How to Measure the Length of a Necklace


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Like all other types of jewelry, necklaces are a fun and stylish way for people to express their uniqueness and individuality. Necklaces come in a massive selection of styles, sizes, and lengths for people to choose from, making them one of the most beloved and frequently used fashion accessories in existence. But with all of those factors involved, how do you know which necklaces to choose and which lengths will work best with your body type and clothing style

Taking the time to measure the length of the necklaces you’re interested in is the best way to answer these questions, so this article intends to teach you the easiest way to go about the process. So please continue reading to learn everything you need on how to find your perfect necklace length. And once you’re done, feel free to look through the massive selection of quality jewelry proudly handcrafted by the artisans at LaCkore Couture to find the next gorgeous piece for your collection.

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The Three Simple Steps of Measuring Necklace Length

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Measuring the length of a necklace is a straightforward process that requires only a few basic steps. The real trick comes with determining the best necklace length for your body type and figure, but we’ll get to that hurdle in just a bit.

Step 1: Remove, Flatten, & Straighten

Take the necklace you’d like to measure and unhook its clasps before laying it down on a flat surface. Tug each end of the chain outward until it is as straight as possible.

Step 2: Measure

To get the most accurate measurement you can, you’ll want to take a measuring tape and extend it from the end of one necklace clasp to the end connector of the other clasp. Ignore any charms or pendants that may be attached to the necklace, as those don’t impact its length. If you have trouble getting a concise measurement because of any charms or pendants, see if you can easily remove them before measuring the size of the chain.

Step 3: Record

Jot down your measurements of the necklace’s length or make a mental note of it when you go to make future necklace purchases. 

Step 4: Determine Necklace Type

Necklaces tend to come in six basic length categories with different placements around the neck, usually based on their measurement in inches. These six necklace length categories include:

  1. Collar (14 inches)
  2. Choker (16 inches)
  3. Princess (18 inches)
  4. Matinee (20-24 inches)
  5. Opera (28-36 inches)
  6. Rope 36-42 inches)

Once you know the length of your necklace, you can categorize it based on one of these six lengths to help you remember which type of necklaces you prefer wearing when you go out to buy your next piece. 

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What’s The Best Necklace Length for Your Body?

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Determining the measurement of a necklace is only one part of finding jewelry that will be the most flattering for your body and face type. There are several other essential factors you’ll also have to keep in mind going forward to find the best necklace length for you.

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Measuring Your Neck Size

Your neck size plays a significant role in which necklaces will be most flattering on you, so it’s essential to know your neck measurements before selecting your jewelry. For instance, those with a neck measurement between 13-14.5 inches will likely find chokers and princess-length necklaces to look the best on them. Those with neck measurements between 15-16.5 inches long will look especially flattering when wearing a matinee-length necklace. Finally, those with neck measurements between 17-18.5 inches will usually find it’s best to stick with a matinee-length chain of 22 inches as a standard length, if not longer.

How Does Your Height Play In?

Not many women realize that their height can also play an essential role in determining the best necklace length. For example, women under 5 feet tall will usually look the most flattering in necklaces between 16-20 inches in length, while those between 5 feet and 5 feet and 3.5 inches look the most flattering in chains between 18 and 20 inches long. Women between the height of 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 7 inches fall into a sort of goldilocks zone where any necklace length will look flattering on them. And those over 5 feet 7 inches are usually best sticking to necklaces at least 22 inches or longer as a standard baseline.

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Do You Include the Clasp When Measuring a Necklace?

Yes, include the clasp. This can often be confusing when measuring a necklace, and fasteners can vary in size and style. But the clasp does affect how the chain will hang and needs to be included for an accurate measurement.

The most secure and standard clasps for necklaces include the lobster clasp, hook clasp, and spring clasp because of their durability and ease of use. These types of claps can come in a variety of sizes and qualities.

What is the Average Necklace Size for a Woman?

The average length of a woman’s necklace is 18 in/ 45 cm. This is the most common length because of its versatility for styling. The 18 in length should fall just below the collarbone, accentuating a woman’s neck. If you buy the necklace as a gift, an 18 in length is a good choice, or you can choose a necklace with an adjustable clasp.

If the necklace has a pendant, you want to make sure that the pendant can stay on top of your shirt. If it keeps slipping underneath, you may want a longer length or choose an adjustable necklace that allows you to lengthen the chain.

What is the Average Necklace Size for a Man?

Most chains for men are an average length of 20 in /50 cm. The 20 in length falls between the collarbone and the top two buttons of a shirt. This is an ideal length because it can be stylishly worn inside or out of the shirt.

If your man prefers a pendant chain, the average length is 22-25 in /55-63 cm. The length ensures that the pendant rests in the middle of the chest for optimal styling. While pendants are generally worn outside the shirt, you can also wear the pendant under the shirt.

What is the Most Popular Necklace Length?

The Princess 18 in length is the most popular because of its versatility. But necklace length is really determined by your outfit. Choosing the right size is essential for completing the look. Here are some popular style guidelines for each necklace length:

  • Choker: Best for crew, boat, and off-the-shoulder neckline looks.
  • Princess: Great everyday length that works with most outfits. If it has a pendant, you should pair it with a v-neck, sweetheart, or surplice neckline.
  • Matinee: Best for business wear, high necklines, and collared shirts.
  • Opera: This length works well with turtle necks, boat, or high neck looks. This is also an excellent styling choice for evening wear.
  • Rope: Intended as a double-strand to create the appearance of two matching necklaces.

Our Fave Tips for Adjusting Your Necklace Length

Did you purchase a necklace, but it doesn’t entirely fall to an ideal length on your neckline? The best way to solve this is to adjust the necklace length. You can do this in several ways:

  • Clasp the fastener on a lower chain link.
  • Remove a few links with a pair of pliers. (Although we recommend taking it to a jeweler to do this.)
  • Purchase a necklace extender to add more length.
  • Buy necklaces with adjustable chains and clasps.

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How Does Body Type Impact Necklace Length?

Your body type is the final factor to consider when determining the best kinds of necklaces for yourself. Certain necklace lengths can help accentuate specific features of your physique. For instance, those with a thinner, slighter figure will be flattered more by shorter, more delicate chains, while curvaceous and full-figured individuals will tend to look more flattering in necklace chains that are thicker and slightly longer. Additionally, for those of any physique looking to accentuate their bust area, 20-22 inch length necklaces that fall below the collar bone are a fantastic option. 

Whatever your size or body shape, necklaces are a fantastic way to help you express your unique inner style, so never be afraid to show off your fabulous self! And remember, the length of your necklace is only one small factor to consider and not a hardened rule that you’re required to abide by. If there’s a necklace you love that doesn’t quite match your height or body type based on the information above, wear it anyway! Jewelry is a way to decorate yourself based on what you love and enjoy, and never let anyone else tell you differently. Please take a look at the fantastic selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other fine, handcrafted jewelry at LaCkore Couture today to find something you’ll love.

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