Jewelry to Wear With Jeans: Fashion Guide

Rings and jeansJewelry and jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly. Jewelry is the perfect way to take an ordinary pair of blue jeans to the next level. 

However, you need to make sure you style your jewelry and jeans correctly. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking cluttered. Read this fashion guide to learn how to wear jewelry with jeans

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Stick With the Basics 

There are some go-to jewelry items that go great with blue jeans. Make sure to have these items in your collection, so you always have something to fall back on. Some jewelry items to add to your collection include:

Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklaces are usually associated with elegant looks and sleek black dresses. However, you don’t need to be dressed up to don a strand of pearls. Even the most lady-like set of pearls can go with a pair of blue jeans. 

Pair your blue jeans and pearls with a fitted blazer or a luxurious sweater to complete your look. We don’t recommend wearing pearls with a t-shirt and blue jeans, as this will look out of place. 

Whether you’re grabbing lunch or running errands, pearls will add the right amount of polish to your outfit. 

Layered Necklaces 

Layered necklaces also pair great with blue jeans. Layered necklaces help you achieve a laid-back yet glamorous look. You can pair this look with a fitted black t-shirt or a white button-down shirt to ensure your necklaces are the focal point. 

Additionally, here are some tips for layering necklaces:

  • Stick to the rule of three - try to wear three necklaces in varying lengths. 
  • Mix and match styles- try pairing a chunky gold choker with an elegant pendant necklace to make your look pop.
  • Combine different metals - Contrasting metals is a trend that’s here to stay. Opt for pieces of different metals, such as yellow gold and platinum. Or, you can choose pieces that blend multiple metals together. 
  • Choose chains of different thicknesses to prevent your necklaces from tangling.

Read this guide to learn how to style your necklaces!

Stacked Bangles 

Wearing some beautiful bangles can help you channel your inner rockstar. Stacked bracelets give your outfit a chic, bohemian vibe when paired with jeans. 

Long Earrings 

Long or chandelier earrings can give your outfit with jeans a cool look. The jeans help balance out the drama of the earrings. 

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Go for a Classic Finish

If you’re looking to add some polish to your wardrobe without making a huge splash, try the classic approach. Many of the finer pieces in your jewelry collection are versatile and timeless enough to wear with a pair of jeans. 

Gold or silver studs or small hoop earrings can polish off even the most casual of outfits. You can also pair your look with a simple pendant necklace or an understated gemstone ring to finish off your look. 

You can also pair your look with fine jewelry items to give it a classic finish, such as diamond stud earrings or a platinum engagement ring. 

Go for a Stylized Vibe

Do you want to go beyond the simple polished look and instead opt for a more stylized vibe? Jewelry size, color, and texture are big components in a more stylized look. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Wear a big colored gemstone
  • Pair your jeans with a stack of bangles or a chunky bracelet
  • Wear a charm bracelet 
  • Pair your jeans with leather for a natural look. Think of a leather cord and pendant or a cuff bracelet. 
  • Opt for some dangly earrings, such as teardrops, big hoops, swinging chains, or spirals
  • Layer rings or necklaces

Choose the Right Top 

When wearing jewelry with jeans, don’t forget to keep your top in mind! Generally speaking, it’s best to stick with a top in a neutral color, so you don’t detract from your jewelry. 

For example, you can pair a plain white t-shirt with some simple stud earrings and bangle bracelets. If you’re looking to get a little more dressed up, pair your outfit with a sleek black or grey blazer. 

You’ll typically want to stay away from patterned tops or busy prints, but they can work if you style things right. If you choose to wear a top with a busy print, make sure to pair it with some neutral jewelry, so your outfit doesn’t look too busy. 

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans

jeans hanging on rack

Last but not least, don’t forget to choose the right pair of jeans. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time selecting your jewelry, only to have your jeans make your outfit fall apart. 

Here are tips for selecting the right pair of jeans:

Don’t Rely On the Current Trends 

Baggy jeans and mom jeans are the big trends right now, but that doesn’t mean you should wear these jeans if they don’t flatter your body. Instead, ignore the trends and select jeans that look good on you. 

Remember That Jeans Stretch 

Denim is a very stretchy fabric. When you first try jeans on at the store, they might feel slightly tight and uncomfortable, which can tempt you to choose a pair in a bigger size. 

However, sizing up usually isn’t the right move, as once you break your jeans in, they’ll start to stretch out and look unattractively baggy. Instead, opt for a pair of slightly tight jeans and trust that they’ll stretch out to fit your body. 

If you can slide your whole hand into the back of the waistband of your jeans, they’re likely too big and will start to look baggy. 

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What Jewelry Goes Best With Denim?

Jewelry is a super chic way to elevate your denim look. But finding the right jewelry is also very important. Because denim is a casual neutral, it’s best to pair it with colorful statement jewelry and distinct metals.

Metal jewelry is a great choice when wearing denim. Depending on the wash of your jeans, you’ll want to pick jewelry metals that will be the most flattering. Gold looks best with darker-washed jeans. Silver is a better metal choice for lighter-washed jeans.

What Earrings Are Best for Jeans?

First, the earrings you choose largely depend on what other jewelry you are wearing with your look. You want to keep your earrings simpler when wearing a statement necklace or bracelet. But if you want your earrings to be the statement accessory, you’ll want to pair your jeans with some fantastic dangling earrings.

The best dangling earrings to pair with jeans include:

  • Hoops
  • Chains
  • Chandelier
  • Spirals
  • Teardrop

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How to Pick Jewelry to Match Your Jeans

When choosing jewelry to match your jeans, you must first start with the whole look. The shirt you choose to wear with your jeans will significantly influence the jewelry you pair with your look.

Once you choose the shirt, blouse, or sweater to go with your jeans, you should follow these tips for picking your jewelry:

  • The jewelry should reflect the occasion.
  • Choose simple jewelry when wearing busy patterned shirts.
  • Statement earrings are always a great way to draw eyes to your face when wearing a more neutral or plain top.
  • Mix cool jewelry when your top utilizes warm colors, and then pick warm-colored jewelry with cool-colored tops.

How to Level Up Your Jeans with Jewelry

If you want to level up your jeans and t-shirt look, there are many ways to turn this classic style into something chic. Accessories are everything, but you don’t want to overdo them. So select and edit your look depending on what accessories you choose. For example, if you wear a scarf or statement shoes, you don’t want to clutter the look with a bold statement necklace.

Likewise, a great way to elevate your jeans and tee look with jewelry is to choose neutral shoes and a neutral handbag first. And then pile on the gold and silver jewelry. Mix metals or wear chunky statement pieces. For this look, you can’t over goldShop our new arrivals of statement, gold, and silver necklaces.

Another great way to level up your jeans and t-shirt is to pick tassel earrings or larger hoops. Pair these earrings with a large statement ring for a splash of color and a bit of flash. Our signature stack rings are a chic choice to pair with our Boho earrings.  

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Don't Overthink It! 

As you can see, jeans and jewelry go hand in hand. You can keep things simple with some metal jewelry or give your look a punch with a statement piece. 

Now, it’s time to start selecting some outfits!

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