5 Best Style Tips for Wearing Earrings

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in earrings? If so, there’s a chance that you might be wearing them wrong. The reality is that earrings are not one-size-fits-all products. Besides personal preference, particular earrings will just go better with your unique physical features. 

That’s why we made this article for you. In it, we’ll review some style tips for wearing earrings correctly. That way, you can feel more confident and sure when you break the earrings. Let’s get started!

1. Look for Styles That Match Your Face Type

Did you know that the shape of your face can help determine the correct type of earrings for your needs? If you don’t know your face type, you can find it by consulting this helpful guide. Once you find your face type, you can begin playing with pairings that work for you. 

For example, if you have a round face should avoid studs and dangling jewelry and stick with geometric shapes. Individuals with square faces can soften some of their features with round hoops. 

Heart-shaped faces and inverted triangle faces can both benefits from a chandelier or teardrop earrings. Oval faces should go with either a triangle-shaped earring or studs. Lastly, long faces can benefit from round drop earrings.

2. Match Earrings With the Occasion

It’s important to remember that there’s no one set of earrings that can perfectly match every setting. It’s true that your priority should be matching your earrings with your outfit. But your next consideration should be whether or not the earrings fit the occasion. 

For example, if you were going to a fancy dinner, you wouldn’t want to wear a more bohemian style. Instead, you would like something like these Queen Pearl Earrings. Similarly, you might want to keep the pearls at home if you’re going on a simple movie date. 

This is why collections of earrings are so important. It’s vital to have an earring pair for every occasion out there.

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Queen pearl earrings

3. Learn About What You Like

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new. But it’s important not to stray too far from your comfort zone. Otherwise, your earrings might give you imposter syndrome. So stick to what you like and find variations within it. 

Maybe you prefer soft jewelry with different styles for every occasion. Or your bold personality might choose dramatic, geometric shapes. So do some research and only pay attention to the pieces you connect with. That way, you don’t buy earrings only to never wear them. 

Are we looking for a wide selection of earrings to choose from? Explore the LaCkore Couture earring section to find the perfect match for you. 

4. Consider Mixing Things Up

People love to break the rules when it comes to fashion. That’s why one trend right now is to mix up your earrings. You can do this in multiple ways. Maybe you only wear one earring in your ear. Or, you might purposefully mismatch a contrasting pair. 

Similarly, many people enjoy layering numerous pairs of earrings on each ear. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get out of your comfort zone. Just make sure you know the product you’re getting is real

5. Match Your Earrings With Your Skin Tone

You might have noticed over the years that specific shirts or dress colors don’t match your skin tone. Well, the same goes for the earrings you wear. Consider pairing the material with your skin if you want to look great in earrings. 

For example, let’s say you have warm-toned skin. In that case, a gold or copper color, like the kind found in these Boho Earrings, would be perfect for you. 

Similarly, if you have cool skin, then the opposite is true. Blues and silvers will look great with these lighter tones. Lastly, if you have neutral skin, consider looking for green or red earrings. 

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What Should You Do If You Have Sensitive Ears? 

Do you notice that your ears turn red and sore after wearing a pair of earrings for a while? If the answer is affirmative, you likely suffer from sensitive ears. People with keen ears have skin and tissue that reacts negatively to the metal in the earring. 

Is there any solution for people that fall into this category? One solution is to look for earrings specifically tailored toward people with sensitive ears. You can also buy from trusted sellers that don’t mislabel the type of metal used in their jewelry. 

How to Find the Best Earrings

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you wear a pair of earrings. If they look cheap and mass-produced, it’s going to show. So, what’s the solution? Consider buying from a seller that handmakes the jewelry. 

This is a good sign that they take the time to carefully consider every piece that they sell. Next, make sure they use a genuine material. 

For example, LaCkore Couture only offers products made out of 25k gold and silver. Lastly, make sure the product is well-reviewed. This will give you a better sense of whether or not other people liked it too. 

Here at LaCkore Couture, we’re proud to offer some of the best earrings on the market. Make sure to get in touch with us to learn more about them. 


Closeup on a women’s small earring


The Importance of Wearing Earrings Properly

There’s a good reason why the global jewelry market is worth an estimated $249 billion. The reality is that earrings can be pretty expensive. Earrings, especially if they’re made out of excellent materials, can be pretty expensive. 

So if you’re going to invest in something so pricey, you’re going to want to make sure that you look great in them. However, as long as you follow the style tips found in this guide, then you’ll be sure to find a product that you love. 

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