A Beginners Guide to Turquoise Jewelry

For hundreds of decades, the Native Americans, people of Persia, Asia, and Egypt have been enchanted by the captivating beauty of Turquoise and the mystical charms it seems to hold.  

Now, worldwide, people are becoming aware of the diversity and uniqueness of this gem. Furthermore, Turquoise has many unique varieties and endless jewelry possibilities. Recently, there has been a rise in the demand for turquoise jewelry in the world market.

A beginner's guide to turquoise jewelry is what anyone will need before shopping for the perfect piece. 

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The history and importance of Turquoise

Turquoise is a popular and stunning bluish-green mineral known for its unique beauty and dazzling colors. Since the beginning of time, it has been used for sculpting, carving, architecture, and of course in turquoise jewelry. 

Turquoise stone has been mined for centuries. Ancient Egyptians, especially pharaohs, were heavily adorned with these jewels. China and Persia have mined this valuable mineral for thousands of years, and it was known in some cultures to hold powers of protection or contain spiritual healing abilities. It is also mined in the United States. 

Native Americans began trading Turquoise in the 1800s. The turquoise-laden silver jewelry is commonly associated with Native American culture is still very sought after today.

Turquoise in All its Colors 

Turquoise jewelry has a wide range of colors, sometimes seeming clear or brownish. You can find that deep ocean blue turquoise color from the Middle East. To southwestern regions of America where Turquoise tends to be brightly hued and almost glow neon green. 

The stone's color usually depends on the metal content present when mined. The bluer the stone, the higher the content of iron it should hold. Colors and textures can vary significantly, and some turquoise will have a "matrix" present. The "matrix" is formed from the original host stone and is interwoven veins that create unique colors and patterns in each rock.

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Turquoise in All its Types


Some high-quality turquoise is mined in the United States at the Bisbee mine in southern Arizona. Its density is super high, making it one of the most durable and sought-after gems.

Blue Ridge

From yellowish hues of green to sky blue, Blue Ridge Turquoise jewelry varies so much in colors and patterns. The green-hued stones are commonly referred to as Orvil Jack turquoise, named after the miner who discovered them. 

Boulder Turquoise

Known to be the most unusual of all the Turquoise, Boulder Turquoise is mined from The Royston mining district in Nevada, USA. Boulder Turquoise tends to have a brown or even rust-colored host rock that produces a remarkable Turquoise matrix throughout. Each specimen is one of a kind, and the earthy colors tend to make a striking impression.


The district of Royston contains four different turquoise mines, including Easter Blue, Bunker Hill, Royal Blue, and Oscar Wehrend. They are the largest producer of Turquoise in Nevada.


Located in the northwestern part of Arizona, Kingman has been the main contributor of Turquoise used in Native American jewelry. They shine with that familiar brilliant blue and green and remain a favorite in jewelry making all over.

Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty mine produces a very distinct light clear turquoise in appearance and is enhanced, making it an affordable option in turquoise jewelry.

White Buffalo

Technically, White Buffalo is not a natural turquoise. But it is still a breathtakingly beautiful cream-colored and white gemstone with a black vein. Rare as a White Buffalo, it is among the most popular semi-precious stones in the Southwest region.

#8 Turquoise

Due to its rarity and unique spider-web matrix, the #8 Turquoise is a highly collectible stone in jewelry. Less than ten percent of the Turquoise derived from #8 is deposited from high-quality stones. 

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A decorated piece of turquoise jewelry.

Turquoise and all its Forms

Though this is based on a personal preference, there are many different forms of Turquoise to choose from. Furthermore, enhanced Turquoise is a stone that has been treated for ultimate color and durability. These Turquoise are infused with vaporized quartz to enhance those desired features. 

Stabilized Turquoise is exceptionally porous and a softer turquoise than most, and it too is treated and then also stabilized. This stabilization process involves the stone being covered in epoxy and heated. The waxy resin surface helps protect the stone, so this is a very durable Turquoise form. 

Reconstituted Turquoise is crushed Turquoise that is bound with other stones to make almost like a mineral paste which is then put on high heat and then dyed and used to make more affordable options for turquoise jewelry. 

Imitation turquoise is not turquoise in the least but a manufactured material that resembles the beauty of a more natural stone. 

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Types of Turquoise Jewelry 

Overlay and Inlay

A more traditional style of jewelry was made significant by the Native Americans. An overlay is a widely used style of turquoise jewelry artistry. In the overlay process, two sheets of metal are layered to form a design where stones can be set. An inlay consists of two types-channel and mosaic. Inlay offers a bit more protection than an overlay.

Lapidary Work

Turquoise tends to be a softer stone, making it ideal for crafters and jewelry makers. It can be easily carved and shaped by lapidaries and allows the creativity in Turquoise to be endless.

Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting is a basic and popular treatment of Turquoise. With this technique, stones are mounted in a protective nest and closed inside a silver frame. 


The oldest form of turquoise jewelry making is the art of bead stringing. Turquoise is perfect for drilling and shaping, so the diversity of these beads is never-ending.

Wearing Turquoise in Your Wardrobe

Turquoise has a magical color. For that reason, you will want to pair these jewelry pieces with your favorite outfits. Many people have the wrong impression about turquoise, causing them not to want to mix and match these items into their wardrobe for fear of looking outdated. If you want to wear turquoise with a modern twist, here are a few ways to use them to boost your look. 

Choose Discrete Pieces

If you have a simple but stylish look, you will want to add those discrete pieces of turquoise. Seek out those shapely, minimalist, and striking pieces. You can add a delicate turquoise piece to a classic outfit to elevate your look. Think about wearing a necklace with small turquoise stones, jeans, and a shirt. A delicate ring with a small turquoise stone makes the perfect office outfit. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Contrasting Colors

Matching colors and hues can make your look dull. If you want to get a bolder look, take your turquoise jewelry and pair it with contrasting colors. A turquoise necklace will look stunning against the background of a purple top. Use statement turquoise earrings with a coral dress. You can even match a clear blue turquoise necklace with a neon-yellow outfit. These color combinations will give you a modern look and make you a trendsetter. 

Mix Up Blacks, Whites, and Denim

Monochrome outfits are lovely and considered classics, but they can become tiresome. Turquoise jewelry is a way to add that pop of color to those classic colors. If you like to wear white, black, or denim, make sure to throw on a turquoise piece to give yourself an edgier look. However, you will want to be careful with denim. Too much turquoise and denim can make your outfit look a bit outdated. 

Pair Turquoise With More Neutral Colors

If you don’t like to be bold, think about opting for a simple look. You can easily pair these green-blue stones with those more neutral colors in your wardrobe. Think about pairing these turquoise pieces with those overused outfit elements. For example, if you have a classic camel coat that feels a little boring, consider adding a turquoise into the mix for an updated and refreshing look. Combining turquoise statement pieces with a classic-looking outfit is an easy way to modernize your wardrobe. 

Going Boho Is Always a Good Choice

Many people love that chic boho look. This style is fashionable but laid-back and can pair exceptionally well with turquoise. Remember that you need to be careful not to go overboard with the turquoise. You can achieve the perfect boho style by pairing those turquoise pieces with a simple outfit, such as leather fringed boots or skinny jeans. You want to rock that boho style without looking like you are wearing a hippie costume. 

With these tips, you can use turquoise to create a modern look that doesn’t feel outdated. You just need to find the right type of turquoise to complement your outfits.

 A dish with precious stones like turquoise.

How to properly care for your Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is definitely a precious stone, and it needs all the protection it can get. Keep your turquoise jewelry away from long periods of direct sunlight. Sunlight might cause fading of colors or affect the stability of the stone. 

The best way to clean your turquoise stones is to gently wipe them with warm water, making sure to dry them completely with a soft material afterward. Don't use soaps or harsh chemicals, and keep away from long periods of moisture. Store your turquoise jewelry safely for long life. 

Turquoise, the gemstone, has recharged energy, healed the body and mind, and given balance to life for thousands of years. Turquoise jewelry is now trending. It is forever beautiful, unique, and timeless. 

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