How to Style Earrings for a Black Tie Event

A black-tie event translates to formal. Think timeless, classic, and elegant. And if you are invited to an upscale event, be ready to dress the part. That doesn’t stop with your attire; it also includes your accessories. Fun and funky are out; the goal is to look upscale and chic. Believe it or not, earrings can set off your entire look, so style them as carefully as you do everything else when getting ready for a special occasion.

young woman wearing gold earrings

Basic Do’s and Don’ts

First and foremost, don’t panic. Even if you have never worn a dress in your life, there is enough (free) information out there to have you looking like an A-lister. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous! The same goes for your jewelry. Don’t feel obligated to spend big on the real thing when there are much more affordable copycat pieces. This is especially true for earrings! You can get gold-tone, silver-tone, plus imitation stones. The best news, these costume pieces can go undetected by all but the most carefully trained eyes. If you are conscious of not wearing fine jewelry, purchase items that can pass for real rather than obviously are not.

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Stay With Tried and True

Some things never go out of style. This includes simple yet tasteful earring designs such as studs, (small) hoops, drop/chandelier designs, and classic cut stones. Look for gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, pearls, and gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires. As mentioned above, these earrings do not have to be real, as today’s faux styles are quite attractive. Just make sure the earrings are not too distracting or too large and complement your dress or outfit. Here are some specific tips on how to style your earrings for a black-tie event.

Flow With Your Hair

Make sure your earrings also complement your hairstyle rather than distract from it. If you choose a bun or a ponytail, cluster earrings will set it off beautifully. These are larger than studs but once more, make sure they are not too large or “busy.” This style works well when hair is pulled up or back by highlighting your face. If you are wearing your hair fully or partially down, choose drop or chandelier earrings, as they will set off the flow of a loose mane.

pearl & crystal earrings

Match Your Earrings to Your Other Jewelry

Make sure your earrings coordinate with other items such as bracelets and necklaces. For example, if you wear gold jewelry, you should wear gold-tone earrings. If your other jewelry has stones in it, consider earrings that match these stones’ color and shape. If your white gold necklace is accented with round sapphires, go with round sapphire earrings set in white metal.

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Let Your Attire Select Your Earrings

You want to make sure your earrings fit the aesthetic of your outfit. If you choose a strapless gown, high-neck, or halter style, try drop or chandelier style earrings. They will fill the space around your neck and chest while drawing attention to your face. If your dress has sleeves or is a one-shoulder style, pay close attention to the length of your earrings. They might compete with your dress design and leave you looking short-necked if they are too long.

For these necklines, along with off-the-shoulder and V-neck styles, a matched earrings, necklace, and bracelet set is often a wise selection. Regarding lace or embellished selections, stick with simple drop earrings. Pantsuits have become quite popular for black-tie events. These bold looks are beautifully set off with cluster earrings that make an equal fashion statement.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Colorful earrings can add a new dimension to classic looks. If you are wearing black, consider a splash of vibrancy with stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethyst, aquamarines, or even exotic topaz. You have a little more room for color when wearing a neutral color like black. If you are wearing a colored dress, make sure colored jewelry is used to subtly accent, not overwhelm.

bold red earrings

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Balance is Key

There can be too much of a good thing, and this does apply to your bling. Like so many other things in life, balance is vital. While a black-tie event is a time to look your best, don’t walk out of the house wearing every sparkly item you own. After all, formal affairs usually adhere to some social guidelines, and the last thing you should do is make a faux pas. Keep your earrings subtle and simple if you wear a bold necklace. If you have a showstopping pair of earrings you have been waiting to debut, skip the necklace and ensure they work with your dress.

The Final Look

No matter what color, cut, or design your gown (or pantsuit!) is, do not underestimate the power of the perfect earrings. Think of this seemingly simple accessory as the bow on a beautifully prepared gift. Earrings can enhance, highlight, and even add dimension to your appearance. Whether occupying the space between your neck and shoulders or adding a flash of color with timeless jewelry cuts, the right earrings can make a striking statement. Just make sure that statement is one you want to be remembered for in a positive light! Follow these tips, and you will likely be remembered the way you want.

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