How to Wear a Pearl Necklace: Styling Tips to Know

find the best ways to wear a pearl necklace

When you have pearl necklaces, you have stepped into the big leagues of gemstones. These pearls are on par with diamonds and are must-haves for any collection. However, with these exceptional pieces, you want to ensure you are correctly wearing them. Here are a few styling tips you need to know about those pearl necklaces. 

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Wearing a Pearl Necklace

When you think of a "pearl necklace," the classic strand of pearls comes to mind. There are more varied styles than a standard necklace. You can also play around with the colors and styles to find a pearl necklace that matches your tastes. 

First, you want to choose the right length. If you love the look of a classic strand, then you can find a large variety of pieces. You can wear different sizes for special occasions, and these lengths will look great on a wide range of body types. 

A choker necklace provides the wearer with an easy-going piece that you can wear to a formal occasion or casual event. 

A matinee necklace is around 22 to 24 inches long and borders between a casual and formal look. If you want a necklace that can easily switch from office wear to dinner date, the matinee is the pearl necklace for you.

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If you want to dress to impress, consider opera-length necklaces. These pieces are longer than 30 inches, but you need the right body shape for them. For those with a bigger bust, opera necklaces can make you look shorter. That doesn't mean you cannot wear an opera necklace; you need one over 36 inches in length. 

Women with a petite bustline should choose an opera necklace around 30 inches in length. If the necklace is longer, it will look too long on the wearer. You might also want to layer the opera necklace to create a multi-strand look


create a multi-strand look

Choose the Right Pearl Size and Shape

The size of the pearl plays an essential role in your necklaces. There are several types of pearl sizes and styles to select for your necklaces.

Graduated Sizes

These pearl necklaces will give you a relaxed and sophisticated look. The pearls are carefully selected for their size and shape and then added to the necklaces. Graduated pearls are the perfect way to elongate the body. Plus, they will give you a different appearance, whether far away or up close. 

Singular Pearl

Sometimes simplicity is the best. If you want to shake up the classic look of a pearl necklace, choose one large pearl over those strands with several gemstones. By going with less, you can stand out with this elegant design. 

Oversized Pearls

If you want a more sculptural look, consider oversized pearls. These pearls work well as a single stone in a pendant necklace or pieced together on a choker necklace.

Organic Shapes

Don't think that pearls must have a spherical shape. These beauties can have an organic or oval shape called conch or baroque pearls. The waters of the sea create these stunning pieces. 

Conch Pearls

Have you heard of conch pearls? Few people seek out these pearls, but they have a natural oval shape with a pink, glossy exterior. These pink pearls are rare, which makes them very coveted.

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Select a Pearl Color

Pearls just don't come in those brilliant white colors. You can find pearls in various hues, including gold and black. White pearls often don't have an unformed look. Some will have gray shades, while others will appear more yellow. You will want to select a color that compliments your skin tone. 

For those with a warm skin tone, you might want to select pearls with brown, ivory, yellow, or champagne hues

If you have cooler skin tones, then think about pearls on the silver or whiter side of the scale. You can even use pearls with bluish or metallic lusters for your necklaces. 


choose a style to match your tastes

Go Beyond Grandma's Pearl Necklace

If you think pearl necklaces are too traditional or remind you of your grandmother, it is time to reconsider. There are many ways that you can wear pearl necklaces to break those traditional rules. Over the past two years, pearl necklaces have become more edgy and playful as they incorporate unusual embellishments and cuts, such as shark teeth and spikes. 

Mother of pearl is a great way to wear pearls without using them in traditional strands. Designers are working with flat pearls to put a contemporary twist on those conventional necklaces.

Another modern style is known as a shaker. These jewelry pieces used crushed pearl fragments contained in lockets and worn around the neck. 

If you have a birthday in June, pearls are the traditional birthstones, and you will want to include these gemstones in many of your jewelry pieces, including a few necklaces. 

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Pearls Are Versatile with a Traditional Touch

You can wear pearl necklaces for any occasion, and they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. Remember, the pearl necklace is not just for formal occasions; you can wear them throughout the day and night. 

The secret to wearing a pearl necklace is to consider the pearls' hue, luster, and color. Along with that, pick the right necklace length to compliment your body type and outfit. Pearls are those classic pieces that will never go out of style. Choose a style that will make you want to wear pearls for that modern, everyday look. 

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