What Color Jewelry Should I Wear?

Choosing what jewelry pieces to wear can be confusing. There are many styles and stones available. One of the most significant factors you want to consider is what color jewelry you pick. The color of your jewelry can either make you look stunning or wash you out. 

So how do you know which to choose? For most, figuring out your skin undertones is a good starting point. Let’s look at what jewelry color options you have and how to figure out which color you should wear.

What Are the Most Common Jewelry Color Options?

You can find jewelry available in a wide variety of colors. The two big colors are gold and silver. However, rose gold and two-tone metals are also popular. Plus, there are other non-traditional colors you may want to consider.

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Gold is one of the most classic jewelry color options. You can purchase jewelry made from real gold, usually 14K or 18K for everyday wear. You can also choose gold-plated pieces or options that look gold but are made of other metals. 


Silver is another common color for jewelry. You can choose pieces made from sterling silver or ones that are silver-plated. However, other metals fall under the silver color category even though they are not silver. 

White gold is actually gold or gold-plated but is silver in color. Usually, this is 14K or 18 K gold. Platinum, titanium, and palladium are also silver-colored while not being made of silver. Many other metals can be used to make more affordable silver-colored jewelry.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a newer option compared to silver and gold jewelry. However, it has quickly become very popular. Rose gold is an excellent option for vintage and feminine pieces and looks.

Rose gold jewelry works well with both cool and warm skin tones due to its soft pink tone.


While most jewelry pieces are either one color or the other, some are two-tone. These pieces are usually both silver and gold colors. Recently this style has made a comeback and is popular in everything from watches to rings.

Two-tone jewelry is excellent if you just cannot pick or limit yourself. Don’t worry about breaking any fashion rules; many of these have gone out the window over time.

Other Options

You may also be able to find other unique jewelry colors. For example, copper and brass may not be as common. However, if you find them, they can be a great way to add interest and color to your look.

Your Skin Tones

Jewelry tends to rest right against your skin. Because of this, your skin’s undertone is usually the most significant factor in choosing the color of your jewelry. You can even use your skin’s undertones to figure out what color clothes will look the best and pair them with your jewelry and other accessories.


People with warm undertones have hints of peach, yellow, or gold in their skin. If you want to pair your jewelry with your skin tone, choose yellow gold, rose gold, copper, or brass. Two-toned pieces will also work. In general, you will also look great in reds and yellows, such as ruby, rose-red, and pale yellow.Cool

Those with cool undertones have shades of pink, red, or blue in their skin. If you have cool undertones, aim for silver and other light-colored jewelry, as well as two-tone pieces. Clothing colors that will work well include emerald, bright or icy blues, deep purple, frost pink, and lavender. 

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People who have neutral skin tones have a mixture of both types of undertones. As such, they can confidently wear any jewelry color. They also look best in bright white, navy, and cool gray clothing.

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Woman wearing mix and match rings


How To Figure Out Your Undertones


Now that you know which colors of jewelry pair well with each skin tone, it’s time to figure out what undertones you have. There are several ways to do this.

Your Vein Color

Examining your vein color is the best way to decide which undertones you are working with. Hold the underside of your wrist up under natural light and note what colors you see. Green and yellow veins indicate warm undertones. Meanwhile, blue or purple veins mean you have cool undertones. If your veins are a mix of both colors, you might have neutral undertones.

Your Skin’s Reaction to the Sun

The way your skin reacts after spending a while in the sun can also help you figure it out. If you tan easily, you are probably warm-toned. Usually, this also corresponds to having olive or darker skin also.

If you turn pink or burn easily, you are probably cool-toned. People in this category tend to have paler, less pigmented skin.

Color of Your Clothes

The colors of clothes you feel you look best in are a common indicator of skin tone. You may be warm-toned if you look better in creamy and off-white colors than stark white. If either is okay and you don’t look washed out, you might have neutral undertones.

You can also put on a piece of pure white clothing or hold a sheet of white paper up to your face under natural sunlight. If you look pink and rosy, you have cool tones. If you look more yellow, you are warm-toned.

Try on Jewelry

You can simply try on different jewelry pieces and see which you look best in too! If you feel better in gold, you are warm-toned, while looking better in silver means you are cool-toned.

Eyes and Hair

The color of your eyes and hair may also give you an indication of your undertones. It is important to note that this is usually the least straightforward way to figure it out.

People with blue, grey, or green eyes tend to be cool-toned. In addition, people with cool undertones tend to have blonde, brown, or black hair.

Those with brown, amber, or hazel eyes or red, black, or strawberry-blonde hair usually have warm undertones.

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Silver, gold, and rose gold rings


What Color Jewelry Will You Wear?


Knowing whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones is the first step in deciding what color jewelry you should wear. People with warm undertones look best in gold jewelry, while those with cool undertones look better in silver jewelry. Those with neutral undertones can rock either.

Don’t be afraid to try a non-traditional color or even mix and match. You’ll be surprised what an exciting piece of jewelry can do for your look!

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