The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Guest Jewelry

woman with a gold star choker necklaceBeing invited to a wedding is always such a wonderful experience! The beautiful ceremony, cutting the cake, and dancing the night away in your best dress makes it all so fun! But, even though weddings can evoke many happy emotions, it's also essential to establish the tricky part. So, what's that? Well, it would be what to wear, more specifically the accessories. Every wedding is different, so navigating the etiquette and what is appropriate to wear isn't the easiest. 

While there is the self-explanatory rule of never wearing white, there are some other etiquette rules that you should keep in mind too, including the jewelry. Even though the main goal for wedding guests would be to look and feel their best in this lovely celebration, you should never upstage the bride (or groom). So, this is what you will need to know about navigating wedding guest jewelry!

Never overdo it

When it comes to formal and wedding jewelry, you never want to overdo it. If you want to style out a whole new style, it's best to do it during any other occasion than this one. The entire point of a wedding is to allow the wedding guest (bridesmaids included) to not stand out compared to the bride. So, you're going to want to dress a little more conservatively. But, this doesn't mean you're going to dress up boring, not even in your jewelry!

Instead, you will want to aim more towards elegant, simplistic, yet, very sophisticated. You don't want to overdo it; going simple will be the best look. It can be challenging to find balance dressing up for weddings as a guest, but keep in mind it just takes a bit of research. 

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Consider the formality of the wedding

All weddings will vary drastically depending on how formal they are or not. Almost always, you can expect the information to be on the wedding invitation. But if you're still wondering what would be appropriate to wear, just feel free to consult the soon-to-be-wedded couple. This will give you a pretty solid idea of what you can and can't wear.

a woman dressed up in a blue dress and pendant

Don’t forget that this isn’t your day

When it comes to weddings, it's not exactly about the guests. The guests all come together to celebrate the union of the couple. So while it's essential to look and feel your best during this day filled with love and happiness, you'll need to remember that your jewelry selection (and whatever else you're wearing) shouldn't take attention away the bride and groom. 

You'll want to avoid anything significant. So, this can include chunky necklaces or jewelry. You'll also want to avoid anything noisy, so jewelry that clinks together. Instead, think of something soft but gorgeous, such as our Noodle Necklace. Wedding guests should be seen, not heard. Plus, if you're eager to wear something elaborate such as a piece of statement jewelry, your outfit should be simple. This is going to create some balance.

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Skip out on diamonds

While Marilyn Monroe once sang that “diamonds are a girl's best friend," we may have to reject that, at least when it comes to weddings. It's true that diamonds are hands-down and considered one of the more elegant pieces of stone jewelry. This is entirely true, as they're very glamorous. However, while this may be the case, it's usually inappropriate to wear this at a wedding. This is because diamonds usually make a statement; even similar stones such as moissanite also tend to make a statement. 

 Diamond jewelry tends to draw too much attention, which isn't suitable for a wedding. If you insist on wearing diamonds, make sure it's something very subtle such as studded diamond earrings. Don't forget, weddings are about the couple, it's their day. So while it's acceptable (and essential) to dress up, this should never get in the way of the married couple. 

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The size of the jewelry matters

You're going to have to pay attention to the size of the piece of jewelry when you're preparing your outfit. For example, when selecting your wedding guest jewelry, you'll need to know that more minor is better. You'll also want to pair up your jewelry with attire that complements one another. So think about simple patterns, soft colors, solids, and shimmers. 

Some great ideas that are perfect for wedding guest jewelry could include studded earrings, some delicate dangle earrings, a small single bracelet such as our Addison Bracelet, or even a little pendant necklace. Of course, suppose you're the Mother-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the-Groom, or even one of the bridesmaids. In that case, it's usually socially acceptable to have a little more statement and personality in your outfits. But even then, it still shouldn't be taken too far. It can be tough to find balance, but your best bet is to just avoid anything bold, flashy, loud, or significant.

Pearl necklace and diamond charm

Go with pearls

As a wedding guest, you should try your best to wear something that will allow you to blend in. When keeping this in mind, it can still be challenging to determine what may or may not be appropriate. There are many things that one needs to consider when planning their outfit. This can include the time of year, the formal wedding, and even the location itself. So, with all of this in mind, it can be pretty tough to decide what. But there is one go-to, and that's pearls! Weddings are a classy affair, so you will want to stick with something refined. Pearly jewelry is essentially perfect for any style of wedding. 

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Pearls are simply timeless and elegant, and they're very simplistic too. Since pearls are this soft, muted tone, they don't necessarily stand out. But yet, they still bring a lot to an appearance! Even if the wedding you're attending is less traditional, pearls can still be that great go-to. Whether you want some sexy pearl earrings or a simple necklace, these are classy enough to elevate any outfit. So, go with the timeless classic and pick some pearls. 

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What To Wear Based On Theme

Today, it is not uncommon for weddings to have a theme. In most cases, the theme will be listed on the invitation. If you are still unsure about a theme, you might ask the bride or groom whether they want guests to celebrate with a distinct look. If there is no theme, stick to the above advice. Otherwise, here are a few tips when attending a themed wedding reception. 


If you are attending a Bohemian-style wedding, this theme is one of the most relaxed. If you want to rock this look with your jewelry, consider choosing items with feather shapes or other natural elements. Just remember to keep it classy and try not to overdo the Bohemian look. 


As a fairytale wedding guest, you might struggle to find the right look. Selecting the right pieces for your outfit that do not look too immature can be tricky. However, look at your jewelry collection: anything that is delicate and simple would go well with these types of weddings, especially if they are in white, rose gold, or bluish-pink hues. 

Modern or Black Tie

Creating the right look for a formal event can be easy. As a guest, you will want to go for a modern chic look. Use options like gold drop earrings, stainless steel with black stones, plain silver rings, and chain bracelets. With this look, you want something classy, simple, and sophisticated. 

Garden Party

Everyone loves a garden party, but what can you wear that is not too casual? There are plenty of options for your jewelry. Generally, you should wear more of your floral pieces, such as earrings, necklaces, or watches with subtle floral patterns. Think about wearing matching stud earrings that will go great with a printed floral dress. Once again, consider these simple pieces for accessorizing. 

Nautical or Beach

Of course, anything that has a big, bold blue or aquamarine stone would look great for a seaside wedding theme. Sometimes, nautical jewelry can be too casual, so be careful with your selections. If you want to wear something with an animal, like a dolphin or starfish ring, make sure not to overdo it. Pick one big piece and build from there, 

Vintage or Art Deco 

You can channel your inner vintage spirit by accessorizing with art deco jewelry. Remember that this jewelry can be a little too bold for a wedding. Never upstage the bride. Choose items that demonstrate the glamor and style of those early decades. Many art deco outfits will have gold, black, and silver. You can select pieces that accentuate your wardrobe. Drop earrings and art deco-shaped bracelets are great ways to add sparkle to your look. Do not forget to add a little color to your outfit by choosing precious gems and stones for your jewelry pieces. 

As a wedding guest, you can also mix and match styles. Many brides and grooms just want their guests to look nice, enjoy the festivities, and have a great time.

Wrapping up

It's always wonderful getting to be invited to a matrimonial ceremony and getting to celebrate the couples' love. So, if you're attending a wedding anytime soon, dress appropriately and think about the jewelry you want to wear. You want this to be a memorable event, filled with nothing but the happiest memories. So don't forget, when it comes to weddings, never take the spotlight away from the couple. Instead, go with something simple yet classic.