What To Know about Renewing & Resetting Your Engagement Ring

A common misconception around the engagement ring is that it’s set in stone. Literally!

The reality of the matter is quite different. Your engagement ring should reflect your union and the new journeys in your life. Renewing and resetting your ring is a great way to update your look without completely reinventing the wheel.

How do you renew and reset an engagement ring, anyway? Continue reading to learn some visual tricks you can try when the winds of change are blowing.

When is the Right Time to Renew Or Reset Your Engagement Ring?

The time to upgrade your engagement ring is when you and your spouse decide it's time to do it. However, some life events are especially popular times to renew or reset your engagement ring.

Popular Reasons and Time to Update Your Engagement Ring:

  • Anniversaries are always a great time to upgrade your engagement ring. Milestone anniversaries like 5, 10, 25, 30, 40, and 50 are prevalent times to do so. They are a great way to celebrate a love that lasts a lifetime.
  • Another popular time to renew your engagement ring is when you renew your vows. For many, renewing the rings are essential as renewing the vows are you reaffirm your lifelong commitment to each other.
  • A common reason you might choose to update your engagement rings is after losing or gaining a significant amount of weight. The ring might not fit, and a new ring also helps represent the new person.
  • You may have inherited a ring and want to restyle it to fit the style of the times and your taste. It's a great way to celebrate and remember family.
  • The birth of a child is another typical time that many couples decide that it's time to upgrade their engagement ring.
  • The most basic reason might be that your tastes, or styles, have changed, and it's simply time to upgrade the look to something that pleases you now. 
  • Any time for a couple or family celebration can be an excellent time to update your engagement ring. Birthdays, graduations, and job promotions are all occasions you can target to update your engagement rings.

Common Styles and Trends in Engagement Ring Renewal 

There’s no shame in taking inspiration from what everyone else is doing with their engagement rings. You might just find a highly compatible idea!

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Adding diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most classic requests for engagement rings. Their incredible sheen and durability makes them a shoo-in for a renewal.

If your engagement ring is on the simpler side, consider adding a solid diamond on top. Also known as ‘stone setting’, this bold look makes a serious statement. You can choose from a mighty emerald or a more subtle pear.

Adding Colored Gemstones

The symbolism doesn’t end there! Colored gemstones are brimming with secret meaning, perfect for your engagement ring upgrade.

Colored gemstones you can start with include (but are not limited to):

  • Red rubies to symbolize passion and love
  • Alexandrites to represent high intellect and wealth
  • Blue sapphires to express generosity and a calm mind

Upgrading the center stone

Perhaps you still love your ring design…but the center stone needs to go. You can keep the surrounding stones and replace the center for a visual twist.

This is one of the easiest ways to renew and reset your engagement ring without too much effort. In fact, you can go a step further and…

Add a halo to the center stone

Consider adding a halo if you love your center stone but still want to renew and reset your ring. This elegant addition creates a gold or silver border to make the stone pop.

Consider adding contrasting colors to give your ring extra personality. If your center stone is warm, go for a cool halo. Likewise, a cooler color like blue or green should have a warm halo.


Do you want to give your ring a more significant overhaul? Consider restyling it by adding diamonds along the band. 

Adding a halo is a great way to draw attention to your center stone. Decorating the band is another way you can add a glimmer of intrigue. Even better? Pair both of these styles to create some serious visual magic.

Opting for a new ring 

Sometimes you need more than restyling to achieve your engagement ring dreams. There’s no shame in opting for a new ring.

Take a few minutes and jot down notes on what you need in your new ring. Is it the style that doesn’t do it for you? How about the symbolism of the center stone? This will ensure you’re not spending more money for a lackluster result.

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a studded silver engagement ring with a dark red ruby center stone

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of renewing and resetting your engagement ring depends on a few details. Budget as early as possible so you’re not clotheslined by the final receipt!

The simpler renewals are more cost-effective due to less effort: expect to spend between $75 to $600. A basic renewal or reset looks like adding a halo or decorating the band. The average American couple will spend around $5,500 on an engagement ring.

Do you want to completely redesign your ring? A complex renewal will cost much more: you could spend between $800 to $4,000. The price will fluctuate depending on the materials and the skill of the craftsperson. 

5 Steps to Renew And Reset Your Engagement Ring

Are you ready to give your engagement ring a little extra style? It’s time to break down the steps to properly renew and reset your engagement ring.

1. Consult A Professional

Resetting and renewal is one task you don’t want to give to an amateur. A professional in the renewal and resetting field should have several years of experience to their name. 

Ask them important questions such as:

  • How much will my renewal and reset cost?
  • What are examples of your past work?
  • Do you have material suggestions for my engagement ring?

2. Designing Your New Ring

The design of your ring should speak to your soul. Everything from the stone to the cut will emphasize the strength of your union.

Designing your new ring will involve details such as:

  • Halo
  • Center stone
  • Stone color and type
  • Cut
  • Band decoration

3. Source Stones

Where are the stones coming from? If you’re going to put down hundreds or thousands of dollars on your ring, you deserve the very best.

A professional will ensure the stones you receive are of a high quality. They should have a strong luster, elegant cut, and no deficiencies. If you notice the color is a little dull, ask to see more samples.

4. Review Design Draft

If you have any questions or concerns, share them as soon as possible! The design draft is meant to give you the fullest possible picture of your final ring.

Your design draft will showcase your new ring from several angles so you can get a good idea of what the final version looks like.

5. Wait For Your Delivery!

Once you’re done with your renewal and resetting? It’s time to play the waiting game.

Expect to wait between four to six weeks to receive your ring. More complex requests may take as long as eight weeks. You can be rest assured the wait is worth it.

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What to Do With Your Old Engagement Ring if You Upgrade?

If you've decided to upgrade to an entirely new ring, you might be curious about what to do with your old engagement ring. As with renewing or resetting your engagement ring, there's no right or wrong option, just what feels comfortable for you. 

Everyday Things People Do With Old Engagement Rings:

  • Suppose you're not sentimental about the old one. In that case, you can trade in your old engagement ring, including the setting and the diamond, and use the credit towards your new ring.
  • Another common thing that people do when upgrading their engagement ring is to move the old ring from the left hand to the right hand. Simply switching hands is a great way to pay homage to the original ring.
  • If you want to, you set the ring aside. You can pass it down to your children as a way to keep the ring and its memory in the family.
  • You could have the original ring melted down, recast with a new setting, replace the old stones, or use it and add additional ones to the new design.
  • A simple way to share the love is to donate the ring to someone in need. A great time to go this route is when renewing one's vows. 

Lastly, you could transform your setting or the stone into a new piece of jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet.

a silver studded diamond engagement ring in a small red box on a table with flowers

Final Thoughts on Renewing and Resetting Engagement Rings

Renewing and resetting your engagement ring is not an idle request. This feat is a sign of your growth as a person and how you want your ring to reflect the change in your life.

Renewing and resetting engagement rings can be simple or highly complex. You can change details such as the halo, center stone, or band design. Costs can range from a mere $75 to $5,000, depending on your request. Expect to wait four to six weeks for the final version.

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