Ring Cracked? How to Repair a Ring Guide

Your worst ring nightmare happened, and the finger that you put your ring on got so swollen that you had to go to the emergency department. The good news is that you were able to keep your finger, but the bad news is that they had to cut through your ring.

Now that your finger is safe, what do we do about the ring? If it is an engagement ring or another ring that holds sentimental value to you, you may want to get it repaired. Here are the things to look for when you want to repair a cracked ring.

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Can I Have My Ring Repaired?

Hopefully, the emergency department’s medical staff was able to remove the ring without creating any more damage than necessary. Most cases of crushed ring finger can be fixed by making a single cut in the ring’s band and bending it until the finger can be removed. Some situations will require that an entire section of the ring’s band be removed.

The jeweler will have to assess the amount of damage done to the ring in order to determine the best methods and techniques to utilize to restore the ring. Here are a few of the factors that will determine how the jeweler will repair the ring:

How Much of the Ring’s Shank is Missing?

The ring’s shank, also known as the band, is usually where the cut will be made to remove the stuck ring. If the medical staff only had to make a single cut, the damage may be repaired with a fairly simple soldering process. However, if the cut is large and a significant portion of the shank is missing, it will require a more complex repair.

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Will the Ring Shank Have to be Resized?

Chances are that if the ring needed to be removed by professionals, it probably was too small and needed to be resized. 

Ring resizing is the process of adjusting the size of a ring to fit the finger of the person who will wear it. It's a common process for those who buy rings that do not fit their fingers, but it can also be a good idea for those who have had their rings for a long time.

The process of ring resizing can vary, depending on the type of ring. For example, if the ring is made of a metal such as gold or silver, the jeweler will typically use a machine to cut the ring and then solder it back together. 

The size of the ring can be adjusted by adding or removing small pieces of metal. If the ring is made of a softer material such as platinum or titanium, the jeweler may choose to use a stretching technique to make the ring larger.

It's important to note that some rings, such as those with intricate designs or gems, may not be able to be resized. In these cases, the customer may need to purchase a new ring. Additionally, it's important to remember that resizing a ring can be expensive, so it's important to get an accurate estimate from the jeweler before beginning the process.

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How Much of the Existing Ring Shank is Left?

Next, the jeweler will want to check on how much of the existing ring band is left. Jewelers build on the damaged band by adding metal to reinforce the integrity of the shank. If the remaining band is too thin, the ring will not have the strength to be worn regularly. 

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What is the Ring Shank Repair Process?

Broken ring shank repair is a process used to fix a broken ring shank, which occurs when the metal band that connects the main part of the ring to the stone or setting has become damaged or broken. The shank can be repaired with a variety of techniques, depending on the severity of the break and the type of material.

One of the most common methods for repairing a broken ring shank is welding. This process uses high heat to melt the broken parts of the shank together and create a strong bond. Depending on the material, it can also be reinforced with solder. In some cases, the shank may be too thin to weld, so a replacement may be necessary.

Another option for repairing a broken ring shank is to use a ring shank replacement. This involves replacing the broken shank with a new one, which is slightly larger than the original. This will ensure that the new shank is strong enough to hold the ring in place.

In addition to welding and shank replacement, there are also other methods that can be used to repair a broken ring shank. These include soldering and riveting, which involve using small pieces of metal to reinforce the shank. 

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How Do I Prevent  Damage to my Ring Shank in the Future?

Although it can be difficult to tell when a ring is about to break, there are a few things you can do to stop it from happening if you keep an eye out.

One of the most common mistakes that people make that damages their rings are wearing them inside a pool, jacuzzi, or any other chlorinated body of water. The chlorine in these can end up weakening your rings over time and can make certain metals like gold turn brittle.

Another mistake that people make often is that they work out with their rings on. The repeated pressure of barbells or dumbbells against your ring can cause damage or even a break. Having your ring press up against a thicker, stronger metal object like a heavy dumbbell means that you are risking a break during your workout.

Final Thoughts

Getting your ring cut off your finger isn’t the end of the line for your ring. You can still get it repaired by taking it to a reliable jewelry repair shop.

Make sure to take care of your rings and make sure you don’t put them through unnecessary damage. That way, you can keep your most treasured pieces safe and beautiful for years to come.