Your Diamond Shape: What It Says About You

a glittering round diamond floating against a dark background

The power of the diamond is unparalleled. Its symbolism has held firm for thousands of years, supporting monarchies and marriages alike.

The cut, color, and style of a diamond carries symbolic weight. Believe it or not, there’s even more you can add to your diamond! The shape of your diamond also contains hidden meaning. When you combine all of the above details together…you’ll be in for a real treat!

What does your diamond shape say about you? Dive into the article below to add your own personality to this legendary stone.

Why are Diamonds So Popular? 

Just what is the power behind the diamond’s popularity? No matter where you live, this stone is well-known for being the go-to choice for weddings, engagement, and birthday gifts.

Rough diamonds rake in nearly $14 billion worldwide, a testament to their ever-popular demand. The hard work needed to mine for them is only matched by the skill required to cut them into different shapes. Professionals will practice and study for years to reach the level required to cut diamonds for jewelry.

Diamonds usually have different symbolism depending on their cut, shape, and color. That said, there are a few similarities associated with the stone as a whole.

The Symbolism of the Diamond 

Symbolism refers to the hidden meaning behind colors, designs, or shapes. These are culturally inspired and can change depending on the nation or the history.

What’s fascinating about diamonds is how consistent their symbolism has been over the centuries. Is it any wonder why these stones frequently match any style and time period?


You’re likely familiar with the phrase: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” You can always depend on a diamond to express a certain elegance that’s utterly irresistible.

Classy and sophisticated, a single diamond will transform your look into an unforgettable experience. You don’t even need that many! Just add a diamond ring or a diamond pendant to top off your next fabulous outfit.


Did you know diamonds are one of the hardest materials on the planet? You heard that right. These dazzling crystals are more durable than even steel, iron, and quartz. 

This incredible durability translates into one of their most common forms of symbolism: strength. They represent the ability to hold strong through adversity and stay determined. Adding a little color to your diamond will push this message even further.

Yellow diamonds represent high intellect, while pink diamonds represent a gentle soul.



Diamonds aren’t just tough. They last a very long time. While some stones can become worn down through friction, diamonds will hold their shape for centuries.

It’s estimated that diamonds can take millions of years before they finally start weakening…and that’s only if they’re exposed to a lot of heat! Their sheer density helps them hold up to the highest temperatures and heaviest pressures.

You won’t have to do much to take good care of your diamond purchase.


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several studded diamond rings against a white background

What Your Diamond Shape Says About You

Diamond symbolism can shift depending on the shape. When choosing a wedding ring or an engagement ring, take some time to sort through different styles.


Round diamonds are one of the most iconic. Their soft and even shape represents honesty, sincerity, and a pure heart. 

If you’re someone who speaks their mind, even when it’s hard, this shape is for you.


Another popular diamond shape is the oval. This off-kilter design promotes individuality, imagination, and a strong sense of identity.

Do you like to wander off the beaten path? Pick the oval to express who you are at a glance!


This shape is sometimes known as the ‘teardrop’. It’s a romantic and dramatic style that’s popular among young women.

Choose this shape if you’re a fashionista with a loving heart. 


This is a highly traditional style you’ve probably encountered in older generations. It’s blocky, bold, and immediately grabs attention.

The emerald is a good pick if you want to show off your confidence and smooth sense of style.


Who doesn’t love a classic cushion diamond? This shape is commonly associated with beauty, intelligence, and class.

Like a velvet seat or folded flower, the cushion diamond hearkens to all the lovely things in life.


a silver round diamond ring on a brown table

The Perfect Jewelry Settings For You and Your Diamond

Second, the setting is truly the foundation of any jewelry design only to the diamond shape itself. When picking out the right setting style for your diamond, it is essential to consider your budget, lifestyle, preferred aesthetics, and the actual cut of the diamond

How to Pick the Perfect Diamond Setting

The purpose of the setting is to highlight the diamond's best assets and protect it from damage. A diamond setting is how the precious stone is mounted into the piece. Each setting style has different highs and lows related to maintenance and susceptibility to the elements. 

Types of Diamond Settings

Different diamond settings involve different looks. There are many settings that you can choose, and however, here are some of the more basic diamond jewelry settings.


Of all the settings, the tension setting is the most unique. The pressure from the metals around the diamond holds it in place. The final result of this setting almost resembles that of your diamond just floating there on your finger. 


The prong setting is the most popular of all types of settings, especially in engagement rings. The stone is mounted on the band using three or more prongs. A visually stunning way to showcase a big diamond, it also is a setting that requires more cleaning. So if you are a low-maintenance person, you'll want to skip this setting.


The case or bezel setting is one of the most secure settings for any diamond, and the stones are fully enclosed safely in a metal strip. For an everyday use piece of jewelry, this can be a significant reason to choose this type of setting. 


The smaller diamonds are set to the sides around a giant central gem in a halo setting. This setting style makes the center stone seem bigger and brighter, which is why it is utilized in many wedding bands. Halo settings look equally great on diamond earrings.


Pave is an elegant choice of diamond setting for fine jewelry. A large amount of specifically lined stones make for a glamorous look around a center stone. Pave means "pavement" in French, as every surface area is covered with stones. 


A continuous flow of small gemstones suspended in a line between two bars of metal is called a channel setting. This setting is great for more expensive diamonds because of their high security and protection from chipping

There are many other settings like gypsy, cluster, and cathedral, and all are unique and special in their own way. Every different one has a set of pros and cons. To find the right diamond setting for you, it is essential to first think of your kind of lifestyle. 

How many times will you be wearing the piece? Will you take it off for work? Is this a special ring or necklace that will only come out of the jewelry box once a year? After you answer these questions, picking a perfect setting for your diamond should be easy.

Final Thoughts

Every day we navigate shapes to tell us about the world, from the shape of a stop sign to the shape of a door. Your diamond shape says just as much about you as its color or cut. 

No matter what you select in this jewelry category, it’s essential to focus on what’s most important to you. Traditional diamond shapes are the cushion and the round diamond. More unconventional shapes include the pear and the oval. If you’re feeling classic, consider trying out an emerald.

Fashion is the window into your personality, hopes, and dreams. Check out how we make our one-of-a-kind, custom jewelry for all kinds of styles!