Wardrobe Essentials: How to Choose Jewelry for a Black Dress

A black dress is a staple in almost every wardrobe. It has been a fashion must for over 100 years and shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon. 

Because of the ever-present nature of this dress, it is essential to know how to style it. Knowing what jewelry pieces work with this dress will prove a vital skill anytime you wear it.

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Simple or Elaborate

One of the first choices to make when choosing jewelry for a black dress is whether to stay simple or go more elaborate. Ultimately, the option that will work better depends on the dress itself. 

A simpler dress goes better with elaborate jewelry, and a more elaborate one goes better with simpler jewelry. This is because you don’t want to have one element of your outfit take too much away from another element.

A simple dress gives elaborate jewelry a chance to shine and be noticed, while simple jewelry allows a more elaborate dress to form the spotlight on its own. In fact, with a more elaborate dress, wearing a little less jewelry, in general, is a good option. 

Failing to follow this easy maxim reduces the positive emotions that jewelry should provide. A dress with plenty of embellishments and a dazzling array of jewelry creates an outfit that looks messy and chaotic.

Meanwhile, a plain dress with plain jewelry tends to look uninspired and dull. Properly pairing both helps avoid these problems. 

Consider the Occasion

While on the topic of simple or elaborate outfits, it is also important to consider the occasion you will wear them. This greatly impacts the type of jewelry that will work best. 

Some occasions demand simpler jewelry. Wearing elaborate pieces to an office with a business casual dress code or to a funeral will draw negative attention. Meanwhile, other occasions would be wasted by wearing simple pieces.

A fancy party or a night on the town are the perfect opportunities to go all out. In the end, this is a judgment call where you’ll have to use what you know about the situation to make a decision.

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Having your jewelry match the occasion is more important than having your jewelry complement your dress. We mentioned the fact that a simple dress with simple jewelry can look a little dull.

There are many occasions where having a simple look like this is essential. There are also plenty of occasions where wearing elaborate jewelry is not acceptable. Because of this, dressing for the occasion is more important. 

When considering the occasion, also consider what everyone else will likely wear and how you want to compare. Do you want to match everyone else’s level or stand out somehow? If you’re comfortable with it, wearing something elaborate and standing out at a party can be incredibly fun.

Upstaging a friend at their birthday party or a wedding will probably draw their ire. Again, figuring out exactly what will work best requires a judgment call.

Consider the Neckline and Necklace

All black dresses have a generally similar appearance. However, not all black dresses look the same. The neckline is one of the key features that separates each dress from the other. 

Because of this, the neckline greatly impacts which pieces work with the dress and which do not. This particularly impacts necklaces, as they are the jewelry most impacted by any dress’s neckline.

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A dress with a V neckline pairs perfectly with pendant necklaces attached to a medium-length chain. The deeper neckline gives more space to display a pendant necklace properly. Just make sure not to go too large with the pendant or too low with the necklace, as either can disrupt the outfit. 

V necklines also work with chokers. This is particularly true in cases where the neckline is deeper or more elaborate. In these cases, a choker emphasizes the dress while still adding a little style of its own. 

Dresses with sweetheart necklines pair better with short statement necklaces or chokers. With a neckline like this, these necklaces have enough room to display themselves without taking away from the dress.  

Crew or turtleneck dresses lend themselves well to larger necklaces. In these cases, you can go long with a long chain or strand of pearls or go short with a beautiful collar necklace. Similarly, boat necklines work well with longer chains or strands of pearls.

Other Accessories

While the shape of a dress has a massive impact on necklaces, it also has a slight impact on other jewelry pieces as well. 

The biggest example of this is in dresses with a halter neck or dresses with smaller sleeves. These dresses emphasize your arms in a way other dresses do not. Because of this, bracelets become more important. Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple, these dresses open up a new window of opportunity. 

Another consideration is what types of accessories will work with the necklace you have already chosen. Matching your earrings with your necklace will create a unified and well-put-together look.

It can be just as fun to mix things up and create a look that is entirely unique. Make sure to play with different accessories to find the ones that work best for your specific outfit.

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Other accessories can also make the difference in how elaborate your outfit ends up being. If you want to go all out but are limited in what you can do with your necklace, other accessories work as an opportunity to step it up. You can wear larger rings, multiple bracelets, and stunning earrings to turn up the heat on an outfit. 

Just keep in mind that the opposite is true as well. If you are going for a simple look, basic stud earrings and standard rings will be a better choice.

Picking the Right Jewelry

When wearing a black dress, many jewelry options are available. Most dresses will work perfectly with a ton of different pieces and will allow your creativity to go wild. 

Just make sure to keep the type of event you are attending in mind. In addition, try to pair your jewelry with the dress’s overall vibe and its specific neckline. If you do this, you’ll be ready to go!

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