5 Alternative Engagement Rings Styles

When it comes time to find the perfect engagement ring, you don't always have to wear a traditionally styled ring. There are plenty of alternatives for your ring, and it should be a unique representation of the love between you and your future spouse. Since no two relationships are the same, many couples want to find a ring that is unique as their own love. Traditional rings are becoming less common, with alternative styles gaining in popularity. Here are five alternative engagement ring styles. 

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1 - Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond

While diamonds have been considered a girl's best friend, these gems are often not ethically sourced. Lab-grown diamonds give you all of the elegance of a diamond without worrying about its origins. These diamonds are chemically, physically, and structurally identical to mined diamonds - they are actual diamonds, not diamond-like options. Lab-grown diamonds are an eco-friendly option, making them a great choice if you still want one for your ring. You might think that lab-grown diamonds are expensive, but they are less costly than mined ones. With that, you can have a high-quality diamond without breaking the bank. 

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2 - Add Rose Gold

Many people think they need an engagement ring in a solid gold or silver color. But there is another alternative: rose gold. The band is the most underappreciated part of the ring. While the diamond steals the show, the ring can catch the eye of many people. If you want an alternative to a traditional ring, add some flair and style by selecting rose gold for the band. Your finger will look stylish as you become a trendsetter. 

Like yellow and white gold, rose gold is alloy metal. It is affordable and durable. Rose gold has lovely pinkish hues that can complement any type of skin tone. Yes, rose gold is trendy, but it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Not only can you find rose gold bands in women's engagement rings, but they are popular in men's rings as well. 

  diamonds in a shape of a heart

3 - Find a Unique Cut and Shape

If you want a non-traditional ring style, choose a unique diamond shape. Princess, round, and emerald diamond cuts are very popular and traditional. Don't think they are your only choice for a center stone. There are plenty of alternatives on the market. A marquise-cut is an eye-catching shape. It looks like a football with a contour that makes it appear larger than many diamonds of a similar carat weight. The marquise-cut diamonds provide plenty of flash while on your finger. Since they have a stunning cut, these diamonds will bring out the brilliance of your engagement ring. 

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Another option is known as the Asscher-cut. If you love the style of Art Deco, then you might want to choose this cut. These diamonds are angular and square-shaped. They also produce a brilliant shine with modern cutting techniques. This alternative cut is sure to dazzle on your finger.

Finally, celebrate your love with a heart-shaped diamond. These diamonds are pear-shaped but have a rounded cleft. Heart-shaped diamonds are a stylish choice, but they are not very common, making your ring stand out from the crowd. Plus, these cuts look great by themselves, so you don't have to pair them with other diamonds or gems. 

4 - Create Your Own Setting

Remember that your engagement ring should be unique. With that in mind, you can always design your engagement ring. You should tell every love story through the design of the ring. Use this opportunity to symbolize something meaningful in your own story. The classic prong setting is simple and timeless. If you have a special flower, use the setting to mimic its appearance. Consider setting the stone in a crown shape to be a daily reminder that your beloved is your queen or king. Whatever the case, these alternatives give you the chance to develop a setting that is personalized to your tastes and styles. 

 a couple wearing wedding rings

5 - Think Outside of the Traditional Box

An engagement ring has a special meaning to you. While tradition is great for many couples, something is exciting about choosing a stone, band, or setting that is unique. If you are looking to push those boundaries, you have almost limitless options for your engagement ring. A diamond or other stone is a traditional piece of an engagement ring but think about using no stone. A no-stone ring is understated, classy, and timeless. It will look just like a traditional wedding band. If you are worried that these rings are bland, you can design a band with special engraving, braiding, or detailing. 

You might even want to stay away from the traditional mined or lab-grown diamond. Just remember that a non-diamond does have some risks. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and opals are beautiful, but they don't have the durability of a diamond. In some cases, hand oils, dirt, water, and lotion can damage the stone's surface. However, when you purchase a stone from a reputable company, you can be assured that the stone will last for a lifetime

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Alternative Engagement Jewelry

If you have looked at these options and still can't find the right item, there are plenty of alternatives. Not everyone wants or can wear a ring. Along with that, gemstones and bands are the best fit for everyone's style. And that is okay and doesn't make an engagement any less meaningful. From eternity bands to engagement watches, the modern couple has many options to create a meaningful and memorable engagement. 

Eternity Band

Sparkly gemstones are just not the style for some individuals. While you want to showcase your love, you don't have to go outside your style to show off your engagement. Consider a no-frills eternity ring if you have a significant other with simple tastes. These bands are the perfect compliment for those who want an elegant piece without much fanfare. These golden bands do not use gemstones or shiny diamonds. Instead, a platinum or gold band is the perfect piece of jewelry for an engagement. You can also wear it for everyday use without worrying about damaging the settings or stones. 


You might not think about it, but a luxury watch is an alternative way to show off your engagement. A watch is a timeless piece that will always get plenty of use. This is the ideal way to propose, especially if your partner is not fond of wearing rings. You can use a watch to show off the symbolism of your engagement. You can even engrave the back of the watch to display a heartfelt message or commemorate the date of the proposal. Engagement watches can be used for both women and men. Everyone can use a unique watch in their jewelry collection, especially those with special meanings.


Like a ring, a necklace can hold a lot of significance to the wearer. Instead of a traditional diamond ring, you may want to choose a diamond necklace. For those who want to add a sentimental touch, consider designing a piece with your initials added as charms. Your significant other will love this sweet and thoughtful gesture. 


When you want to choose an alternative to an engagement ring, those classic bracelets will never go out of style. These jewelry pieces are the perfect alternatives for a romantic proposal. A sentimental charm piece or dainty tennis bracelet is equally as memorable as those most popular traditional rings. In addition, these bracelets are exceptional pieces that you can show off daily. If you want something special, you can even add an engraving to the inside of the bracelet to mark this occasion. 

Men's Engagement Ring

While women are often the wearers of engagement rings, men can wear engagement rings as well. Men's engagement rings are trendy, and there has been a rise in the style in the United States. In most parts of the world, men's engagement rings are seen as traditional jewelry. When you want to choose a specific style, there is a wide selection of materials for the band. Pick a material that fits your man's distinctive style.

Is an Alternative Engagement Ring a Good Choice?

There has been an increase in alternative engagement ring styles. You could go with the traditional princess-cut diamond and a silver or gold band, but what is the fun of that? With these alternative ring styles, you can truly show your love and commitment to your future spouse. These rings should represent your eternal love, and you need to make them match your style and tastes. 

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