The Perfect Bohemian Necklaces for Your Next Music Festival

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Now that concerts are back in full swing, you need to grab tickets to an upcoming music festival and then plan your bohemian outfit to fit the aesthetic. That’s where we can help. We’ve got a list of the best bohemian necklaces to wear to your next music festival.

The biggest trend this season is to layer up your necklaces to create that perfect bohemian look. You’ll want to select different lengths and styles to curate a style that is totally you. Mix in pearls, bold beads, statement pendants, and big chains to complete the look.

The Best Bohemian Necklaces to Wear to a Music Festival

Here are our favorite bohemian necklaces that layer well:

Bohemian Vibes Necklace

This bohemian necklace creates an ocean vibe with sea glass, earthy amazonite beads, an abalone feather charm, and a sliced agate pendant to complete the natural, carefree look. The beads are beautifully subtle to complement the gorgeous statement of the pendant. Perfection.

Boho Babe Necklace

The Boho Babe Necklace is a sun spray pendant that is a perfect statement necklace that you can choose either gold or silver, depending on your preference. This is an ideal necklace to wear to a music festival. And the necklace comes in three chain lengths to optimize your layered look.

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Over the Moon Necklace

The Over the Moon Necklace channels your earthy vibe with a crescent moon and jeweled lightning bolt. Made from 24K, the necklace is high key trendy with the wide link chain. Add a charm to accent your boho vibe with more personality. Mix this with bold multicolor beads for more color.

Emerald Drop Necklace

The Emerald Drop Necklace has a unique ball chain with an earthy agate pendant. This pendant is very unique, and its bright color checks all the trend boxes. Layer this with pearls or another shorter thick chain for a completed look.

Dreamer Necklace

The Dreamer Necklace from LaCkore is a chic bohemian statement necklace. Its evil eye charm wards off bad vibes and people, creating positive energy as you dance at the music festival. The dipped 24k gold necklace comes in a variety of chain lengths for that perfect fit. 

Chill Vibes Layered Necklace

The Chill Vibes Layered Necklace has two chains for the ultimate layered look. The crystal geode pendant has a unique coloring that makes it one-of-a-kind. And the lightweight necklace is a perfect pair with a summer dress to wear to the festival.

Green Goddess Layered Necklace

The Green Goddess Layered Necklace is an everyday boho accessory that follows the beaded layered trend and pairs it with a beautiful amazonite stone pendant. The look is delicate and sophisticated, making it an ideal pairing with a boho blouse and jeans.

Divine Necklace

The Divine Necklace is a great everyday accessory that has a boho aesthetic with its long selenite crystal pendant. The necklace comes in three lengths, making it ideal for curating a layered look with louder beads or different chains.

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Timeless Pink Pearls Necklace

Pearls are classic and super on-trend. Pair the Timeless Pink Pearls Necklace with a strand of pearls or bolder beads for the ultimate layered look that is super chic for a music festival. This necklace comes in three lengths so that you can choose the perfect length for your outfit.

Stardust Necklace

The Stardust Necklace is a personality pendant that radiates happiness, love, and good vibes, everything a boho girl should be. The jeweled charms on the pendant give it just the right pop of color. Super trendy, super cute, and perfect for layering. The necklace comes in three lengths so you can create the ultimate layered look.

Stargazer Necklace

Stargazer Necklace is a pendant necklace with a sparkly silver druzy and hanging star. Made from 24K gold, the pendant has a natural earthy feel, which totally fits the aesthetic of a music festival.

Evil Eye Necklace

The Evil Eye Necklace is a perfect choice for a festival. Not only does it look cute, but it also acts as a talisman to ward off misfortune and injury, which is essential when you’re in the pit. Toofer. The tiny evil eye charms on the delicate 24k gold-dipped chain bring positive vibes. The chain comes in 3 lengths, making it a ideal necklace for layering with bigger chains or statement beads. 

The Influencer Crystal Necklace

If you love statement pieces that draw attention to you, you’ll need The Influencer Crystal Necklace. This unique piece of art is sure to turn heads. Dress up your concert look with this bold necklace. Pair this necklace with a neutral bohemian blouse and jeans, or rock a light summer dress.

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Bohemian Carefree Style is the Perfect Look for a Concert

If you’re headed to a festival this spring or summer, you’ll want the boho aesthetic to match the vibe. This season’s trend is all about layers and textures. So choose statement pendants to pair with chunky chains, bold beads, and pearls. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and look natural for the ultimate boho style.

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