The Best Handmade Necklaces for Sale Online

      If you’re tired of boring, monotone necklaces that no one seems to notice, you’re in the right place. Here at LaCkore Couture, we believe that necklaces should be statement pieces. They should reflect some crucial portion of your inner self.

      That’s why we handmake all of our parts to ensure that quality is built into each necklace we make. It gives us the confidence to offer you a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. We know they have what it takes to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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      The LaCkore Difference

      Are you tired of dull, mass-produced necklaces that feel like they don’t have a soul? That’s one of the reasons why our founder Erin LaCkore started making jewelry in the first place. She believed that thoughtful, handmade products made with quality materials would always attract people more than cheap stuff.

      And guess what? She was right! It’s a principle that still guides our company today. It’s also the difference that separates us from many imitators out there.

      Want the perfect extra something to go with your necklace? Check out our bracelet collection.

      Unique Heart, Evil Eye, Gold Necklace Styles

      If you want to go the simple gold route, that’s fine! We have a variety of short gold necklaces that you can choose from. But, for the more adventurous, we offer some truly unique products to choose from. You can display spooky spirits with our evil eye necklaces for supernatural lovers.

      Or, the lovers out there can show their romantic side with one of our heart necklaces. Each of them incorporates a heart into the piece in a creative and fresh way.

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      Stylish Necklaces for Any Occasion

      We know no necklace is versatile enough to handle a one-size-fits-all role for every occasion. That’s why we provide a diverse range of styles to choose from — ones that fit every personality type and setting.

      For example, The Boss necklace is the perfect bold and elaborate style for being a queen in the workplace.

      If you’re attending a wedding, you might prefer the more simple but elegant hexagon style found in the Hex Yeah necklace. Just make sure you pair your necklace with the perfect earrings to complete the look.

      Tired of generic necklaces? Get a necklace that’s made for you in our charm necklaces collection.

      Stay on Trend with LaCkore Couture

      In the age of social media influencers, we know it is essential for your jewelry to stand out in the sea of content. That’s why we strive to keep ahead of the fashion curve by providing necklace designs and materials you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

      From classic trends that remain popular for a reason to new creative experiments, we provide it all. However, if you’re serious about keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll want to know about our new arrivals section.

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