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The Best Handmade Gold Bracelets for Sale Online

What makes our gold bracelets the best on the market? Well, for one thing, they’re handmade. But, more importantly, we also put a lot of intention into the designs. Even seemingly simple pieces come to life with the little details we imbue into them.

We’re also offering limited-time free shipping and returns. It’s just another way we make life as convenient as possible for our online customers.

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The LaCkore Difference

All too often, you’ll see cheap jewelry companies touting fake gold as the real thing. That’s not the case with LaCkore Couture. Our company only uses tarnish-free 24k gold when we make our bracelets. Does it take more effort to source this material? Sure.

But we believe this difference is ultimately reflected in our final product. It’s a gold bracelet built to last a lifetime if you take proper care of it.

That way, you can pass it down from generation to generation. Good luck finding a fast fashion company that cares about the longevity of their products like we do.

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Sexy Gold, Heart, Charm Bracelet Styles

You can break our gold bracelets down into two main categories. The first is the standalone bubble bracelets. These bracelets feature gold-filled beads that circle a pendant. The other option is gold charm bars. These bracelets are used for attaching charms too.

They’re a lot simpler, but that’s so that the charms you put on them can shine. If you want charms to attach to them, you can find them in the charm collection.

Yes, gold is sexy, but you can’t forget about silver. Make sure to explore our great line of silver bracelets.

Stylish Gold Bracelets for Any Occasion

If you want a bubble gold bracelet, you have many options in terms of the pendant you go with. The heart-shaped one is a classic, or if you need a reminder to smile, you can go with the smiley face. The girl pendant is another great option you’re sure not to see anywhere else.

If you’re going with the charm bar gold bracelets, your options are slightly limited. You can choose between hearts and the crystal link. If you want more options, you’ll need to look in the silver charm bracelets section.

There’s no shame in seeing what other people like. You can learn about it by visiting the best sellers collection.

Stay on Trend with LaCkore Couture

Chains are definitely in vogue these days. That’s why so many of our gold bracelets feature this classic design. It’s a timeless elegance that’s made even more special because human hands make it. However, remember that it’s not the only fashion trend we’re following.

Explore our fantastic line of beaded bracelets to see how we’re combining ancient culture with new trends.

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