The Best Jewelry Gifts For Outdoorsy Women


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Jewelry is often seen as form over function. How can you possibly take necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to rugged environments?

As it stands, jewelry is just as flexible as we are. Outdoorsy women often struggle with finding the ideal balance between a beautiful accessory and a functional one. The last thing you want is dropping your favorite bangle while on a hike in the mountains.

We’ve got a list of the best jewelry gifts for outdoorsy women. Whether you’re searching for a birthday or anniversary gift, you can still get the best of both worlds!

Today’s Most Popular Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors remains a mystical place full of adventure and wonder. Even a simple jog around the park will open up your mind to new possibilities.

Outdoor activities have seen a resurgence for several reasons. Whether due to social distancing in the pandemic or being cooped up at work, more people today crave being in nature. Recent studies show jogging, hiking, and fishing to be some of the most popular outdoor activities today.

Getting someone you care about a nice piece of jewelry for the outdoors shows you care about their hobby. Looking good just feels good. 

Golden Charm Bracelets are Simple and Stylish

Let’s not get things twisted here! You definitely don’t want to be overloaded in jewelry while camping, hiking, or kayaking. The potential for pulled ears or broken items is too high.

The best jewelry gifts for outdoorsy women need to take the lifestyle into account. What better way than a golden charm bracelet? These accessories are easy to throw on, but don’t get in the way of most activities. The flattering gold color means you won’t have to spend too much time mixing and matching your jewelry, either!

Our top tip is to make sure the charm bracelet fits snugly and doesn’t roll down the hand or wrist.

Recommended Charm Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets are Colorful, Diverse, and Easy to Wear

In a similar vein to golden charm bracelets, beaded bracelets are another great way to express yourself in the great outdoors. You can stack a few on top of each other or wear one solo as you get your exercise in!

If you’re thinking of getting a beaded bracelet for a friend or a co-worker, double-check what kind of outdoor hobbies they love. If they’re someone who likes to hike or jog, a bracelet is a great addition. If they prefer martial arts or gymnastics, a bracelet might get in the way (even a snugly fitted one). 

Recommended Beaded Bracelets

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Tiny Earrings for an Extra Sparkle

Dangling earrings are a big no-no for the outdoors. Who would want to feel their hoop earring snag on a passing branch while on a hike?

Tiny earrings are functional, providing a little extra twinkle without too many bells and whistles. These earrings can be clipped on quickly and don’t run the risk of snagging on strands of hair or stray branches. Wearing just one earring is a fun asymmetrical look that also takes out the work of wearing too much jewelry. Win-win!

Consider buying small earrings and a bracelet to round out your gift. Pairing is easy when you use similar colors, styles, or textures.

Recommended Tiny Earrings

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Most women prefer to have their hair tied back while they’re jogging, hiking, or doing any other outdoor activity. Let’s face it, you’re going to work up a sweat outdoors, and keeping your hair off your neck is key to staying cool. 


So, why not add some fashion to this functionality? There are hair ties with beaded tails, feathers you can entwine in your hair, and even diamond hair clips. You’ll add a touch of style while also staying cool.


Small necklaces are easy to wear even while on the trail, and they look great! You can gift an outdoor-themed necklace to outdoorsy women, and it’ll show that you understand their sense of style and how important their hobbies are.

The best part of outdoor-themed necklaces is the huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles they come in. You can get a simple thin silver chain with a moon-shaped pendant, or you could buy a beaded necklace with each bead a different gemstone from the earth. Your possibilities are endless!


In case you need some inspiration, here are some recommendations for outdoor-themed necklaces:


Rings are a great addition to anyone’s jewelry routine, and they’re perfect for outdoorsy women. You don’t have to worry about your ring getting snarred by a branch on the trail, and a ring can be a great way to add a flare of style to your outfit.

There are also a ton of shapes, sizes, and styles of rings available. You can even get a handcraften wooden ring to really bring home the outdoors feel. If you want a nice pop of color and style, then a basic gold or silver band with a gorgeous gemstone would make an excellent choice!


We love rings that are gorgeous, simple, and stylish! Check out our amazing stackable rings:

Fun Combos to Try With Outdoor Jewelry

Pushing the bounds of outdoor jewelry is possible when you take function into mind. Whether you’re buying a gift for yourself or someone else, check out these tips!

Asymmetrical Earring With Bracelet

Want an asymmetrical look for your next fishing trip? Consider donning one earring on the left ear and a bracelet on the right wrist.

This look shows off charm and confidence, displaying how you’re not constrained by conventional mix-and-match rules!

Artsy Bracelet Stack for Long Walks

While bracelet stacks aren’t the best choice for fly fishing or swimming, they’re ideal for jogging, walking, and hiking. The glitter on your wrist will motivate you or your loved one to keep going strong!

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a woman with a ponytail leaning back on a kayak in bright blue water


You can try switching up your usual jewelry routine by ditching the bracelets and necklaces for some hair jewelry instead! Weave beaded feathers into your hair, or use some diamond-studded hair clips to make your hair the centerpiece of your outfit.

Then, add a nice ring or two to complete the look. You’ll have a unique style that will stand out from the crowd!


You may be wondering if someone can really pull off such conflicting styles, but this is a combination that will stand out and look amazing! Try wearing a pair of classy, elegant earrings with one of our recommended outdoor-themed necklaces. 

The stylish earrings and the earthy necklace will make for a beautiful combination that perfectly compliments the two sides to every woman. There’s our elegance and our connection to nature.

Displaying both sides through the jewelry you wear is a great way to stand out from the crowd and impress your friends. Who knows- maybe it’ll even become the hottest trend of 2023!


The best jewelry gifts for outdoorsy women prioritize comfort and ease. While we won’t stop you from wearing dangling earrings or necklaces while outside, there are certainly better options!

Tiny earrings, charm bracelets, and beaded bracelets give the best of all worlds. You can combine these types of jewelry for asymmetrical or artsy looks. Make sure to choose jewelry that complements your outdoor lifestyle. You don’t want to lose your items while fly fishing or scuba diving!

The great outdoors calls to all of us! Contact us today for handcrafted jewelry that brings out the best in your favorite hobbies.