10 Famous Pieces of Jewelry in Movie History

Great movies are often remembered for the characters, amazing stories, or intriguing plots. However, some movies are remembered for something even more unique and memorable- the jewelry if you think about it. 

Just after that statement, you likely had a few movies come to mind that had unforgettable jewelry in them. Because we love all things beautiful and sparkly, we have created what we believe is the comprehensive list of the 10 most famous pieces of jewelry in movie history

Keep reading to see if you thought of any of these amazing pieces

  1. The Cameo Brooch Worn by Vivien Leigh in “Gone with the Wind”

When it comes to classic elegance, it doesn’t get better than “Gone with the Wind.” An unforgettable and iconic scene is when the dramatic Scarlett O’Hara appears on the scene in a velvet mourning dress that’s highlighted by an oversized cameo brooch. This scene alone resulted in Leigh becoming a fashion icon of the decade. 

One of the costume designer’s mothers owned the brooch and loaned it to the actress for this unforgettable scene. The piece itself is set in gold and features a figure riding a bird, which was uncommon for that time. 

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  1. The Heart of the Ocean Featured in “Titanic”

The Heart of the Ocean was a sapphire necklace featured in “Titanic.” This beautiful pendant seen in the movie had a unique backstory of once belonging to Louis XVI and being cut into the heart shape during the French Revolution.

The necklace was based on the Hope Diamond, and the prop used in the movie wasn’t a blue diamond. Instead, it was blue cubic zirconium in a white gold setting, created by London jewelers Asprey & Garrad. 

An authentic version of the necklace was created by Harry Winston for Gloria Stuart (the older version of Rose in the movie) to wear to the Academy Awards in 1997. This necklace had a value of $4 million and included a 170-karat sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds

  1. Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

The diamond ensemble worn by Marilyn Monroe as she danced the red carpet served as the defining moment of the “diamonds are forevermotif that emerged in the 1950s. This film was also the catalyst for the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

  1. One Ring or “My Precious” from “The Lord of the Rings”

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic tales, the most powerful of all rings were the focus of the movies. According to the movies (or books), the One Ring was made of pure gold and could only be destroyed by throwing it into the crater where it was created. On the inside, the lines inscribed were ones that Sauron said as the ring was created. 

 gold ring

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  1. The Ruby Necklace from “Pretty Woman”

Anyone who has ever seen this classic movie can’t forget the moment when Richard Gere shows Julia Roberts’ a black necklace box, opens it, and closes it quickly, scarring the star. 

The necklace worn by Julia Roberts (Vivian) in the movie was designed and created by Fred Joaillier, a French jeweler. This piece of jewelry is estimated to be worth $1.35 million. The necklace features 23 pear-cut rubies that are surrounded by diamond hearts

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  1. Kate Hudson’s Necklace in “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”

This 2003 movie was a romantic comedy that touched the hearts of men and women across the country. However, many don’t know that this movie featured one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever seen in the movies – the 84-karat Isadora necklace

Due to the uniqueness of the $5 million piece of jewelry, costume designers created a dress that would “go” with the necklace

  1. The Engagement Ring Given to Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City 2”

There’s no question that the “Sex in the City” movie series and TV shows became a catalyst for fashion for several years. However, an unforgettable scene for any fan is when Mr. Big gives Carrie Bradshaw a five-carat black diamond ring

The ring was designed and created by Itay Malkin. The ring itself is set in 18-karat gold and enclosed by 80 transparent pave diamonds

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  1. Nicole Kidman’s Necklace in “Moulin Rouge”

Nicole Kidman’s character is presented with an extravagant diamond necklace in the movie by her suitor. The necklace, which features 1,308 diamonds, was the creation of Stefano Cantur, an Australian jeweler. 

  1. The “James Bond” History of Amazing Watches

It’s no secret that James Bond is an amazing secret spy. However, something that set this character apart from other popular spy movies was wristwear. The watches worn by every James Bond – from the beginning – were truly something impressive. 

In 1962, when the first Bond movie was released, James Bond himself wore a Rolex Submariner. Years later, the Omega Seamaster was featured in the movies, which provided the secret agent with all types of spy tools to help with any secret mission. 

  1. The Pirate Medallion in “The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”

The gold-plated medallion seen in this movie was made mostly from bronze. The design was based on a real Aztec coin, complete with a skull in the middle. 

 gold jewelry

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What Happens To All of That Jewelry? 

After jewelry has been used in a movie, it can end up in various places. Often, the pieces are sent to an archive. These rings, necklaces, and earrings are property of the film studio. They may want to preserve the articles for exhibits down the road. Over the years, people have had the chance to see jewelry pieces from various movies, including the Titanic. However, these items can often end up with the actors or actresses. 

Once production wraps it, the designers can give the jewelry away to crew members. But usually, the jewelry is archived and eventually sold at auction for those memorable pictures. Movie memorabilia, including jewelry, is very desirable to many collectors

Movie Jewelry and Public Opinion

Movies have always been popular with audiences. Once crowds see a particular piece on screen, these jewelry items often skyrocket in popularity and desirability. Over the century, movie stars have been seen as fashion icons. Simply showcasing a piece was enough to create a stir with the public. 

When Marilyn Monroe proclaimed that "diamonds are a girl's best friend," she created a sensation. Yes, diamonds were famous, but they suddenly became the ultimate symbol of femininity. These jewels accentuate a woman's features by highlighting a person's personality and femininity. Diamonds have been worn for centuries by the world's elites, but they are more than a token of wealth. These pieces symbolize social status that has never gone out of style. Diamonds have become increasingly popular over the centuries and have a prominent place in modern movies, including Pretty Woman and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Can You Recreate These Looks?

Beloved fashion icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn understood that simplicity equals elegance. Both actresses' jewelry choices continue to inspire jewelry to this day. Movies are known to affect certain looks, and these jewelry pieces have become famous thanks to their unmatched beauty and significance to the film industry. 

When someone sees a piece, they want to recreate those looks themselves. In most cases, you can find authorized recreated pieces licensed for production. With that, you know that you have an item that matches the high-end appearance of the original. However, these items come with a high price tag, and they might not be suitable for everyone. However, don't feel bad if you cannot afford those exact replicas. Instead, think about jewelry that is "inspired" by the movie. Jewelry designers will use similar stones and settings to create a piece that looks almost identical to the originals. For example, a few designers have designed their own "Heart of the Ocean" necklaces from the Titanic using similar stones. 

Today, many individuals are "bounding" their look, meaning they take a famous movie or television character and design a look that matches their style. This pairing of pieces is often found in the Disney fan community. You might not see exact pieces, but you can find similar items to create a complete look. For example, if you want to channel a character from Pirates of the Caribbean, stick to the big, bold gold pieces you can add to a pirate-inspired outfit.


As you can see from the information above, there are more than a few memorable jewelry pieces from famous movies. If you have seen any of these, you know why they are so popular and well known. However, there are probably a few others you can think of as well. 

The fact is, Hollywood has a way of amazing and awing us with the designs and concepts it comes up with. There’s also a good chance we will see many other amazing jewelry pieces in movies in the coming years. 

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