Circle of Life Jewelry: Why You Need It In Your Collection

Humans put meaning into shapes. It’s why some of our earliest toys involve fitting triangle and square blocks into matching holes. 

Jewelry is no different. We use necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets, and crowns to showcase the deepest parts of ourselves. Circle of life jewelry is a classic staple that’s held strong for thousands of years. If you’re considering shaking up your look for 2022, this is a solid place to start.

Americans today still prefer to try on jewelry in physical stores, but it’s easy to find compatible items with a little research. Continue reading to learn about circle of life jewelry and why you need it in your collection.

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What Does the Circle Symbolize in Jewelry?

When’s the last time you thought about the shape language in your jewelry? It may seem like a minor detail next to color or gemstones, but it’s a vital foundation for expressing yourself.

Circle symbolism in jewelry dates back many thousands of years. Ancient religions, such as Islam and Buddhism, frequently showcase circles to represent complex concepts. Think back to old monarchies: what’s one of the most iconic representations of that system?

If you said ‘crown’, you are correct!

One way or another, circle symbolism shows up time and time again. Depending on the culture and time period, circles can symbolize:

  • Eternity or longevity 
  • Femininity 
  • Love
  • Community
  • Strength

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The Circle of Life Necklace

While circles show up frequently in all kinds of jewelry, the circle of life necklace has a very specific look. It’s usually a chain or a thread with a looping circular pendant. 

The three circle of life necklace styles are the single, double, and triple circle. Choosing the best one for you means becoming acquainted with symbolism. Don’t worry: this is the fun part!

What does a double ring mean?

The double ring is perhaps the most common circle of life necklace around. Its symbolism is immediately obvious, even to those who don’t wear a lot of jewelry.

The two interlocking rings represent beautiful concepts such as:

  • Everlasting love
  • Hope
  • Commitment

What do 3 interlocking circles mean?

If the double ring already gets across so many meanings, what do the three circles mean? As you can imagine, the third ring adds an extra layer of complexity.

The most common interpretation of three rings is how it represents the journey of love. Another interpretation in several religions is the representation of karma and good will. 

Why You Need Circle of Life Jewelry In Your Collection

Symbolism in your jewelry is a form of communication. Not only do they show others who you are, they help you stay connected to yourself.

Circle of life jewelry also happens to be very easy to mix and match. You can wear a double ring necklace over a sweater dress as a light accessory. You can also pair it with a clingy dress and jacket for a night out on the town. This elegant simplicity makes the circle of life jewelry a highly flexible option.

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small gold chain resting on a pink table with white seashells

Pair It Up With Other Meaningful Jewelry

The circle of life jewelry can be easily paired with other pieces. When you use accessories, they should be fun, stylish, and have a meaning for you. With these pieces, you can introduce more personality into your collection. Here are some popular ways to complement your circle of life jewelry

Use Birthstones

If you already have a circle of life piece, you might want to add a birthstone. Birthstones can accessories everything from necklaces to bracelets to rings. Birthstones symbolize the month of your birth. In some cases, they can embody the essence of your personality. By adding this to your circle of life, you can connect with your history and the specific elemental energy of your birthstone. These birthstones are lovely gifts that add a personalized touch to your collection. 

Fly With the Butterflies

Butterflies are very symbolic. So people associate them with lost loved ones while others see them as a sign of freedom. Butterflies can represent a personal metamorphosis in an individual's life. Along with that, they bring a little innocence and beauty to your collection. Many individuals select the butterfly as a pendant piece. You can easily pair it up with a circle of life necklace or ring. 

Add a Little Heart

Yes, circle of life jewelry symbolizes love, but do not be afraid to pair those pieces with rings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring this symbol. The heart is one of the oldest and most timeless symbols. You can go big or small with a heart. Wear a heart with pave stone and your circle of life necklace for a striking look. You can wear a jewelry piece with a heart for any type of outfit and any occasion. 

Symbolize Your Spirituality

Another meaningful way to pair with your circle of life is a cross. This symbol represents spirituality and faith. Crosses can be big or small, and you can wear them on any part of the body. You can make a strong statement with a butterfly or heart pendant. However, take your jewelry to the next level when you wear it in addition to the circle of life pieces. 

Show That Special Bond

Your circle of life jewelry might respect your human family, but don't forget about those furry friends. Wearing a set of paw prints to your heart symbolizes your love for a special dog, cat, or other pet, even if they have passed on. These meaningful gifts can make the circle complete in your jewelry collection as you show love for everyone in the family. 

Never Stop Growing

A tree is a perfect sign for growth in your life. A circle of life would look great when worn with a tree symbol. Many people wear these tree symbols to represent their family or their path to start one. You can use this charm to represent your family. Wear the symbol in a silver or gold charm on a bracelet or necklace. 

With these other symbolic pieces, you can create a meaningful collection of jewelry that represents your personality and life. 

Other Styles and Designs of Circle of Life Jewelry

Circle of life jewelry doesn’t only involve necklaces. You can also incorporate layered, looped rings into several other accessories.

Consider combining various options below to get the full effect!

Circle of Life Bracelet

A circle of life bracelet is composed of several looping rings. These can be thin, thick, or composed of varied styles.

Pairing circle of life bracelets with a compatible necklace is a great choice for bohemian, posh, and city girl styles.

Circle of Life Earrings

Why stop at bracelets and necklaces? Circle of life earrings are a stunning sight to behold, due in no small part to their bold and layered look.

Try small circle of life earrings as a delicate touch-up to your look. Shift over to heavy, three-ring loops for a more artsy and sophisticated vibe. There’s no limit to what you can do with this incredible accessory.

Circle of Life Ring

Last but not least, we have the gorgeous circle of life ring. These ring styles stand out immediately for their unconventional design. 

While your classic ring simply wraps around the finger, a circle of life ring may be composed of several interlocking rings in one spot. They can also ‘flip’ the ring shape so that the circle rests atop your finger, not around it. It’s a pretty snazzy design that fits nicely with posh and minimalist fashion styles.

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 several hands looping together to form a circle

Final Thoughts on Circle of Life Jewelry

Circle of life jewelry is highly symbolic, representing complex ideas such as love, karma, and connection to others. They also tend to be on the simpler side, making them a prime foundation for many unique fashion styles.

Circle of life jewelry can take the form of single, double, and triple ring necklaces. You can also find them in bracelets, earrings, and rings! Consider adding a few to your closet for next year. You’ll be surprised by how much more sincere and natural your style feels once you start expressing yourself with the art of shapes.  

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