10 Best Jewelry For Teen Girls They'll Love

So, you have a teen girl on your gift-giving list but aren't sure what they like? Teens may seem difficult to please at times. Still, jewelry is an excellent gift for girls or young women because you can find pieces that represent their particular personalities or interests, and that suit your budget. Jewelry will last for years and be a constant reminder of your kind sentiment and a happy time in their lives. 

Not only will they love this gift from you, but you will love to see them wearing it. We have ten of the best jewelry pieces your teen girl will enjoy. They are colorful, meaningful, unique, and trendy - all the things a teen girl will appreciate.

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1. Hamsa Evil Eye Jewelry

If you're especially protective of this teen girl, you can give her the protection of the Hamsa Evil Eye necklace. This necklace features the symbol that has long been known to ward off bad luck and give the wearer power over evil energy and harm. It also signifies wisdom in some cultures. 

The evil eye is available in many colors which each have its own spiritual meanings and associations:

  • Blue: Dark blue is often used to signify good luck. But it may also create motivation.
  • White: White in an evil eye means purity, cleanness, and goodness.
  • Yellow: Yellow (the color of the sun) symbolizes energy and strength.  
  • Pink: Pink provides relaxation. 

The teen girl in your life will enjoy this piece of edgy jewelry. She'll be able to wear it with many for many years, through all kinds of trends. 

2. Dreamer Necklace

Does your teen girl have a beautiful imagination that you want to encourage? Here is our bold and ambitious Dreamer Necklace. Every bit as edgy and daring as the Hamsa Evil Eye, this handcrafted, Boho-styled necklace features the symbols of the sun, moon, and the evil eye - making it especially powerful. 

The exclusive Dreamer Necklace is lightweight, dipped in 24k gold, and is available in three chain lengths (16, 18, and 20 inches). 

3. Charm Bracelets

Alt Text: Silver charm bracelet full of charms. Image Source

Few things are as flattering on a teen girl's wrist as a charm bracelet. These are available in as many styles, metals, and costs as you can imagine. When you find one she'll like, you can give an empty bracelet as a gift, and on subsequent occasions, you can provide them charms to attach to the bracelet. 

Depending on the personality of your teen girl, you may want a fun, colorful design, or she may enjoy something more sophisticated. 

Consider the youthful look of the Aeora Silver Thirteen Hanging Pieces Bracelet with an array of charms that can commemorate several milestones. It features a rope chain and a lobster claw clasp. 

4. Stackable Rings

A ring is a great gift idea. But instead of a single ring, consider buying several rings for stacking. Stacking jewelry is a trend that your teen girl will appreciate, and she'll love that you've given her this fantastic gift. 

You can pick out the rings separately, but it might be better to purchase a set of rings designed specially for stacking. The designers of these kinds of rings will have considered the weights, sizes, and styles and made them compatible. They're made to look great together. 

Our Signature Stacking Rings are lightweight, dainty, and dipped in 24k gold! The teen can wear one or all five. These trendy rings are made to wear in different positions on their fingers, making them one size fits all. 

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Pair of silver earrings with colorful hearts


5. Heart Leverback Earrings

Who doesn't love a gorgeous pair of earrings? These heart-shaped earrings are fashionable and sure to turn heads! The middle of the heart shapes are multi-colored crystals and CZ stones, so they'll be compatible with all kinds of outfits and occasions. 

These dangling heart lever back earrings are small and set in silver. 

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6. Stackable Bracelets

Like stackable rings (discussed earlier), stackable bracelets are an exciting embellishment on the standard bracelet. Stackables make it easier to show off their lovely jewelry and also to build just the look they want. 

Our Star Gazer Stack is a set of three bracelets. One bracelet is made of crystal beads and quartz, while the other two are plated hematite beads. 

7. Birthstone Jewelry

Your teen girl will cherish jewelry representing any aspect of her identity. Birthstone jewelry is unique and personal to the receiver. Birthstones may adorn necklaces, rings, and bracelets. To up the ante on identity, you could add the initials of your young gift recipient. 

Monica Rich Kosann Birthstone Necklaces are delicate half-moons studded with birthstones and available in gold and silver. 

8. Initial or Name Jewelry

Again, having jewelry that is personalized to them will delight your teen girl. Giving a gold or silver delicate chain with their name 'written' in script is a gift that could last a lifetime. 

These Script Name Necklaces from Etsy are available in a variety of fonts. You can order them with any name or word you like up to 10 letters. Or your teen girl might prefer a necklace from Deanne Watson Jewelry on Etsy with their name carefully and perfectly formed with wire. 

9. Hand Stamped Jewelry

For the more creative teen girl, consider giving them this kit for making and stamping their own jewelry. This kit contains:

  • Metal letter stamps 
  • Hammer
  • Steel bench block 
  • Mini chain nose pliers
  • Stamping tape
  • Enamel marker
  • Stamping blank
  • Round stamping blanks
  • Fishhook earring findings
  • Cord crimp ends
  • Jump rings
  • Faux leather cord
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

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Gold charm necklace with crystal link charm


10. Chunky Jewelry

Lastly, if your teen girl has a taste for chunky jewelry, we have this gorgeous Throwback Crystal Link Charm Necklace. This timeless necklace has oversized links and comes together with a crystal link at the front. Your teen will love this handcrafted, high-quality, wear-forever piece is dipped in 24k gold. Depending on the occasion, she can dress it up or down, and she may also add charms. 

While teens can be challenging to please, with the above recommendations, you're sure to find the jewelry they'll love. 

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