Trending Jewelry You Won't Want to Miss in Spring 2023!

Style is the perfect way to let your personality shine through to the rest of the world. But keeping up with the newer trends can let you add fun elements and keep you in sync with the rest of the world. But with fashion changing each season, how do you stay up-to-date?

We have you covered! We’re diving into the trending jewelry must-haves for Spring 2023. Keep reading to learn more and discover which trends you should be wearing!

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Bright-Colored Gemstones

For too long, people have fallen into trends nearly devoid of color. Jewelry often ends up being simple with white gemstones. In many cases, people avoid gemstones at all to avoid going too far. 

Luckily, Spring 2023 is set to massively change this. Over the course of the season and the rest of the year, there will be a resurgence of color when it comes to accessories. Brightly-colored gemstones are a great way to feel good and express yourself. 

Wondering which gemstones are the hottest? Ruby, amethyst, emerald, and pink tourmaline are the most popular. These feature bold reds, purples, greens, and pinks that shine any time you wear them. While these are the most popular options, any fun-colored gemstone fits this trend.

You can also match your gemstones to the outfits you are wearing. Going with a single-color look is a great way to create a unified outfit. However, you can also pick gemstones that contrast against your outfit, which will allow them to stand out better. Play with the different options and find out what works best with the clothes you wear. 

Bold Drop Earrings

Earrings are a great way to accessorize any outfit. But if you want to turn heads, follow the “notice me” earrings trend. Statement earrings featuring long, statement-style drops are in for this spring. 

Long drop earrings are a great way to add drama to any outfit. However, they don’t need to do this, as they also open a pathway to a minimalist approach if wanted. But you can also play around with exotic cuts, colors, and shapes to spice up any look.

Cocktail Rings

The bigger, bolder trends continue with rings this year. Opt for bold, bright, and oversized rings that call back to the roaring ‘20s! This is the perfect season to try some fun styles that you wouldn’t otherwise. We love wearing them on our pinky fingers for an even more unique twist.

Cocktail rings also offer another way to add color to your outfit. These rings feature a large central gemstone you can effectively find in any color you want. So, if you’re looking for a way to add more color to your life, a bold cocktail ring is a way to do it. 

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Personalization to the Max

Personalized accessories started becoming more popular during the pandemic. Personalization options have become more accessible, and people are ready to take advantage of this. This is even more evidenced by the fact that this trend hasn’t stopped. In fact, we’ve doubled down on it as a society. Initial, birthstone, and zodiac jewelry are in the spotlight this season.

With jewelry like this, you can show off a bit of your personality through what you wear. For example, wearing a piece of zodiac jewelry shows that you have an interest in astrology and even gives people with similar interests an idea of what your personality is like. Meanwhile, other pieces can be a conversation starter, as someone asks about your initial or birthstone. No matter what you wear, you are letting the world know more about you. 

Personalized jewelry is the perfect way to wear meaningful and often sentimental pieces. Plus, they’ll stay relevant to you always.


Woman wearing pearl necklaces and earrings


Pretty in Pearls

Pearls are always a classic. While they never went away, they became less popular over the years. However, contemporary pieces certainly make them trend-worthy once again. 

Part of this comes from the rediscovered versatility of pearls. These are relatively neutral pieces that end up looking amazing in almost any situation. They can also be worn with plenty of different outfits and paired with all sorts of other jewelry. 

Another part of the rising interest in pearls is how they can be updated. Whether you’re wearing your grandmother’s pearls or buying your own, there are a million ways to update the look.

For example, you can layer pearl necklaces with other necklaces for a fun vibe. This creates a mess of pearls that looks beautifully hectic. Or stack pearl bracelets with a watch to create a fun chunky look. Wearing pearls in these ways matches classic jewelry with modern stacking and layering trends. 

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Hearts Abound

Heart-shaped jewelry ruled in the ‘90s during a time of quirky accessories. These pieces could be found as necklaces, earrings, rings, and even bracelets. However, many of these pieces went away when the decade ended. Now, as people have a more renewed interest in the 90s, we’re seeing a resurgence of the look. 

Luckily, this is a playful, modern update that looks pulled together yet fun. Whether you choose a necklace or a signet ring, there are a variety of ways to take advantage of this trend.

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Edgy Details

To complement the pearls and hearts of the season, we also have punk details rounding out the top trends of Spring 2023. This is the year to experiment with edgy and cool accessories you might not otherwise. 

For example, don’t be afraid to choose those link chain earrings. You may not have gone for them before, but you might find that they actually work better than you thought they would. You can also mix and match the metals you wear, something that was previously viewed as being rather taboo. 

Basically, don’t be afraid to try something new. You will never break new ground in fashion if you constantly wear the same things repeatedly. By trying something that you previously believed was too edgy, you can shatter your preconceived notions and end up looking better anyway. 


Woman in white top and black pants posing against white background

Accessorize With Trending Jewelry In Spring 2023

Adding trending jewelry to your looks is a great way to stay fresh and stylish. Whether it’s pearls, cocktail rings, or personalized accessories, you’re sure to find something that works for you!

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