Silver Necklaces


      The Best Handmade Silver Necklaces for Sale Online

      All too often, silver gets the second-hand treatment compared to gold in necklaces. Not here at LaCkore Couture. We pay just as much attention to our silver necklaces as we do the gold ones.

      For starters, we handmake each piece that we sell. Then we offer them at an affordable price. Best of all, we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s our way of showing you that we know you’ll love whatever silver necklace you’ll choose.

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      The LaCkore Difference

      Are you tired of sterling silver jewelry that leaves green marks on your neck? This is an unfortunate side effect of cheap silver mixed with copper. You don’t need to worry about that when you shop here at LaCkore Couture. We only use 24k silver in our products.

      It’s tarnish-free and lasts much longer than the cheap silver that other companies use. The only downside of our company? The handmade nature of our products means there’s a limited supply. So, make sure to snag the ones that you love today.

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      Fun Heart, Boho, Charm Silver Necklace Styles

      You can break our silver necklace products down into two main categories. First, there are the silver charm necklaces. These are attractive enough to wear on their own, but their main purpose is to attach charms.

      Then you have stand-alone pieces like our Boho necklace with its unique sun design. We also have plenty of silver necklaces that show off heart designs or coated crystal rocks.

      Remember that we also offer most of our silver necklaces in gold. So if you find one that you need in that color, you can always choose it over silver.

      Make sure to match your silver necklace with another piece of silver jewelry. Click here to explore our silver earrings collection.

      Stylish Silver Necklaces for Any Occasion

      It’s essential to choose a silver necklace that will fit the occasion. For example, the Fierce Necklace contains a huge chunk of quartz that will draw the eye of anyone at a party. Or, if you want a casual silver necklace style that you can wear outside, consider the Butterfly Kisses Necklace.

      It’s got an adorable butterfly pendant that’s incredibly detailed. Or pick the modern route with the Safety Pin Lock Charm Necklace. You really can’t choose wrong so go with your heart.

      Want to customize your silver necklace? If so, you’ll enjoy shopping in our charm necklace section.

      Stay on Trend with LaCkore Couture

      Here at LaCkore Couture, we’re inspired by two things. First, the natural world around us and all the things it contains. Second, the latest fashion crazes are hitting the jewelry world.

      So, if you want to see the latest stuff we’ve been up to, you’ll like the new arrivals necklaces collection. It contains the latest things we’ve cooked up.