10 Things you MUST know Before Buying Jewelry

A woman wearing several necklaces, rings, and a bracelet.

Whether you’re thinking about getting yourself a little something special or want to find the perfect gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday, there are a lot of factors you always need to consider when it comes to buying jewelry. If you don’t have this information, you run the serious risk of encountering a wide array of issues. What if the ring you bought doesn’t fit? What if someone is allergic to the metal of the necklace you buy? What if the jewelry has the wrong gemstone for someone’s birthday?

These problems and more can take the excitement and joy out of a gift, turning it into a mild disappointment at best or a chore at the worst. Below, our artisan jewelry experts at LaCkore Couture explore the top five things you should always know before buying a new piece of jewelry.

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A Guide to Buying Jewelry: 5 Things You Need to Know

Honestly, we could probably write a list of more than 50 different things you arguably should know before spending any of your hard-earned money on a new piece of jewelry to avoid any potential issues. Sadly, we don’t have the room to cover everything in one short article. Instead, we’ll focus on the five most essential bits of info you should always have when purchasing jewelry.

1. The Right Ring Size

 A fabric ring stand with four gold rings.

Whether you’re buying a new ring for yourself, as a present for a friend, or something else, you always want to ensure you know the ring size of the person who will wear it. This is not something you should ever guess blindly, especially if the ring is a gift for a significant event like an anniversary. If the ring doesn’t fit, it can easily take all of the excitement out of the moment. Additionally, you or the person you give the ring to will need to go through the hassle of getting the ring resized, which can also cost a lot of money.

You should always get the appropriate ring measurement before buying. Thankfully, there are three easy ways to do this;

  • Have a jeweler measure a person’s finger or an existing ring
  • Measure a person’s finger with a ring sizer tool
  • Use a ring sizer mobile app to measure an existing ring yourself

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2. The Metal The Jewelry is Made From

Some people are highly allergic to specific types of metal. Because of this, it's a good idea to figure out what kind of metal a new jewelry piece is made of before purchasing it so you can ensure it won’t cause an adverse reaction for whoever wears it. It’s crucial to determine whether the piece contains nickel, a standard alloy used in jewelry. Almost anyone can develop skin irritations from nickel, so you’ll want to double-check your new piece doesn’t contain any.

Are you looking to expand your jewelry collection with a few unique pieces that can help highlight your taste and style? Our artisan jewelry-making experts at LaCkore Couture are proud to offer a wide selection of unique pieces that will help add something special to your outfit today!

3. Whether The Jewelry is Conflict-Free

Sadly, there’s a lot of corruption and exploitation of labor in the realm of jewelry creation, especially when it comes to certain precious gemstones, like diamonds. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re buying conflict-free stones from legitimate sellers who obtained their materials via methods in line with the international Kimberley Process. Doing this will help ensure you’re not inadvertently supporting rebels, terrorist groups, or large companies who actively exploit labor from impoverished communities.

4. Price Comparisons

When purchasing jewelry, one thing that’s important to remember is never to buy the first thing you see. Look at different stores and brands, and don’t be afraid to shop around to find a good deal. Compare the prices of pieces from multiple jewelers, and you’ll likely find the same or similar pieces for less money, especially if you’re shopping online. Jewelry retailers who sell their goods on the internet typically offer better deals because they don’t have the same overheads as in-person shops.

5. Personal Preferences for Gems and Metals

A woman wearing a matching gold ring and necklace.

Suppose you’re buying jewelry as a gift for someone else. In that case, it’s generally a good idea to get a sense of their personal preferences regarding the metal and gemstones of their favorite jewelry. For example, do they prefer silver, gold, or platinum? Do they prefer diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or other precious stones? Do they have a particular fondness for their birthstone? If so, what is their birthstone?

These are all excellent questions to consider, and it may be worth asking the person directly to ensure you’re getting them a new accessory that they like and will want to wear. It may take some of the surprise out of the gift, but it’s better than wasting money on something they don’t like.

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Some people are extremely loyal to one particular brand. The question is- is this loyalty usually worth it? Often, the answer is maybe. There are some well-known brands like Tiffany’s or Carter’s that spend an enormous about of time, money, and effort to create a reputation for their jewelry. They want to be known as high-quality and fashionable, but are they really higher quality than a less expensive store like Zales?

Usually, the answer is no. Buying a silver bracelet or gold ring from Tiffany’s can cost 80% more than buying the same piece of jewelry from a less expensive store. However, there are some instances where brand loyalty is worth it.

Certain companies, such as Agmes or Washed Ashore only produce cruelty-free, responsibly sourced, and environmentally friendly jewelry. If those things are important to you or the person you’re buying for, then it’s important to honor their brand loyalty.


Shopping for jewelry can be an exciting time, but if you’re prone to impulse buying or want a second pair of eyes, then you should make sure to bring a trusted friend along for the trip.

Sometimes it’s challenging to see ourselves the way others see us. Our eyes can play tricks on us and convince us that the beaded necklace we’ve tried on is going to start a new trend. Bringing along a trusted friend can help prevent you from making an impulse buy that you’ll regret down the road.

Another reason to bring along a trusted friend is to have someone advocate for you. Not all jewelers are reputable, and if you’re nervous about being sweet-talked into buying something you’re not positive you’ll love, then having a little backup will help!


Pearls don’t have the best reputation. Many people shy away from pearls because they believe they look gaudy, but this isn’t always the case! Pearls come in many different sizes and can be styled in a variety of ways. 

A gorgeous pair of queen pearl earrings would make a perfect gift or an excellent treat for yourself. They’ll still draw your friend’s eye without overpowering your outfit or accessories. 

If you’re feeling hesitant about trying out some pearl jewelry, then make sure you bring a friend along. They can help boost your confidence and show you just how well you pull those pearl earrings off!

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Different types of jewelry tend to fall in and out of style throughout the years. One year, it may seem as though everyone is obsessed with gold, and the next, they’ll have moved on to pearlescent metals. 

Silver, however, never goes out of style. Regardless of the occasion or your other accessories, you can rely on silver to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. So, when in doubt, buy something silver!


If your goal is to find something stylish and elegant, then you need to find real gems. While fakes are going to be easier to find and come with a smaller price tag, they won’t have the same effect as real gems. 

Make sure you buy through a reputable jeweler. They can offer you a certificate of authenticity so the true value of your diamond bracelet will never be in question.

Final Factors to Consider Before Buying New Jewelry

Our artisan jewelry-making experts at LaCkore Couture sincerely hope that the five tips above will help you select and purchase an excellent new piece of jewelry without encountering any commonly faced issues. Please consider exploring our selection of other educational jewelry resources and our shop full of various hand-crafted necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings! We’re proud to provide our customers with a wide array of unique and gorgeous pieces that they won’t find anywhere else.

There are many things you should know and different factors you should consider before buying new jewelry, especially online! Thankfully, our jewelry artisans at LaCkore Couture are here to help make the process easier, and ensure that you’ll be satisfied with all of your future jewelry purchases!