Fall Jewelry Trends Everyone Should Follow (2022)

The fall fashion season has arrived. Consider using these jewelry trends in your wardrobe if you want to be in style. This year's trend focuses on unique details and delicate accents. Plus, there is a renewed emphasis on the tried-and-true classics to nature-inspired accessories. If you want to add that perfect touch to your autumn outfit, here are the fall jewelry trends you need to follow for 2022.

Add Some Pearls

A pearl necklace has been a classic accessory for several decades. Pearls just bring a touch of elegance to any outfit. Like diamonds, they remain timeless gemstones that never fall out of fashion. For this autumn season, the focus is less on those traditional ways to wear the pearls. The style is moving towards unusual types of pearl jewelry. You don't have to wear these gemstones in a conventional and proper manner. Break out those rings and necklaces with unique pearl settings. Also, white pearls are not the only gemstones getting attention. Find pearls in unexpected colors and shapes to add an edgy look to your style. With a fresh take on pearl jewelry, you can stay on trend for the fall season. 

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Create Plenty of Layers

If you have been paying attention to the jewelry trends over the years, layering has always been in vogue. You will be happy to know that you can still layer your pieces this fall season. With this trend, the more, the merrier. Make sure to take a few of your necklaces and layer them in various lengths. You can even take one longer chain and wrap it around your neck for a practical layering look. 

Multi-strands necklaces are all the rage. You will create a look with multiple layers that frame your decolletage when you wear them. These types of necklaces take the guesswork out of layering your pieces. They are the perfect accessories for those bulky fall sweaters and cardigans. Add a touch of luxury to any outfit without much effort from you. These necklaces are a great way to embrace the layered look fashion trend. 

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Select Vibrant Gemstones

Gorgeous gemstones are a hot commodity for this fall season. The bigger and bolder, the better for your look. Fall is all about vibrant colors, so you will want to choose stunning gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Those tones will give you a rich color palette for your autumn wardrobe. You might even want to mix modern stones, like opal, quartz, and agate, to vary your look. 


add gemstones to your outfit



Link Up with Chain Link 

Chunky chains and chain link jewelry are other fashion must-haves for the season. Whether you want a thick or thin style, these jewelry pieces continue to be trendy for the season. While most chain-link pieces are necklaces, some chain-link styles branch out into earrings and bracelets. 

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Make an Impression with Statement Earrings

Fashionistas have loved statement earrings. These pieces are showing no signs of slowing down. From gemstone drops or sparkly chandeliers, these styles are an excellent way to get on the statement earring craze. One of the best parts is that you can wear these earrings for any occasion: a night on the town or at the office. These earrings are incredibly versatile. With their big, bold look, you could just wear the earrings without needing to add any other accessories. 

Don't Forget About Floral Accents

Everyone loves the changing colors of fall foliage. Incorporate some of those elements into your jewelry. You can wear accessories with a few subtle hints of floral accents. Some famous jewelry designers have used floral motifs to create a sense of romance in their pieces. Remember to keep it understated. Wearing large floral pieces could be considered a fashion faux pas. 

Look at Those Fringe Details

At one time, tassels and fringes were seen as outdated. Like floral accents, fringe and tassels are making their way into the jewelry world for the fall. Fringe allows the jewelry to have some movement, giving your pieces a fluid look. These jewelry pieces are a great way to add interest to daytime or nighttime outfits. 


boost your look with fringe earrings


The Return of the Cocktail Ring

Another classic is returning for the fall season: the cocktail ring. As the weather turns cooler, you might be wearing bulky clothes. A cocktail ring is perfect for showing off your fashion sense when wearing a heavy coat. These rings will look their best when paired with other cocktail rings. However, if you have a statement cocktail ring, it is acceptable to let it shine by itself. 

Stack Your Earrings

Everyone knows about layering necklaces and bracelets, but what earrings? Multiple earrings on ears are the newest trend for autumn. You can pair ear cuffs, studs, and stacked hoops if you have numerous holes in your ears. For those who have only one earring hole, do not despair. Some earrings are designed to look like you're wearing several earrings at one time.

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Choose Your Celestial Style

Celestial-inspired jewelry was popular in the summer and will continue on trend for the fall. From moon necklaces to star rings, you can add a boost to your eyebrow with these nature-inspired items. 

Embrace Your Style This Fall

Many of these fall trends are items you may already have in your collection. The autumn season focuses on classic looks with a modern twist. Make sure to incorporate some of these trends into your fall wardrobe. 

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