lots of layers.

Bold and Chunky Colors

This summer, influencers and high fashion runway will be strutting bold, chunky colors. Be on the lookout for bright pops of color in chunky statement necklaces, earrings, and rings. These statement pieces may be stacked with other colors for a kaleidoscope of bright hues. Gen-Z gravitates toward bold bead necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Shop the LookThe Mermaid Elle Stack is a multi-colored bracelet stack of high-quality quartz stones and hematite beads for an exotic statement piece.

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Silver is the hot metal trend. Although, gold or silver, you really can’t go wrong. But you’ll score extra points with your Gen-Z child if you pick a chunky silver chain or edgy statement piece.

Shop the LookSilver Lucky Charms paired with a Silver Crystal Link Lock Charm Necklace tick all the trending boxes. You can customize the charm and the chain lengthen.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are showing up on the runway, the red carpet, and now on your kid’s Pinterest feed. Drop earrings have a classic style that can go with everything. If you find a pair of pearl drop earrings, you’re really on-trend.

Shop the LookQueen Pearl Earrings are made from white freshwater pearls, hanging in trios from delicate 24k gold chains.

Stackable Jewelry

Stacked jewelry is all over the Pinterest boards. You’ll see the ring, necklace, and earring stacks that are perfectly curated to show personality and style. If you mix charms, crystals, and gems, then your Gen-Z kid will love you even more. The more layers, the better. But be mindful when creating your stack as a gift. The stack says a lot about who you are.

Shop the Look: The Green Goddess Layered Necklace has two layers. A beaded chain with opalites for that coconut girl look, paired with an amazonite stone pendant. Or check out our Signature Stack Rings, which complete the look. Wear just a few or all of them for added drama.

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Personalized Charms

Lots of influencers, TikTokers, and celebrities are opting for personalized charms on their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You can personalize the jewelry with your child’s zodiac sign, initials, name, or birthstone. This personalization is a fun way to stand out.

Shop the LookSignature Initial Charms in silver are a fun way to personalize your jewelry. These jeweled letters are sure to be a hit with your Gen-Z child. Pair it with The Throwback Crystal Link Charm Bracelet for an everyday look. The bracelet is lightweight and dipped in 24k gold.

Want the trendiest looks in jewelry? Check out our bestselling earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

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Resin Rings

Bubble-style resin rings are modern, bright, and go with everything. Well, maybe not a sophisticated evening, but they would be a perfect pairing for a BTS concert. Resin rings can be stacked with different colors for a more boho look or a single ring for a pop of color with your outfit of the day.

Bold Chokers

Another early Y2K trend that is circling back in a big way is chokers. Only this time around, they are bold, big, and blingy. Gone are the black statin strips. Your Gen-Z child will want something ornate and bedazzled for a bolder statement.

Shop the Look: The Rose Petal Choker Necklace is a soft statement choker made of blush pink crystals on a gold chain.


Harry Styles started this trend that is still going strong for guys and girls. Also, part of a TikTok surf trend called the coconut girl aesthetic, pearls are gender-neutral and a great everyday piece. While necklaces are all the rage, pearl drop earrings are also a huge trend. You might start seeing these in bold colors too.

Shop the LookBaroque Pearls Necklace is a natural beach vibe on a classic necklace. It has just the right amount of subtle bling to create a statement.

Belly and Body Chains

Yup. Remember how we said it’s all about the Y2K baby. Fashion is bringing back the belly and body chains for extra-layered, textured bling. Whether your kid is into a body chain situation or just a simple belly chain, it is totally up to them. Sarah Michelle Gellar would be so proud.

Looking for a bold jewelry gift that will earn you points with your Gen-Z child? Check out LaCkore’s best-selling artisan jewelry.

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LaCkore Couture’s Hottest Picks For Gen-Z Jewelry

We loved writing this article so much that we went back through the LaCkore Couture collection to look for more of the hottest picks for Gen-Z jewelry. 

When shopping with LaCkore Couture, know that you’ll be using our 100% secure checkout, get free shipping worldwide, and get a 30-day money-back guarantee if they don’t love what you get them. 

Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet

Gen-X loves bright, bold colors and chunky designs, and the Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet checks both boxes. It’s made in the USA from high-quality titanium quartz nuggets and gold accents that add color to any outfit. 

This handcrafted bracelet will energize your child’s look, is lightweight and made of tarnish-free materials, and is a powerful reminder of how colorful life can be.  

The Rainbow Rock Candy Bracelet comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. They come in limited quantities, so be sure and order yours today and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Pink Goddess Stack

Splashes of color? Check. Stackable? Check. Will your Gen-Z child love it? Check. The Pink Goddess Stack checks all boxes and is one of our most popular items.

This sassy stack features beautiful Fuschia jade beads, exotic druzy, plated silver quarts, accents of spotted jasper, high-quality crystals, and hematite. This combination gives the Pink Goddess Stack its one-of-a-kind look. And, because it’s made of natural stone, no two pieces will be identical.

This fantastic stack is a LaCkore Couture exclusive and is designed and handcrafted in the USA. It comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. 

Jillian Necklace

The Jillian Necklace isn’t your grandmother’s pearl necklace, which is precisely why your Gen-Z kids will love it! This 16-inch necklace is playfully colorful with pearls, gold-plated hematite, and colorful accent beads that make this necklace pop.  

It even comes with an extension clasp so they can wear it as either a choker or a necklace, so it’s the perfect compliment to any look!

With the latest Gen-Z trends in mind, this necklace was inspired by nature and is a LaCkore Couture exclusive. The Jillian Necklace was produced in limited quantities, so order yours today at our 100% secure checkout.

The Mermaid Elle Earrings

The eye-catching plated quartz in the Mermaid Elle Earrings will add brilliant color to any outfit. They are fun and trendy and will help define your Gen-Z child’s face with style and glamor. You can buy these earrings today, and they will treasure them for years.  

The Mermaid Elle Earrings were designed and handcrafted in the USA and are exclusive to the LaCkore Couture collection. They come in gold or silver, so they can easily match them with their other jewelry. 

Lucky Charms Gold

Look at the Lucky Charms Gold collection for cool charms to add to your Gen-Z charm necklaces and bracelets. These fun charms are lightweight, trendy, high-quality, dipped in 24k gold, and pave crystals. 

There are fifteen different charms to choose from, including some of the most common lucky charms like the heart, wishbone, hamsa, evil eye, crescent moon, and lightning bolt, to name a few.

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Why Your Gen-Z Child Will Love These Latest Trends

You’ll be the best parent by picking out one of these jewelry trends for your child. These trends are happy, unique, and bold, helping your child to show personality and style. The latest trends update the fashion of the Y2K era to create unique silhouettes and accents. But don’t feel pressure to follow all the trends. Pick the ones that are closest to your child’s style.

Whether you choose one or all of these trends to follow, just remember that jewelry is an extension of yourself and should convey personality and style. When picking it as a gift, it is important to know sizes and style preferences. To find out what they like before you buy.

LaCkore Couture handcrafts trendy, cool jewelry to elevate your personality and style. We offer sophisticated statement pieces and timeless signature pieces that will delight as your Gen-Z gift.

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